What did you do as a kid that you'd NEVER let your kids do?
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    I was thinking today about how my sister and I, at maybe eight or nine years old, would walk the mile, across a busy overpass that went over a VERY busy highway, to a convenience store.  Where we would buy Jolt Cola, Zotz, Garbage Pail Kids, and Astro Pops.  We'd meander back home (barefoot if it was summer), eventually.  We never told Mom where we were going.  Long as we were back by dark.

    We also lived on a few acres that backed up to Corps of Engineers property that was all wild.  We'd go screw around in those woods all day.  Again, as long as we were home for dinner.  We ran into everything from stray bulls to copperheads (we were generally armed with machetes and an air rifle) to homeless people.  There was a very deep stream that we'd fish in.  And we were usually barefoot.

    I'd NEVER let my daughter do those things! Not even if she were older!

    What things did you do that your kids won't ever be allowed to do?
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    When i was around 8 I used to walk everywhere by myself. Including about 2 miles down the road where I would go to the grocery store. I would also go to McDonald's by myself, tell them my mom had called and complained earlier that day or day before about the food being cold... (And she never called- nor was I allowed to have McDonald's lol) and I would get free food. As long as I was home by the time the street lights came on, It was all good! No my kids are not out of my sight lol
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    Walk the railroad tracks... Ride bikes on the side of the highway play in feilds with a bull.. im a country girl and my kids have never lived in the country.... Walk miles and miles to friends houses.. wander around in the woods for hours... bb gun wars...
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  • undercoverbanana
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    Wander neighborhoods and abandoned houses. Go to china town by ourselves. Get lost on Bart in Oakland. Dye me hair blue. Shoot bb guns and drive cars in grass fields in. Louisisnana and play with matches. I wandered Chinatown on the east and west coast by myself for hours.....how the hell my parents were not in a panic, I have no clue.....
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    We used to climb up my third story balcony wall onto the roof on the town house next door and then play on the roofs. I was seven when we moved away from that house...
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    When I was in the third grade, I walked about 5 miles along a busy road (almost a highway) to go to the mall, raised money for shopping trips with my friends by selling stuff, some of which were fake drugs, beat up kids for being happy. Walked everywhere, explored houses, even found a dead body.

    We moved right before 5th grade and I was everywhere my bike could go. Exploring woods, crossing a four lane busy road many times everyday to go buy ice cream, crooked I's, candy and stuff. I used to babysit and tutor without my.mother's knowledge. Drank, went to all night parties, hung out at the mall, skipped school.

    Growing up the only rule was make sure you come home, the time didn't matter, just as long as you come home sometime.

    I wouldn't let my kids do any of the crap I used to do, its amazing that I turned out so normal.

    It's funny, my mom says I have too many rules.
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    Took the bus from Saint John, NB to Montreal (overnight, with three bus changes in Buttfuck Nowhere along the way) by myself at age 12.
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    OMG...I was just talking with my sister about this. We had such a loose childhood with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins all about the same age. We joke that our parents probably mixed us all up at birth by grabbing the wrong car seat, we were raised like wolves....and we all lived to be fairly well adjusted adults.

    Play unsupervised with BBguns (I was shot too many times..ON PURPOSE)

    Jump from Haymows

    Ride Cows

    Shit surf behind cow (holding the tail)

    Ride 2-6 people on a 3-wheeler/motocycle, no helmets, no supervision.

    Disappear for the entire day

    Host parties where my parents would go to a friends for the night with the instructions of "if they drink they don't drive" I was about 15 and my sister was 13 when they started that. One party we filled the entire back end of my dads truck with cans and empty cases.

    Drive their vehicles at about age 9, as long as we stayed on our road.

    Spend the entire summer at my aunts house 3 hours away (my poor aunt seemed to get EVERYONE bc they had an inground pool)

    Ride horses with no equipment (saddle, reins) while we played indians.

    I could go on and on and would have a heart attack if either of my kids attempted any of it!


