adhd, inappropriate behaivors and poor time management
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    My six yr old ds has severe adhd. he is on 5mg of ritalin and has been on that dose since october. its no longer working. he is acting up in class there are 19 more kids in his class and he is not in special education. im working to get him a 504 but its taking forever. he gets snack or meals every 2 hours to make sure his blood sugars dont drop. he is not allergic to any foods or food dyes except coconut oil and his school is coconut free. He constantly fidgets he never finishes his work and when he does he rushes through it and its sloppy and no one can read it. he writes in all capitol letters in a beginners block. I had him tested at the end of the year to make sure that he was ready to go to first grade and he tested into first grade. he was a little emotionally imature but he had very little issues last year compared to this year. on thursday we have a 7:45 am meeting with the school councler the principal and his teacher i know im going to get chewed out about his homework cause i have given up on many times because after fighting him to read 8 pages and write 2 words i get exhasted and then all the work he doesnt complete in class. i have asked his teacher to put his homework in a folder and send it home instead she gives it to him and it gets all balled up and idk what it is. im frusterated and if i could do it id homeschool him but i cant handle homework. any thoughts ideas?
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    DO NOT let them chew you out about his homework. Are you doing the best you can in the situation? Is he doing the best he can? If so, then that's all you can do. There comes a point where the frustration that arises in both mother and child invalidates the whole point of doing homework. When he's that frustrated, he not learning anything. I have 2 kids with ADHD and there have been many times that I have sent homework back to school unfinished with a note saying how long we had worked on it.

    I know that getting a 504 plan can be a long, frustrating process. You have to stick with it though and make sure that the accomdations are the best for your child. A 504 plan is valid through college. Somethings to consider: alternative punishments and less/different homework, and being allowed to do some work on the computer. Typical school punishments for your son's age include taking away recess and ISS. No recess just compounds hyperactivity and, at least for my son, ISS isn't a punishment because he likes it there with no distractions. For homework, even just completing half will really lessen the frustration while still reinforcing concepts taught at school. Many kids with ADHD have fine motor issues leading to handwriting difficulty. My DS10 still writes like a 1st grader. Being able to do some (not all because he does still need to practice handwriting) schoolwork and homework on the computer has also helped with the frustration and really cut down on the hours spent doing homework.

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    My DS 12 is on the Autism spectrum. ( have to get used to not saying Aspergers , lol) he has issued with his handwrighting too. His is maybe on a 1st grade level. He tends to MiX up tHe leTteRs and then he will not leave spaces between the words. Sometimes we can get homework done quickly when it is his favorite subject and take forever when he hates the subject. They allow other people , his aide or me , do some of the writing. He has to do all of the math though. He does take most of his tests oraly.
    The way we do it is I get him at school we walk home then he gets a snack. He tends to take 30 mins to eat that ! Lol. So then we start his homework. If he gets frustrated with something we take brakes. But he really hasn't had that much homework this year! The longest he worked on it was we started at 4 we ended at 11 ! Usally he has 5-6 math problems and 10 or so questions in language or maybe reading a story.
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    Having a child with ADHD is tough. My DS will be 12 in Feb. We've tried ritalin, which only helped for a little while and all the side effects scared the snot out of me. Now he is on Concerta, which is working great! I've dealt with teachers who were wonderful and did everything they could to help and I've also dealt with those teachers who blamed me for his "problems" and tried to say I was just making excuses for him. My advice? Don't give up. Really pay attention to how your child learns the best. My son's handwriting looks like chicken scratch, so his teacher lets him give his answers orally if she can't read his paper. She also makes time to give him extra help if he needs it. Her and I send emails back and forth about his work almost daily. He went from having D and C grades to being a straight A student! My sister's son is 7 and he also has ADHD, and she is currently dealing with a teacher who is less than helpful (putting it nicely) so she went over her head and went to the principal, when that didn't work she went to the school board. He is being changed to a different, smaller class with a teacher who is accustomed to working with children with disabilities. Don't give up, and try not to let it get you down. 
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    I have 1 son on the Autism spectrum and one who is add or adhd (the jury is still out) I notice a HUGE difference between the 2, what works for one,doesn't work for the other even if the situation is the same. No offense momofdbb the two are totally different. I have had wonderful teachers thus far. This year his teacher has repeatadly told me about how hard it is to teach 27 kids. She has also told us on more than one occasion to medicate him. Even though we have told her we don't believe in medicating. I have adult adhd I chose to take medication for a short time. I had to quit because it was affecting my blood pressure. It worked but wasn't worth the side affects! We started trying coffee it seems to help a little. On Thurs we are going to take him to a p.a. that specializes in holistic treatments for add we are hoping for some help.
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    Oh my. I could have written your post for you!! My ds is an immature 1st grader. Academically he is smart, just doesn't have the patience for homework or paying attention. I've never had him tested because right now I don't know if its something that can be fixed. It's something he's going to have to grow out of. I have the exact same issues with homework. We have a stack left over from him being sick and missing a few days around thanksgiving that I have yet to get him to finish!!
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    Have you tried any other meds?  DS5 is on adderall, 10 mgs x2 daily and it works like a charm. All meds affect people differently though.  dd7 is the same way when it comes to reading, writing, and homework. She excels in science and math, but hates reading. It has become a constant struggle with her.  *sigh*
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    My dd7 has severe ADHD and a couple of other diagnosis as well. She's on 70mg of Vyvanse a day and are considering upping the dosage again. She had an allergic reaction to Ritalin based drugs so it's a different class of medication. My daughter sees her doc once a month to monitor her meds and give refills, have you taken him back to the doctor that prescribes his meds? If not you should, and he probably needs more frequent med monitoring/adjustments. Good luck, I know it's freakin tough!!
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    She just got back from her missionary trip in loas that they do over the holidays. i have an appointment next week.
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    Also, have you tried doing homework in the morning? Dh is way more cooperative in the morning than in the afternoon/evening. All he wants to do is play.
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    Ds not dh. Lol