How many gifts do you get your child or children for Christmas?
  • I seem to struggle with this every year.  I have one child.  On her very first Christmas she was about 9 months and I only got her about 5 gifts, mostly gifts under 40 dollars. Well on Christmas the first thing her dad said was, "Is that it?" He was very disappointed and told me he thought I would have done more. It made me feel horrible! As a child I only got maybe 3 gifts at Christmas, if even that.  Well ever since then I have gone overboard at Christmas (she is now 4).  Sometimes she has over 20+ gifts, mostly expensive.  Now he complains that I spend too much at Christmas. But since he said that if the tree isn't flooding with gifts I feel like it's not enough and I buy more.  

    I want an idea of how many gifts parents typically give their child or children at Christmas time and ages of your kids? How many small gifts and how many big gifts?
  • *edit* Was supposed to say:

    But since he made those comments on her first Christmas if the tree isn't flooding with gifts I feel like it's not enough and I buy more.  
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    I learned something from the other girls here that ill be doing this year. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. So 4. Then they will get 1 from Santa and a stocking. We have 4 so things add up quickly.
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    All in all Christmas isn't about gifts, its about family. I'm sure your little one will get lots from everyone else!
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  • Unfortunately we are the only ones she gets gifts from.  My mom passed away when I was younger, my dad hasn't had a job for years,  my sister is jobless this year, his dad isn't in my daughter's life, and his mom is having financial troubles due to her husband illness and having to stop working.

    I like the something they want, need, wear, and read idea.  So do you normally get your children 4 and what are their ages?
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    My lo is only going to be 10mo and i bought him like 5things so far... one expensive thing (in my world anyway lol) and a few small things... i want to go all out but a) i csnt afford it.. b)he is goung to have no idea what its about and mostly c) i dont want to start a tradition of going all out because i dont want him to expect a ton of stuff every year

    It shouldnt be about how many gifts, i like the need want wear read idea!
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    I had a hard time last year knowing when to stop. Last year was about 4or500 dollars. (we only have one child) this year is a power wheels car(from us) and about 7other gifts from Santa plus a stocking.

    My mom is the same in that she never knows when to stop either. We always got quite a bit of stuff but she saved all year for it cause she was really poor and had nothing growing up.
  • @123--- That's exactly what I thought on her first Christmas.  I hate going all out because I end up broke as crap!  I was happy with what I got as a kid even if it was one Family Dollar gift.  I want my daughter to be like that.  
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    last year my son was about 6mo old, and we bought him clothing. my mom got him a big expensive toy that was a 3 in one thing and some clothes. dhs bio mom got him some toys, and some of her family got him some toys and some clothes and shoes. his dads family bought him clothes and toys, and his dad and mom got him loads of clothes and some toys as well. this year my son is getting a toy from my mom and i am not sure what from dhs side. but we are probably only buying him clothes. i have hardly bought my son toys for any occasion. i look at necessities first, which would be clothing, they grow so damn fast. i am sure that one year he wont have as many presents as another, but he better be thankful that he is even getting anything as other kids dont get squat
  • @momma2A--- I am the same way.  Last year I went way overboard.  I spent $1,000 and no we did not have it to spend.  Had his comments never been made her first Christmas my daughter would have only gotten 5 gifts at Christmas each year.  I don't want a teenager that expects tons of expensive things.
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    i think you shoulld cut back this year, and if your dh says anything tell him he needs to go out and get another job then so you can go on a shopping spree for all of you and get all of you loads of stuff
    EDIT:mama deserves presents too!
  • @Marionettevie--- Wow you have wonderful support.  I could only wish someone besides us would buy my daughter anything.  Even a gift from the Dollar Store.  I know if our families could they would.  I am just thankful we can get her something.
  • @Marionettevie--- I am definitely cutting back this year.  I went shopping the other day and right now I have 11 and I really think that is where I want to stay.

