outnumbered by males... are you?
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Im outnumbered 5 to one counting my son who doesnt live with me and our dog.. im the type of girl that doesnt have a girly bone in her body. i cant do hair or make up i wear mens hanes tshirts and have worn the same cut of jeans for the last 10years.. i own stuff to do my hair and make up cause i have had to dress up for different things like weddings and funerals and once in a while while i was single and my hair was much shorter to go out with friends to bars. I dont own a dress or a skirt though i do own a pair of tights... so to me if i had a girl my friends and family all agree she would be running around in plain tshirts and jeans and have a crew cut cause id be absolutely clueless to be able to style her hair in anything but a ponytail. eventhough im outnumbered by males im comfortable about that. am i strange or do other outnumbered moms feel that way to. My only friend with kids has 3 girls and 2 boys so she doesnt really understand what i am talking about. though she claims with her hubby and 2 male dogs she feels outnumbered too..
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    Same here...it's always been like that for me. I just posted on another thread about all the boys in the family--I have 3 sons, 4 brothers, 9 nephews, 1 great-nephew, and a male dog and only 1 sister and 1 niece (who just had the great-nephew). I almost prefer to have male friends, than female, because it's less drama (usually, lol).
    I have makeup and just a couple things for hair but barely use them and really don't know how, haven't owned a skirt or dress since probably 5th grade (maybe before that). I also wear jeans and mens t-shirts. So nope, you're not strange, lol. ;)
  • MorganD
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    Three boys and my SO and the dog Max, after growing up with two brothers and 2 male cousins(and all of their stupid friends), and then all the men that worked for my dad that were at the house every day. Yeah...I'm waaay out-numbered. My sister asked me to do her little girls hair, because her hands were full. I laughed. I'm not girly. I don't wear make-up and I rarely wear dresses, even though I happen to love heels. The only girly thing about me are my boobs and my southern plumbing. I don't wear mens shirts, but I also don't wear anything frilly, flowery, or brightly-colored. I wear dark colors, like grey, brown, hunter green, navy blue, and of course, black. I will only wear jeans, even in the summer. My mom can't stand anything about me, and she thought I was a lesbian at one point. :) You are definitely not alone!
  • Tranquil
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    My husband, son, father, brother.  Plus the male-dominated industry I am in, I would say, yes I am surrounded by males.  But I consider myself very girly.  i have a lot of friends who aren't very girly, and there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!
  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    At work I am surrounded by men, home life is different though. There are 5 girls (one is a dog) and 2 boys in our house. As for the rest/extended family, it is also mostly female. We definitely aren't girly girls in this house though.
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  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    I'm outnumbered at home.. not at work.  I'm a girly girl even though historically all my friends have been guys.  I'm still King of the castle though :)
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  • theprincessmommytheprincessmommy
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    I'm even Technically though the 2 on my side of the court are furry lol. I have DH and 2 DSs. Then female puppy and female cat....I feel that the odds are skewed in their favor though. The cat adores DH and will seek him out over me and the puppy is...psychotic so not help.

