good chick lit
  • loveitloveit
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    Hey gals! Does anyone have any chick lit recommendations? I read all the time...I loved the Shopoholic series, Jane Green, Slammerkin, Post Birthday World, etc. I don't like sci fi or murders at all. Any recommendations?
  • Luvlyssa
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    Seduction and snacks :)
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  • km.mamma
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    Fifty shades
  • SammieSammie
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    Anything by Jodi Picoult. A lot of her stuff is deep, but I've seriously fallen in love with every single one of her books on some level.


  • SerendipitySerendipity
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    Asking for trouble is hilarious
  • PDXcocoPDXcoco
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    Summer Sisters by Judy Blume
  • Lakegirl34
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    I just read all of Jennifer Weiners books. I would start with Little Earthquakes.
  • Lakegirl34
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    And I love Marian Keyes- start with Rachel's Holiday and all the Walsh sister books
  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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    Love Lisa See
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  • loveitloveit
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    Thanks for the suggestions!!! :)
  • Quilting_grandmaQuilting_grandma
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    The author who wrote confessions of a shopaholic I just read one by her called I got your number ... Really great read....
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    The arrivals by meg mitchell moore
    debbie maccomber if you like a story line with your romance
    slummy mummy by fiona neill
    something borrowed, something blue, baby proof by emily griffen
    smart women by judy blume
    the memory keepers daughter by kim edwards
    butterfly child by angela davis-gardner
    everyone worth knowing by lauren weisberger
    These are a few i really enjoy.
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  • CrashCrash
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    What is 'chick lit'? Is brainer reading that is just light and fluffy? Lol. Ok well I don't know if these will fit in...but here are my favorite girl centered novels/series:

    Diana Gabaldon, the Outlander series.
    Maeve Binchy: Any of them really, once you've read one, you've kind of read them all, but I like 'em anyway.
    Jacqueline Carey: The Kushiel series
    Laurell K. Hamilton: the vampire series. 
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  • KrabbyKay
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    OUTLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh. Can you tell I like it? Her friend, ohhh Lord....hang on let me get the Kindle...Sara Donati writes a similar series which is also enjoyable. In fact, I can't recommend reading them at the same time, you'll get all kinds of fuckered up about who is doing what where. Er...well....that is if you're a weirdo like me and read 3 or so books at the same time...
  • 456Imamom
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    I'm a huge fan of Emily Giffin's books (Something Borrowed, etc). I have her last 2, but haven't had time to read them yet. They are going to be my nursing in the middle of the night reads when baby comes :D
  • MarySunshineMarySunshine
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    Sarah Addison Allen writes some great books with female protagonists! They're all based in North Carolina.
    Garden Spells
    The Sugar Queen
    The Girl Who Chased the Moon
    The Peach Keeper
    She has one in the works right now.
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  • stinkersmommystinkersmommy
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    Fern Micheals---- The Sisterhood Series (abt 12bks) they are soooo good!!!
  • somanyboysandmesomanyboysandme
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    Some are already up there but
    Sophia Kinsella
    Meg Cabot
    Jane Green
    Jane Porter
    Nancy Thayer
    Carole Matthews
    Anna Maxsted
    Tinsley Mortimer
    Miriam Keyes
    Emily Griffin
    Jennifer Weirner
    Jodi Piccoult
    Megan Crane

    That's just a few. However one of the best books I have read is She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

  • GrainneGrainne
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    Marian Keyes!!! Makes me laugh out loud with tears running down my face.
  • SalllyWingo
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    Kristin Hannah & Elin Hilderbrand easy reads too
  • warriormommy3warriormommy3
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    emily giffen has some great stuff.. jenny lawsen AND anything by JEN LANCASTER ! her memoirs are the most hilarious thing ive ever read!~ 
  • BlueEyedMommaBlueEyedMomma
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    Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed followed by Something Blue
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  • nikkier
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    Sophia Kinsella is wonderful.  I didn't read the Shopaholic books, but everything else is really funny.

    Susan Elizabeth Phillips is good too - I think I started with Match Me if You Can but she has a whole series with reoccurring characters.

    I love, love, love, Laurie Notaro!  She writes memoirs that have me laughing out loud.
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I love Barbara Freethy! She writes those feel good romance books. Also really enjoy Kathleen Brooks! Also, a couple of older books...Lovely Bones, Lucky and The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. I also second the Jodi Picoult recommenations...I LOVE all of her books!
  • TheMomFactorTheMomFactor
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    Janet Evanovich writes the Stephanie Plum series.... The first book is One for the money, they just made a movie out of it last year. But there is 15 or more and they get better and better :)

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  • Don't really know what you mean my chick lit but I'm reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood series right now. It's pretty steamy ;)
  • LivLiv
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    Not sure if she has been mentioned but everything by Kristan Higgans is an easy and fun read.
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