    He does try to get me a gift but I always say I don't want anything because I usually don't  I never expected much from Christmas.
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    well what the surprise of a christmas gift if you say you dont want anything and he doesnt get it.... hello??? lol you just get something that makes you think of them!  its not about how nice the gift is, its more of the sentiment, at least thats how i see it
  • He is not good at surprise gifts, trust me, he has tried it.  I tell him nothing so long that he will just give me the money he was going to spend on my gift and there is no surprise who I end up spending it on.  
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    money and gift cards never disappointed anyone lol
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    I don't want her to expect a lot when she's older either but once we add another we'll share the amount between them but for now she can be spoiled
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    The boys get two presents from each of us under the tree and a small toy in their stockings. They usually get another five or so presents more each from family that lives nearby. So each kid gets 8 present total for Christmas, and that's plenty. They usually focus on one or two favorite toys, and the others are neglected. One year the thing that excited my eldest the most were the Cheetos he found in the stocking my mom prepped for him. Of course, they didn't last so he did move on to something else in about 5 minutes. 
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    DH and I discussed it. We got DD two gifts for her second Christmas, each about $15. She was 14 months and would be spoiled rotten by grandparents. We didn't even get her anything besides a Christmas ornament for her first. It's not like she knew the difference.
    Now the girls are 12 and 8. It all depends on what they want each year but I make sure they balance out. This year it's two gifts for each of them. One from us, one from Santa. $100 total for each girl, plus about $20 for each in stocking stuffers. Last year we spent more on the main gifts. All depends on the requests and the budget each year.
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    She's only 4, so now is the time to nip the *too many presents* habit in the bud.
    Tell your husband what you told us.
    That you don't want her thinking she's always going to get a huge pile of gifts etc.
    It will bite you in the behind as she gets older and her wants become more expensive.
    Especially if you don't plan for her to be an only child. If you decided to have more kids, what you do for one..........

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    I've got about 9 or 10 things plus stocking. The things were all under 5pounds, but look big. Like a playdoh box of hansel and gretel.
    Oh and I still need to get one more thing, which is what he asked for; a spiderman football. He doesn't want a bike anymore!
    I haven't spent more than 50pounds on his gifts, oh and I got cosy xmas jammies he can open on xmas eve.
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    My dd got a rocking horse for her first, and a couple teether toys. She was 5 months. She still loves that horse. She has a lot of grand parents, and I pointed then towards things she could use as she got older.
    Ds was 8 months, he got some cars, and a FP zoo and a power wheels atv to share.
    Even 2-3 year olds are happy with the simplest things.
    Dd is only 4 so we're still making our traditions. Santa brings a big gift ($75 each, a furnished second hand Barbie house and a construction site), and stockings with tooth brushes, bath stuff, chocolate, socks, undies, a book, and a small truck for ds, a kid Barbie for dd.
    I want to get dd a toy she wants, a craft, something to encourage activity (a ballet video, so I have music covered too), and something educational, she loves games, games can be educational.
    And I'd like them to pick something for each other when ds is old enough.
    This is how I end up over budget.
    I think Santa plus 3 gifts is PLENTY.
    But both my sisters buy at least one for each of them, my parents get a couple, they get one or two at mom's family Christmas, Fil & stepmil get a few, the cousins on that side do a name draw, mil gets them something sometimes, Dh's grandmother gets them something(s) and step mother's mother sometimes gets them something, and ex stepfil goes overboard.
    That's about 15 EACH plus what we get them. Ridiculous. They need RESPs more!
    Sometimes some of the daycare kids get them something, too.
    Some of these are small and some are things like crayons that will get used up, but this explains why my house is overflowing.
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    You know I never got a present from my parents! Is that weird? I didn't know it was common!
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    I have problems. Amazon prime+ cyber monday.... AHHHhHHh.
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    I dont have a number of presents, I generally spend about $100 on each kid. That is really easy to do since they are older and what they want is generally expensive.
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    I don't have a certain amount I spend or a predetermined number of gifts, it just depends how early I start shopping, what I can afford to spend, and what they need/want. This year I'm spending more than last year, because I can. Last two years were rough, this year I started earlier and have had more extra to spend. I do tend to go all out for xmas and birthdays, but aside from clothing, that's the only times I get much of anything for them. Plus I remember many christmases where I got nothing but clothes, and not really anything I wanted (we were poor) so I don't want my kids to have those memories. Plus I love looking at their little faces light up with each thing they unwrap. It makes me happy to make their holiday as magical as possible.

