What do you feed your toddler for breakfast?
  • 2callmemommy2callmemommy
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    My monster is 21 months and most mornings for breakfast she eats fruit. Like a bunch of different fruits chopped up. Grapes, apples, oranges and whatever else I have in the kitchen like Kiwi, mango, tangerines and banana. She doesn't like eggs unless the eggs are hard boiled. Cereal frustrates her because she has a hard time using a spoon still and refuses to let anyone feed her. I haven't tried oatmeal yet because I never have any, nobody else here eats it. So I'm curious what are you guys feeding your toddlers for breakfast? I'd like some new ideas and things I can try.
  • Bakerface
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    Cut up cheese and fruit, dry cereal with a dippy cup of milk, waffle or pancake with syrup to dip, bacon or sausage. Mine won't eat eggs.
  • theprincessmommytheprincessmommy
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    I always gave mine fruit or granola bars for breakfast.
  • Bakerface
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    Umm sippy not dippy lol
  • 2callmemommy2callmemommy
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    I meant to post this in the toddler section. Oops
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    French toast , is good eggs milk a little cinnamon vanilla , I make a heathy oat meal cookie adding carrots
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I fed mine instant oatmeal mixed with a little water and nuked for about 30 seconds, then added a carton of YoBaby yogurt.  She'll learn how to use a spoon.

    Now she eats a bowl of mini Shredded Wheat and milk nuked for about 25 seconds, a glass of milk, some fruit and some yogurt.

    But, you know, there's nothing wrong with yours eating fruit and a hardboiled egg for breakfast, that's actually an outstanding b'fast.
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  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    Dry cereal, pancakes, cereal bars, yogurt
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    Pizza ? Lol. Sorry my DS is Sooo picky I have been known to do pizza for breakfast , lunch , dinner. Lol.
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  • Marionettevie
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    well mine wont eat any bread type things. so pancakes and waffles and french toast are out of the question. i have a little carnivore and sometimes i give him ham and eggs, sometimes scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon and cheese. somtems potatoes and egg with sausage. he will only eat cereal or oatmeal only if i am eating it, so he gets bites from my cereal sometimes. sometimes when i dont know what to give him and i know he liked the dinner from the night before i give him left overs. this morning he had a copy cat olive garden chicken gnocchi soup i made last night. if i know he likes it i give it to him to eat. yogurt i usually leave for snacks because he likes to share it with me and i get tired of it lol
  • crazymamaof2
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    My son always used to HAVE to have a banana first thing, it was scary if we happened to not have one in the house, but lately he's not so crazy about them. Mini bagels and cream cheese are the going favorite, usually I will do pancakes on the weekends. I tend to have scrambled eggs more for dinner than breakfast, as there not very hungry at the end of the day.
  • serenitynowserenitynow
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    Waffles, cheese cubes, yogurt (go-gurt), mini-microwave pancakes, dry cereal, toast, pb & j, fruit, graham crackers, ceral bars, granola bars...
  • OxiMOMOxiMOM
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    First thing I have to give him is some cheereos and a sippy cup of milk. He munches on them while I make him oatmeal or chop up some fruit or both. I have not tried eggs with him yet. Ill give him toast some days or a bagel with some cream cheese. He will eat anything but he REALLY likes his oatmeal and banannas. I buy the big tub of plain oatmeal and make one cup of oatmeal (dry half a cup) and add a small amount of brown sugar and cinnomon then chop up a bananna and mix it all together. It tends to fill him up best so he only eats a light lunch and has some snacks he kind of grazes all day and wants some of what I'm eating any time I eat. Dinner he has whatever we have.
  • Katescrazymom
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    Anything healthy.  I'm trying to reduce our grain intake, so I try to distract them from toast and processed cereal.  I do make oatmeal, oatmeal bars, or muffins sometimes.  Lots of scrambled eggs with cheese & veggies.  Yogurt.  Peanutbutter on toast, crackers, or a spoon.  Dinner leftovers.  Homemade chicken broth. Cheese.  Sweet or regular potato home fries or potato pancakes.

    There is nothing wrong with fruit and hardboild eggs.  I like to cook a lot at once and heat up. I also like baby led weaning, where you rarely make child specific food, they get what you get.  I hate that people think they should feed dd "kid" food, kd, hot dogs, nuggets ie processed junk.

  • bendorbreak bendorbreak
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    My Ds2 doesnt want to eat anything id like him to eat. For breakfast he eats cereal bars or poptarts, bananas, sometimes pizza if he refuses to eat other things. He will eat other fruit but not for breakfast. He wont eat eggs in any form. He wont eat cheese unless its on pizza. He wont eat lunch meat but he will eat pepperoni on pizza. Kid used to eat everything he was given. Now hes so picky hes making me crazy.
  • LiquidPeppermintLiquidPeppermint
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    Gogurt, oatmeal, or cooked rice with sugar, cinnamon, and butter. If she's up early, she will eat waffles, turtles (biscuits with cinnamon and sugar.  I don't know why they're called turtles.  That's just what Mom called them) or French toast I make for DSS before school. Sometimes she'll eat dry cereal, but cereal with milk makes too much of a mess.  If I'm having a bowl of cereal, she always wants to "eat" the milk when I'm done, so I give it to her. 
  • Unique_MommaUnique_Momma
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    My DS is picky when it comes to breakfast. He'll be 2 before Christmas and his breakfast of choice is pop tarts. Sometimes I can convince him to have dry cereal (like cheerios or something like that), but he prefers pop tarts. I think that's because when DH gets home from work and gets done doing things around the house he will strip down to his boxers, grab DS and a pack of pop tarts, and head to the bedroom for father-son time (which just consists of watching tv and eating pop tarts, DH in boxers & DS in a diaper).
  • beambeam
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    Most of the time it is a Belvita breakfast biscuit (sometimes dry cheerios), yogurt, and fruit.