    I'm what I call girlie light...I have lotions and stuff because of my eczema, I love dresses so much, I also collect vintage aprons, But I also climb trees play video games, Grill, don't wear makeup or give a flying rats ass about my nails (you girlie girls would cringe) My style is pony tail bun or headband, and I am super handy...If something breaks don't ask DH he will just try to cuss it into submission lol
  • shate98shate98
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    I'm outnumbered. DH, DS, Dfurbaby all male. And I work in a largely male profession. There are times when I am the only female in the room at work.
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  • fbmom3fbmom3
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    I'm outnumbered all the way around, from growing up to now in my own house. I grew up with 4 brothers (brother #5 came along way later in life) so of course I was a tomboy as a kid.  As I got older I did become more girly but have kept a lot of my tomboy ways and have been described as the girly-est tomboy ever.  My nails and toes are always done (not by me - can't paint a nail to save my life), legs always smooth, make-up applied, heels and dressed to a T at work but turn on a football game ESPECIALLY my team and I will either cheer or cuss the TV with the best of 'em (I was even a season ticket holder their for awhile).  I was surrounded by my 3 DS's (now two since my oldest has gone off and is now a sailor in the U.S. Navy). I can't fix my nieces hair or paint their nails but I can throw a sweet spiral to my boys and go over techniques before/after their games. I also have 8 nephews and only 2 nieces (twins) so even family gatherings are male dominated, not even my 3 SIL's helped make it more balanced lol.
  • GisleyandHank
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    I grew up with all brothers. I like to dress up but I have a very masculine sense of humor. My household is currently divided down the middle, 2:2.
  • RedHeadMamaNCRedHeadMamaNC
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    Same here, even the fish are boys, plus SO and our sons. I'm not very girly, though at times I wish I was. I think SO would appreciate it and I hate feeling like a fool every time an occasion calls for make up. Such is life. I love being around all my boys, life is less complicated. I could go without all the fucking farting, though!
  • Quietmom
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    I am too! Dh, 2 boys, a male cat and a male bird lol. I think I'd like a little sugar in my life, but my nieces are little devils and frankly scare the crap outta me!
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  • Marionettevie
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    i am outnumbered, and when i had the cat he was a boy too. but i am pretty girly, even if i dont dress up all of the time. if i had a girl it would be like a pepto bismol factory exploded all over us. my favorite color is pink. my kid would probably hate pink by the time she grew up! lmfao! dh thinks i am nuts when it comes to pink and glittery and shiny. but i can do stuff with him like get dirty working on his cars. or get in the dirt with my kid... as long as i am wearing some of my crappy clothes lol!  oh and i am an only child so i grew up with me as the only girly reference. my mom is a big tomboy! i dont know where i got the girly from.
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Even growing up i have 2 sisters but one was married and gone by my first birthday and my other sister got her ged and started working full time at 16 and was never home. i was 3 then but i moved out before her when i was 19. I only saw her when my parents went out of town. i have 2 brothers and 3 nephews who were always around and my neice. Plus my older brothers friends.. i always hung out with guy or girls like me.. But i grew up in the sticks...
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  • missmama5missmama5
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    @marionettevie Pepto bismol factory explosion, right here. I had only a boy for 6 years and now am having a girl. Everything is frilly and pink and covered in bows.
  • FoulMouthedSailorFoulMouthedSailor
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    You think that's bad, it's worse for a guy who is out numbered. Wife, Sunshine who gets pissy when momma gets pissy, things one and two, 4 vs 1, plus my moms in town for a few months, and my sister in law since schools out for a bit, and the cherry on top, 3 female dogs. 9 vs 1 if you want to throw in the visitors and dogs
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  • AKimiBAKimiB
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    Nope! ;)
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  • just_kimjust_kim
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    1 husband.
    2 sons.
    Happy as could be. I own no make up, rarely styled my hair. I groom dogs for a living, so no need to dress up there!
    Daughter came along. I planned on making her a tomboy. She was going to wear her brother's old clothes, etc. Turns out she has a mind of her own & made friends with her girly-girl aunt & gets hand-me-downs from her cousins. At age 6, she has 8 pairs of shoes she wears regularly. 8. WTF? And she LOVES all things pink. I gave birth to her, but i swear i have no idea where she came from!
  • episcopal
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    In our household, I'm a male outnumbered by females (MIL, DW, and DD18 when home from college).  I have a male cat and used to have two females.
  • AloneOverseasAloneOverseas
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    Years ago it was me and DD and my mom and dad. Things were ok. Then my mom died. Things got bad. So then it was just me and my DD and our two female cats. Then me, DD, DH and one male and one female cat.

    Now it's me, DH and two DS's. Thank goodness for the cats ... 2 boys and 4 girls, so now we are even 5:5. Lol
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  • wonderwomanx3
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    only one in the house who sits down to pee over here. dh, 3 ds's & a male cat. I'm not real girly either. Wish I was, tho.
  • Mama07Of10Three11Mama07Of10Three11
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    DH and DS1 are outnumbered by girls 4:2. Poor DH and DS have no idea what lies ahead of them.
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  • GrainneGrainne
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    Totally outnumbered. DH, two sons, two male cats and one giant male dog. Yup only estrogen in the house is me. It's all good I love boys and thankfully have a teenage boy sense of humor lol.
  • stinkersmommystinkersmommy
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    I am the only human female and the only others are 4 fish and a salamander so yup I am screwed!! I am girly light and staked my claim on the bathroom (it's hello kitty) and can dress up when I want to except I feel like a pig on a spit when I wear heels !
  • monstamomonstamo
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    I live with 2 boys, and I work with all boys. And I am a very girlie-girl who is learning to drive a forklift! I feel like Wendy taking care of The Lost Boys!
  • BreakOutQueenBreakOutQueen
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    I am quite outnumbered by penis people. DH, 3 ds's. My bird, lizard and dog are girls. So when I get home I can say HI GIRLS! Sigh. I am not overly girly (Except I have a shoe problem) or overly tom boy.. I Wish I could dress up more but, I am SAHM..sooo not much chance. I am more willing to get down and dirty and do hard work than Any One of the suckers in my house LOL! I grew up with tom boy tendencies But still did girls stuff. Guess it stuck:)
  • LoveLove
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    It's 5:2 here, as far as males versus females. It's me and Gracie against the spousal unit and 4 boys.


  • chaosmomchaosmom
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    I am the only female in a house with 4 boys, 2 male dogs, 2 male cats, 5 male fish & a male turtle. That would be 14:1. Unless SO is here.
  • Geekymom
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    It is just DH, DS and me. It is hard being outnumbered. I grew up with six sisters so I am still learning about boys.