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    Omg!!!!!! I lived a sheltered life!!! I think I missed out!!
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    Pretty sure I have a huge list haha! I grew up and still live in the middle of no where. Busy hwy, but there's just not much out here. Post office, small gas station (that no longer sells gas now though), couple repair shops and a fire department, that about sums it up minus the huge lake we have. When I was younger mom and dad had no issues with me and a friend riding our bikes 3 miles up to the little hamburger stand we had along the busy hwy to get a milkshake or to each others house when we were probably 8 or 9 at most. Dad put me on a greyhound bus for a 3 1/2 day trip EACH way to texas when I was just barely 15 and because of the crap I saw THEN there is no way I would do that to either of my kids haha!. Oh what else... ah, yes.
    I LOVE my mom, but she's not the brightest person. "Oh you're bored honey? here take this stick of wood and go break the glass up outside if you want". I was like, 5? sliced my arm open pretty good from flying glass. Mom caught me and a friend sneaking out once when we were probably 13 and asked us why so we said to go meet some "friends" (they were boys and she knew it). Ok well be back before your dad wakes up. I'm just after I hit post I will think of tons more lol!
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    Oh, here's another. My dad lives about a 3 minute drive to the lake and the ball park is right before that. Mom would give us the keys whenever dad would leave and tell us go drive down to the park and back, oh hell take a picnic lunch!. That started when I was around 9 or 10 probably. So we'd drive down to the park, have our picnic or rollerblade and drive back home. It all ended when I was pulling in the driveway and moms car died JUST before I was getting ready to turn into her parking spot, So i didn't turn soon enough and crunched in the whole front passenger corner on the back of dad's old bronco. It was either V-day, his birthday or fathers day because I cut a heart shape out of paper, cut another small heart out of the center and made the card and wrote "i'm sorry daddy, i love you" on it and hung it off the bumper. Needless to say he was PISSED haha
    Crazy? I was crazy once...they locked me in a room with no windows. That drove me nuts. Nuts! Squirrels eat nuts. They drive me crazy. Crazy! I was crazy once..
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    Oh, I just remembered the motorcycle.  We had this little motorcycle when I was a kid, and Dad used to just let me ride it, no safety equipment, all over the yard (which was about four acres by two, and wooded, so BIG.  It was not a well-running motorcycle.  I remember once, I was on it, started it, and some part of it exploded.  Thank goodness Dad was there to throw me into the (open, because it was being serviced) septic tank when my leg caught on fire.  I think I was six.  No hospital.  Just a bath and a lot of laughter from my sister.
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    TONS! I rode a bike w/o a helmet...hell, they didn't even have them when I was a kid is probably the biggest one.  I also don't yet let her go outside w/o me, but that's more because we live in the boonies, have an unfenced property, and wild animals (as bad as Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my ;-)  )
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    @loveit. Me too! I apparently had a very boring childhood!
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    Gone out alone for the whole day wherever I could walk or bike. Playing in the woods. Or by the river. Before I was 10.
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    Rode 2 miles to friends houses startng at 8, drank cherry coke since I was six, made out with a boy at 14, watched too many sitcoms, the list goes on..... :>
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    My mon would let me hang out at my neighbors house all hours day and night with adults 15-20 yrs older than i whilev hey sat around smoking meth, marijuanna and drink.. i mean i must have met my countys most wanted and knew their names and nicknames and which cars they drove and my parents never batted an eyelash. i started smoking pot with them but the lady that owned the house would have killed anyone of them if they tried anything to hurt me.. From the time i was 12-19 i was there almost daily.
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    Well. I was sheltered. Lol!
    May I just say how much I respect my mother right now?
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    I read through this and then navigated away, because I'd like to think I'm gonna let Peep do all the same stupid shit I did, because, face it, I'm awesome..  Then, like two hours later, I was eating pizza, and it hit me.  The garbage cans.  Oh god, the garbage cans.. 
    There was this horribly crappy park at the end of my block when I was a kid, with a little hill of grass that led onto the sidewalk, which of course ended at a road..  We used to dump the trash out of the garbage cans, climb in, and then roll it down that little hill, generally right into the middle of the road.  This is NOT an activity that I will condone.  If I can help it.  
  • KiinuKiinu
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    Honestly... there's really nothing in MY childhood I wouldn't let DS do once he's older. I grew up in the city where my mom didn't let me do a damn thing without supervision. Once we moved out into the middle of nowhere and my dad was in charge of me I went "wild". which is to say he let me walk all over town as long as I got home or called him to be picked up by dark.