    Thanks to this thread we did scrambled eggs.

    And at some point this winter we'll do oatmeal and pancakes/french toast.
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  • warriormommy3warriormommy3
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    i think thats a pretty good breakfast.. mine either do cereal, oatmeal and fruit,  eggs, or yogurt and a waffle(eggo.. im not martha stewart lol) 
  • shate98shate98
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    eggo multi grain waffles or sometimes strawberry waffles
    toast with butter and jam
    cereal- current fav is raisin bran (he'll ask for it with or without milk, depending on mood)
    bacon and fruit added on the weekends

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  • rabbitw4
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    It depends on his phase, right now we're working through the nothing phase. He'll say "mommy, I'm hungwy" and I'll run and fix him something that he won't eat. Up until two months four months ago, it was nothing but pancakes, before that, it was oatmeal. Can't wait to see what's next
  • MorganD
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    Completely off topic, but when I first the title, all I could see was "Toddler for breakfast". I was like OMG. lol

    Anywho, we do cereal, eggs, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal...basically, whatever they'll eat that morning.lol
  • irishlassirishlass
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    This is crazy you guys are amazing! In my house, at breakfast time you get cereal. end of. 
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  • DiscoDeb
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    My kid doesn't like eggs and has recently rejected waffles or pancakes (weirdo).
    Most days, it's dry cereal (Cheerios or Chex) and fruit. He doesn't use a spoon either.
    I should try oatmeal; he's always so hungry an hour afterwards, and we have to move his morning snack up.
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    cereal bars, scrambled eggs (took a while for mine to like them), oatmeal, fruit, waffles, pancakes, yogurt, granola, cereal, french toast, toast w jelly, toaster strudel and pop tarts occasionally, we just feed him whatever we have around and he is usually hungry enough to eat it!
  • Mandarin
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    Usually DS3 Has oatmeal (you can do so much with oatmeal: Peanutbutter honey and bananas, apple raisin and cinnamon, maple syrup and dates. An endless amount of possibilities). Eggs, yogurt and granola, French toast and strawberries.
  • Mandarin
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    @2callmemommy I know you said you don't buy the oatmeal because no one else eats it, but have you checked a store that sells stuff in bulk? You would be able to just get like a single serving amount to see if your dd likes it and then go from there.
  • missy545missy545
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    I babysit my great niece and give her fruit bars or cut up fruit and cheese.  She loves cheese with everything!
  • KiinuKiinu
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    Eggs over easy with toast, or sausage, or bacon... an eggo waffle or a hotdog if I'm being lazy.. on saturday's DH gives all the kids a baggie of cereal and a cup of milk and lays on the couch like a zombie while I'm in class lol
  • Tranquil
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    Dry cereal, whole grain frozen waffles, apple, cup of milk.
  • GalFriday
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    french toast sticks with syrup , eggs and toast, cheerios /cereal with milk, breakfast sausage links, fruit. Some days he will ask for leftover mac n cheese or soup or even cold pizza. All fine by me as long as he eats! I should look into the microwaveable pancakes or make a big batch and freeze them as he asks for them almost daily.


  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    @GalFriday I make pancakes in bulk on Sunday either with fruit or chocolate chips and then heat them in the toaster and hand them out during the week. We have also been known to eat pizza in the morning running out of the door. On weekends its cheesy eggs, sauage, cinnamon rolls on Saturday and Sunday's we do either waffles or French toast, bacon, and hashbrowns.
  • RinRin
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    I am jealous your toddler eats fruit for breakfast, sure my kids eat it now, but at like 2 and 3 all my kids wanted was dry cereal.
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  • Willow
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    DD3 gets the choice of "daddy cereal" (strawberry or chocolate frosted mini-wheats) or applesauce on days she has daycare. She also gets a cup of milk at at daycare to help with the transition. On days we are at home, she usually eats the cereal, but sometimes I can get her to eat french toast or waffles. I had a kick where I had a lot of fruit for breakfast, and she did that with me. I just wish it weren't so expensive to do that here. Due to the exchange rate, fruit in town is really expensive, and the fruit on base is also expensive because we have to pay to have it shipped here. Boo!
  • ProudPalsyMamma
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    I feed my kid whatever the hell I can get him to eat lol My son has a hard time gaining weight so as long as he eats whether its fruit or pizza I don't give a shit lol
  • sucrowe
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    I am lucky to get my kids to eat anything in the morning. They both drink milk, and sometimes they will eat yogurt, some times cheerios, sometimes doritos. I have done pizza, too. If anyone has ideas on how to get them to eat, I'm all ears. Or eyes, in this case.
  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    @GalFriday When I make pancakes for breakfast I double the batch and freeze the leftovers for breakfast during the week :)
  • onetimeonetime
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    We always used to give DD Smoothies. Yogurt, milk, fruit, blend. I also used up baby foods she didnt eat this way.
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  • anonymommy
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    DS3 is on a breakfast strike right now.  If I'm lucky, he'll drink some milk.  He used to eat eggs, fruit, pancakes, french toast.  Now, nothing.  I know it's just a phase, but I hate having to send him to school (though he does have a morning snack) or daycare (where she'll feed him breakfast if/when he decides he'll allow it) without it :(