    Long story short, I go overboard, but they're only young once
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    We get the kids 1 big gift and a couple smaller gifts and stocking stuffers (candy, mini toys) its the same thing my parents did and xmas was great. Dd bday is 3 days before xmas so well be able to make sure she gets what she wants. As they get older it'll get more expensive I'm sure but the rule will still apply. No sense in going all crazy since gmas and gpa buy for them too. I'm not opposed to buying an out fit or shoes since it kinda kills 2 birds w one stone.
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    I usually go overboard. My mom did too, Christmas is my favorite holiday! This year I don't even know how we are going to pay our rent so there would be no presents if it wasn't for my oldest and dearest friend. I don't even know how to thank her :(
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    When they were little, we used to go a bit overboard. Now they are bigger, and they want eeeeexpeeensive things. So there is an understanding, if that is what you want not to expect bucketloads of stuff. They are ttly fine with this. This year they are each getting 2 things, and little bits (like jammies) besides.
  • @Wickeddunkiejunkie--- That is so true. Right now every thing she sees she thinks Santa is bringing it to her smh.
  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    I told my 5yo to pick one thing he really wants. He thinks he is going to get everything. He hadn't been disappointed yet.
  • When I was younger my grandparents and mom used go all out for all of us kids (cousins and siblings) then when my mom passed away, it got to where my grandparents dropped to one income and couldn't afford stuff and that's when I would only get like 3 gifts then it went to maybe 1 or none. For most Christmases it was 1 cheap gift and I was happy with that 1. Honestly when it was none it would really hurt and I would go to school and all day long get asked what did you get for Christmas. Every year I would lie and make up stuff that I got. But I understood why they couldn't buy things.
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    Jameson's bday is Nov 30, and then of course there's xmas.  We get him way too many things.. and we get him stuff all year, I know it's going to bite us in the end.  Usually we focus on one "big" thing for each holiday and several smaller things (play doh set, lego sets, books, etc).  I thought I was being smart a few months back and started telling J when we were at the store and he'd see a toy he wanted, that we could 'save' it (get it later) for his birthday/Christmas, but he has an AMAZING memory and now I'm scrambling to remember the ones he liked best.  If you ask him though, all he wants for his birthday/from santa is "a toy truck".
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  • @shouldclean--- That look of disappointment is hard to face. My daughter had it because we picked a child at a local charity to buy Christmas for and she was so jealous and mad when I was shopping for her and would randomly burst into tears. That makes me see clearly that I need to fix this spoiled rotten problem.
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Ours in years past , 3 wise men 3 gifts not all biggie ones before opening we went and served food at our local shelter then home to gifts brought a whole new prospective even if they grummbled 
  • KellynnKellynn
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    @irishlass, I never got one from my parents, and neither do my kids. We only do Santa gifts for the kids. They wake up and presents are under the tree Christmas morning from Santa.

    I don't do clothes for ds. He's not interested at all. However, my dd loves them. So, it depends on what each kid is into.

    I spend wayyyyy too much every Christmas. It's ridiculous. And, my mom and dad go overboard as my two are the only grandchildren. I had to tell my mom to cut down to 5/6 each, as she was adamant that everyone gets 10 presents. So they get that, plus Santa, and some from the other side, and aunts/cousins. Too much.
  • theprincessmommytheprincessmommy
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    Santa brings the big stuff, basketball hoop one year, hamsters this year. We get them stuff they are into usually between 5-10 gifts depending on the year we keep it even though. Our whole family lives nearby so they get spoiled rotten, we usually buy books but DH's mom and dad want to this year so they are buying a bunch. We usually spend about $150 on each kid. one big ticket item and then small filler stuff (action figures, blocks, books, etc) and then the big santa present. We are on a budget this year so we are going a bit smaller managed to find both the big items we wanted to get them on sale though which was great.
  • StarsStars
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    I've always taken into consideration of how much I had to spend.   Now since they are older its more expensive so I generally get them a shared gift.  Like for instance they need a new xbox as theirs is sorta broken.  They have to smack it a zillion times to get it to read the game they want to play.  That's 250 right there and thats usually my budget.  Between grandmas and what we get them they get PLENTY. I think if you get them one thing they really want that should be fine.   

  • LoveLove
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    I dont have a number of presents, I generally spend about $100 on each kid. That is really easy to do since they are older and what they want is generally expensive.

    Same here.


