So thankful right now
  • MerriMomMerriMom
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    My parents cane here for thanksgiving. They gave us enough money to get our tv turned back on, to keep our phones on, and to keep our Internet and our electricity on. I'm so blessed!
  • BeachyBeachy
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    Yay! I hugged you!
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  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    That's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
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  • regpregp
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    The only thing saving you from me is Jesus.
  • realtormomrealtormom
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    Yay!! :) :) :)
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  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Parents are Gods special people . To have those that can help is awesome even if the do not pay for any thing but are there for you they are specisl
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    That's special