scared to even post this after the last discussion but here it goes anyway
  • Jojo2000
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    I officially hate Christmas....i wish this month would just be over with already...except for new years eve since my ds will turn 8 and we will watch the ball drop together! Really wish my mom was here she would make things better....holidays suck without her
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Big hugs lady!! im here for you if you would like to talk!!
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  • TorturedbyTWINSTorturedbyTWINS
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    Sooo sooo sorry!!   >:D< >:D<
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    A non snarky hug ! Holidays can suck when the ones we love aren't there.
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  • Lakegirl34
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    This is my first Chrismas since my dad died in August. I understand how you feel. I'm rewriting the holiday this year-turning down a lot of parties, not doing a lot of keeping my focus on me, ds and husband, and it's helping. Hugs to you.
  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    Keeo the focus on your family like @Lakegirl34 said. Celebrate her memory, not her death.  It's hard losing a parent, no matter how old you are.  It's going to be rough for awhile, But we are here for you if you need to vent or need someone to talk to.  If you want you can PM me.  I am usually available to talk!  Hugs!
  • sunnymommasunnymomma
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    @bigheartedlady Im in the same boat except I lost my Daddy when I was 14 5 days before Christmas. It just plain sucked the joy outta Christmas for me after everything we went through with him medically since I was 11. I have never again enjoyed Christmas or the holidays, I suck it up enough for DD, but she understands this is a tough time for me and that I'm not going to pretend to be overcome with joy and magic and wonderous delight. In my house we dont lie. I miss my Daddy oh so very much and nothing will ever replace him. 
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  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Sending love hugs at this hard time
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @Bigheartedlady no one should give you any hassle over your feelings! I hated Christmas for a long time after losing my grandpa.

    I do love Christmas but I hate all the stupid crap that goes with it.

    Enjoy the time with your family, and only do what you want to sweetheart. ((((HUGS)))))
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    Why on earth would you be afraid to post this?  My dad passed 7 years ago in July, and I've missed him every single day since, but never more so than at Christmas.  It was his favorite holiday.  He used to love to torture us about opening presents until he was ready to play "Santa" and pass them out.  I really isn't the same with somebody different handing out packages on Christmas Eve.  I don't like it, and it always seems to be about what my mother's husband & his family wants/likes.  He doesn't like seafood, so we can't do our traditional Sicilian/Catholic Christmas Eve.

    Oh well, sorry, didn't mean to steal your thread, I just know what it feels like to miss someone at Christmas.  I miss him even more since dd was born, knowing how much he'd love spoiling her rotten...though I gotta admit, I'm not sure I'd miss the spoiled rotten part. ;-)
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  • ChickieChickie
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    My Mom died 9.14 this year. I want to pull a blanket over my head and hide until 2013 at the very least.

    Big hugs to you.
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  • Matt115
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    Hugs to all those without their parents this season. Sorry to hear.
  • HestiaHestia
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    Same boat too..first Christmas with both my brother and 10 yo nephew....want the holidays to piss off except for the other kids
  • Jojo2000
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    Thanks everyone...just needed to let it sorry that there are so many that know this pain.....i stuggle everyday to try to have a good day.....ptsd and social anxiety suck. I want my life back. I want to be normal again annd want to celebrate with my kids.....i cant catch a break...i posted about not having Christmas and then someone from my neighborhood dropped of a $250 Walmart gift card i was so excited for the kids.....well i went to walgreens to pick up prescriptions and when i came back home someone had stolen my wallet out of my now they have the gift card my debit card my check book my id and cant call the bank until monday :(....i really need to catch a break before i break
  • ChickieChickie
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    Most banks have a line for reporting your debit card/checks as stolen even if it's outside of normal business hours. You might have to navigate their phone menu to find it.
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  • Peace
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    @bigheartedlady, Walgreen's has *great* security cameras!
    Call them & tell them what happened, they'll review the footage!
    They can even match the person to a name if the person made a purchase there.
    Good luck!

    And yes, call your bank. Also call the person who bought the gift card...they can get it cancelled & replaced from where they got it.
  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    It is tough my mom died from cjd and it was hard watching her deteriorate slowly from that disease. She's been gone 3yrs i miss her a lot and now my ds14 is gone too. It's hard you just keep your faith and memories close by. ~hugs~
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Blessing , and many hugs
  • Peace
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    The person doesn't even have to go to Walmart...
    They should just call the number here:
  • Jojo2000
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    The police were called and Walgreens is working with them.....i found the number for my bank to cancle my debit card but have to wait until monday to cancel checks....and there isn't much i can do about the gift card because i dont know who it was in a card taped to my door and said merry Christmas from ur neighborhood santa....i just hope whoever has my checks don't try to use them...
  • Jojo2000
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    Thank u all for kind words and trying to help i sure do appreciate are all amazing
  • irishlassirishlass
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    omg! thats awful! How did someone steal your wallet? Did your house get broken into??
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  • Jojo2000
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    I was at walgreenss... i went there to get prescriptions...and somehow someone tookk it out of my shows a girl walking behingld me i dont know how i didn't feel her grab it....the police and walgreens r trying to figure out who it is...she left right afyer it happened so she didn't purchase anything she left her cart the isle over....its crazy and sucks big time but hopefully they figure out who it is....just sucks for my kiddos but we r going to do some baking and donate r time at the mission ...they are only 5 and almost 8 my sons bday is new years eve.....thanks to scary mommy he will have a bday present ....they hade go watch the tape to see if i possibly knew her....its crazy how quick it happened
  • Lulu
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    @BigHeartedLady if you have any neighbors that you know you might want to ask around...if you wait on it, the person who stole it might use it and exhaust the funds.
  • Jojo2000
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    I asked around but noone knew anything about it ....totally sucks....sorry my lil men momma let u down again
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Im so sorry my kids christmas is falling though the cracks again too luckly we have family close by that are willing to help suddenly. i think they thought i was bluffing when i said the kids werent going to have much of a christmas..
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
  • RDunhamRDunham
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    So sorry for all you're going through. Hugs and hope things get better.
  • karzeroookarzerooo
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    *Hugs to all!*  I am kind of glad the holidays are over too though. <3
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  • RosamundiRosamundi
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    You made it through to the other side!!!!!! No more Christmas for a whole year!!!!!