Sammie's Pyure Review
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     Even though I made the transition long ago to raw sugars for baking and cooking, I knew that I could take it a step further and make my family's favorite dishes and drinks even healthier. Needless to say, I was thrilled when the opportunity to try Pyure packets and baking blend presented itself.

    The easiest thing to do was open the box and give the packets a try! I never reach for the blue or pink packets at the restaurants, but I am guilty of reaching for the Splenda for my iced tea. Like many of my fellow Scary Mamas, I'm an iced tea fiend. It's always in my fridge and it is the first thing I order anytime we go out. So, the first thing I did was brewed a pitcher of iced black tea, poured a tall glass, and added a packet of Pyure. I was expecting for my tea to have an off taste, but much to my surprise, it was sweetened perfectly! I loved it and immediately threw several packets in my purse, so that I can start using Pyure when I order on the go. 

    Next up, the coffee test. My husband is not an iced tea drinker, but we are both big coffee drinkers. He's far more picky and sensitive to new tastes than I, so I had him try it out. He was skeptical, very skeptical, especially because I asked him to skip his favorite flavored creamer. He added one packet of Pyure and a bit of organic half and half and said "not bad!" He said his tongue felt a bit tingly, but after making his way through his cup, the feeling had gone away and he enjoyed his coffee sans flavored chemicals. YAY! This is a huge step for him and he even agreed to take some packets for his coffee at work. 

    Now for the baking...

    First up, I tried pumpkin bread. I did follow the directions given on the Pyure bag, but I forgot to reduce the temperature. Totally my fault, and the result was still edible, but a bit too browned on the bottom for my liking. So, I tried again, threw in some chocolate chips and reduced the temperature from 375' to 280'. The result was much better this time around! The color, shape and taste were great. The texture was a bit different, a little bit more crumbly than normal, but nothing that would prevent me from using Pyure in the future. In fact, I've got two loaves to take with me to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! 

    I also tried my tried and true recipe for chocolate chip cookies (found on the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate chip bag) and was also impressed. This time I remembered to reduce the temperature and check on them more frequently, so no batches ended up burned on the bottom. I worried how the brown sugar would mesh with the Pyure blend, and the dough itself did have a different consistency, but they baked up just fine. I left them out on the counter and my toddler nor my picky husband noted any difference. Another win for Pyure! 

    Baking with Pyure can take some getting used to, but the adjustments are minor compared to the end result. Delicious drinks and treats without the added extras; those pesky chemicals we all try to avoid as much as we can. I've used other natural sweeteners like Agave syrup and was not impressed with its mixing OR flavoring properties, so Pyure was a welcome treat. I will definitely be transitioning to using Pyure as my new go-to versus the standard sugar products. 

    Thanks for this opportunity Pyure! 


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    Holy crap you're thorough! :) great review.


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