    once DS is13 like I was he can do that shit too... lol my town hasn't changed.

    HOWEVER DH is never to tell the children of the stupid shit he did as a kid/teen. Him and his psycho friends would bike up to the back of a semi, grab the bumper and hitch a ride to the next town by HANGING ONTO THE BACK OF A SEMI. Like wtf? Boys are so stupid. They also used to toss home-made dynamite into "field cars". He grew up in east chuck-a-fuck CT though, so there was nothing else to do I guess.
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    From my kid years: 
    riding in the way back of the station wagon without a belt
    allowed to use city buses/metro by myself at 12 (some kids are trustworthy but I was not at all)
    we were allowed to have fireworks

    From my teen years: 
    Once I got dropped off at home after a helmetless motorbike ride from a strange boy and my mom just said, "Well, that must have been an adventure."

  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    missmama5 said:Well. I was sheltered. Lol!
    May I just say how much I respect my mother right now?

    I really was too.  Though I was also a child in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Zodiac area and when people started putting shit in Halloween candy.  There was one year
    no one went out trick or treating.
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     man! great thread. I never wore a seatbelt (I was so out of practice DH had to train me to wear one) Walked 2 miles to school if I missed the bus, walked everywhere in VA beach. Home by dark was a very common phrase. I sometimes leave the house in the morning to go play stay out all day and then call my mom and say I was spending the night with so and so (if it was summer or the weekend I could be gone for DAYS) Rode a dirtbike no helmet, broke into abandoned houses, and construction sites. The only place I ever had "structure" was the 6 weeks I spent in Charlotte with my grandparents every year.

    I let my kid out with check-in times and he has a cell but otherwise we have structure and rules. I think back and realize I was pretty much raised like a wild animal. I turned out alright though.
  • etherieletheriel
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    OMG this thread made me realize that DD14 is about the same age I was when I got into so much trouble hanging out with her dad.
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    Go on a bike ride with a friend and not tell my parents how long we'd be gone or where we were going.  Also go into a swampy area and catch toads and salamanders, especially if at the bottom of a bluff or ravine.  Never would have I been afraid to go into a secluded wooded area when I was a kid or teenager (ah, the memories of making out).  But looking back on DD's childhood, I would have been at least somewhat nervous with regard to her going into such places.  Maybe some of that just goes with being a dad.
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    Another one I just remembered: We had a station wagon, too. And not only did I ride in it with no seat belt, but my sister and I used to sit in the back and write notes to the cars behind us with sharpie markers and press them to the window so the driver behind could see it.  Sometimes, we were downright antagonistic.  It's amazing we didn't cause serious road rage.  We'd put up notes like, "Nice dog!" then the next would say, "Oh, sorry, that's your wife." 
  • episcopal
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    OMG, @LiquidPeppermint, you are BAAADDDDDD!!!
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Really bad, yep go out early and ck in at dark . My mom had a whistle that called me home when the lights went on
  • LiquidPeppermintLiquidPeppermint
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    @episcopal I know we were, it seems, but Mom and Dad always thought it was HILARIOUS.  And we all turned out to be pretty good adults.  But I'd STILL never let my kids do that.
  • undercoverbanana
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    if someone who was incredibly vain about their hair, and a total dick, i would NEVER let my kid put hair remover in their conditioner........or dull the blade of their electric razor with a butter knife.......
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