  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    My 5yo was spoiled he expected something every time we went in the was easy to do when we only had one. What I stated doing was every time we went in some place tell him we aren't buying any toys. He still asked but eventually got the point. You just have to be strong :)
  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    Sorry I idont get back here yesterday! My kids are 8, 7, 4 & 7 months. You SHOULD NOT go broke over Christmas!!! Its my favorite holiday, but come Jan you need to be able to live still! We willprobably spend 75-100 for each kid, which is still crazy, but ill do thrift stores and coupons for stuff.
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  • MegsueMegsue
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    I only have one child. I don't buy a specific number or set a specific amount. It's whatever I can afford. Mom and Dad presents are practical (clothes, shoes). Santa presents are fun. Usually we try to have a nice big gift from Santa (last year was a drum set) and a few smaller toys and books. My niece and nephew are the only other kids we buy for, and we spend between $20-30 on one gift each for them.
  • irishlassirishlass
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    I liked the want, need, wear, read, but I think there's more to it than that. And it will change each year. B asks for one thing. Then he has got a little playdoh thing, a little puzzle, a sticker book, a christmas book, a cd, a toy story toy, a truck, a spiderman torch and a scooby doo baking set. In his stocking will be come chocolate, a couple of little cars, a small teddy and some spiderman socks.
    Next year he may be in to lego rather than playdoh, or football instead of baking. But I want one little thing to represent each of things he really likes, you know?
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    DH has been buying DSS's love for years at Christmas, it seems.  One year, it was a trampoline (which the kid's mom SOLD instead of letting us put it up), then a high dollar bicycle (even though he STILL can't ride one at 15), a PS3.  We always end up spending about $500 on him, and the only thing he gets any good out of is video games, which DH hates. 

    This year, even though DSS is living with us now, it's the same thing.  I did the Black Friday thing and stood in line to get him a 40" TV for $200.  Then there will be Assassin's Creed III, the new COD or whatever is out, three pairs of lounge pants (as every year), and various odds and ends. 

    DD is getting her very own bouncy castle (they're about $50 at, a Dream Lite pet, some clothes, and stocking stuffers. 

    It's too much, IMHO.  DH has been stressing all week about making the mortgage, and he wants to spend money like there's no tomorrow.  But I guess it's Christmas. 

    I love the something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read idea!  I'm seriously thinking about implementing that this year!
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    I have 3 kids. They echo get onenice really want it gift (usually legos or for my 13 yr old he gets a 50 iTunes card) and pjs, one outfit, books, small toy.. this year though I don't know..
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
  • I read somewhere when my DD2 was a baby that they shouldn't get too many gifts because they get overwhelmed. So, we got her about 3 and also 3 for her birthday, which is 2 days after Christmas. Last year, we did that with our DS1 and got DD2 about 6. This year, they'll get what they get, I guess. We were able to purchase a few toys from the thrift store for them. I figure my (will be) 6 month old will be happy with some wrapping paper.
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  • SchweddyBallsSchweddyBalls
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    They get 1 pretty big family gift, 1-2 small family gifts (usually board games, dvds), then 5 non -clothing gifts (usually each gift in the $10-$20 range) new socks, underwear, pjs, 2 outfits and little things in their stockings. I shop all year except for the I'm pretty much done by june. FUCKYEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!
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  • crazybroad
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    mine are 10, 8 and 6 and i only get them one "big" gift then maybe four or five smaller gifts and stocking stuffers. i spend probaby 100 or so on each. as ling as they have the same amount so no wwe breaks out for not being "Fair"  i try to shop sales/clearance only. they get more then they deserve by the time the granparents get them stuff.
  • Jojo2000
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    Mine wont be getting any this year...and no Christmas tree :(
  • sickandtiredofit
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    BigHeartedLady, I'm so sorry.  We are also having it very rough.  This has by far been our worst year.  I really hope u all are able to have a great Hoilday, somehow!!!!
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    Growing up, Santa always brought me and my 4 siblings 3 gifts each, plus stocking stuffers. We never got a gift from my parents and I don't remember ever questioning that. I asked my mom about if we ever asked why they didn't get us anything and she didn't think we made much fuss over it. Santa always brought us our wants and everything equaled probably $200-$250 per kid (I'm not sure of their budget). My sister still does the 3 gifts for her kids, but DH and I don't. We don't really have a set limit either, but we don't go overboard. I think we are done with ds2 at this point because I got some really good deals and we probably have 6 gifts for him to open from Santa. We will also give him a little something from us on Christmas Eve, only because that's why DH and I will exchange gifts so ds will need something to open too. When ds is older and starts asking for certain things, we will set a $$ limit on Christmas.