Goals for 2013
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    I really dont like the label of "resolutions" because i feel like I never complete it and then i just suck. So this year im going to make myself a goal list of things that i want to do for 2013 to make it better than 2012.

    What are some of the things you wish to accomplish during 2013??

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  • 123
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    I would like to learn to play guitar, nothing fancy but enough to pass on a bit of musical love to my son!
    I would also like to make it a habit to be active for at least 30 minutes a day.
    I want to start eating supper together, which means I have to get a kitchen table lol.
    I want to do things that make ME feel good, me as in Morgan not me as in Mama.
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  • SpringSpring
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    I would like to find myself and figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
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  • SalllyWingo
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    I have to lose 40lbs. I WILL be more fit by this time next year.
  • PrincessPeach
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    One of my goals for 2013 is to have fun. I spend too much time working, cleaning, making sure homework is done (and worrying about getting it all done) that I'm exhausted (stressed and sick) all of the time. So, at least one day a month I plan to spend a day with my daughter to go bowling, movies, park (as finances allow) or just hanging out/playing games.
    I've become a crazy stressed out momma and I don't like it. I don't want my daughter to grow up to remember me being like that.
  • MorganD
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    I want to lose 20lbs. I want to feel better about myself. I want to work my ass off and get an A in every course I take next year. I want my relationship with SO to stop taking the fucked up detours down memory lane.
  • StarsStars
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    I want to lose 100 pounds in the next six months.  Sounds like a lot and it is but I need this to happen because if I don't do it then I won't be able to see my baby graduate highschool and that just can't happen. So I have my plan and I will stick to it!  I want to complete the course I am taking and then hopefully will find the job I really want.  

  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I want to lose weight (not so much worried about the actual #, but about how I feel...and I need to tone up the flab!).

    I want to start eating healthier and cut back on my soft drink intake. And I guess cutback on chocolate/sweets too...*sigh*

    And I guess in order to reach those goals, I also need to start exercising on a regular basis!

    Lastly, DH and I are planning to make a budget so we can really see where all of our money goes and be able to start saving more!

  • irishlassirishlass
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    I want to stick at the two jobs I have been offered and work hard. I want to do well in my degree and work hard.

    I want to make sure I get the balance right and make sure my boy gets the best of me.
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  • OxiMOMOxiMOM
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    First I wanna be a better mom I'm a good mom but there are some places improvement could be made.

    I wanan get the house totally organized.

    Lose the baby weight and get to where I was pre baby (Thought I was fat but I really looked amazing)

    Get and keep our finances in order.

    Reconnect with DH and make an effort to get our spark back/ find the after kids spark as I feel we won't ever have that pre kid feeling as it changes with kids.
  • LoveLove
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    Goals....hmmm I think I might have a LOT I want to do better/more for next year!

    I intend to not be broke this time next year, which = budget better and STICK TO IT!

    I intend to be more fit this time next year, which = eat better, (drink less), be more active and STICK TO IT! 
    I also intend to finish my sleeve, which has been on hold for far too long already in it's unfinished state!

    I would hope that my house is more organized, and in more presentable condition, much more often next year, which = someone (mainly me, but preferably a family effort) is going to have to block off more time than currently spending, and actually make some organization happen, and stay more on top of things.

    I intend to be more successful with my art projects next year, which = I need to stop fucking around, watching tv and reading books, and actually get in the studio and create some product!

    Get Spawn in school and not have a nervous breakdown.
    Get myself back in school and finish these piddly little classes and finish my degree.

    I need to organize my day better. Right now, Spawn is the Master of the Universe, and my world revolves around him, and it's seriously compromising not only our sleep patterns, but also our meal patterns, our family time, and my work habits. We need a schedule, and we need it to be enforced, and get him more structure. Wild little monster! And that's my fault for letting the schedule slide, but I'm going to fix it, one way or another. He's old enough now to understand some things better, so I have hope!

    I really hope next year I find myself not as much of a recluse as I have been the last year and a half. I have friends and family that I don't see (or talk to) except every so many months, and that's just nuts, because we don't live that far apart. If I need to set up appointment reminders, to remind me to call or visit, then that's what I need to do. I've had too many funerals/weddings/holiday events in the last 18 months be the last time I saw someone I cared about in too long.


  • stinkersmommystinkersmommy
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    Go back to school, get Stinker ready for Kindergarten and figure out who I am after 5yrs ofSAHM mommyhood
  • fitmommyfitmommy
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    we have a family goal for 2013 to buy a home.

    as for me the usual lose some weight and keep it off, spend more time with my kids, and maybe get out more with friends

  • missmama5missmama5
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    Lose the baby weight....shouldn't be hard, I'm a very active person and this pregnancy has taken a toll so I'm anxious to get back into my workout & diet routine. Not looking forward to abdominal work after a cesarean though!

    Be a great mommy of two when I've been a mommy of one for so long....yikes!

    I want to breastfeed Avery for at least six months, and then if we make out to six months I'll keep going to a year. I only breastfed Conor for 2 months,I had a shitty support system and was so young,I had to work...this time I have dh and I'm a sahm so here's hoping!

    I want to go back to school but....we'll see.
  • ASecondChanceASecondChance
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    My goals:
    Go back to school. I have an associate's and I want to go back to finish my bachelor's.
    Cook more healthy meals at home. We eat out way too much.
    Stick to a budget. Dh and I could be saving a lot more than what we do.
    Lose 50 pounds. I want to be healthier not only for me, but for my kids.
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    Complete at least 52 acts of kindness.

    5 minutes of conscious breathing a day.

    15 minutes of creativity daily.
    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell
  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    Continue to lose more weight
    Get more organized
    Keep the house tidy
    Stay away from my chocolate and nobody gets hurt!

    I think I like who I am becoming...
  • TorturedbyTWINSTorturedbyTWINS
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    First let me say TO ALL THE SM'S WHO WANNA LOSE SOME WEIGHT... (sorry for the yelling but I wanted to get your attention)  Please download the "My Fitness Pal" Ap on your smart phones or Ipad if you have them.  It's super easy to use and literally life changing.  You can scan barcodes of the stuff you eat.  I love it!  It also doesn't give you shit if you over eat... it's just you being honest with yourself.  

    Okay, so my goals...
    I want to be financially stable
    I want to start making another baby
    I want to buy a home 
    I want to see my horse more and do something for me at least once a week
    I want to encourage my DH to do the same so he can be happy too!
    I want to become a better cook
    I really really really want to fit into my old pre-baby jeans.  
  • RedTiger
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    I will start taking time for myself one way or another. I absolutely have to.
    I want to start working out and getting back into shape not to mention some damn weight off.
    I want to learn to sew.
    I want to go back to making tutu and hairbows for dd.

  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    I will not say "I want to" because in my mind it's not a definte thing.  I wont do it if it's just a want...  so, Its all a Need!

    I WILL lose at least 100 pounds in the next 8 months.
    I WILL spend more time having fun with my kids.
    I WILL find a job, and be able to support my family.
    I WILL start exercising and stop finding excuses not to.
    I WILL start cleaning my house more by 30 minutes a day.

    @TorturedByTWINS My Fitness Pal is a great app, IF you can stick to it. I have had it on my phone for around 9 months now... Did great with it the first week, then slowly stopped. But then again, I tend to make excuses about everything! I really need to start again!
  • ZidashaZidasha
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    My goals for this year:

    Lose the extra 30 lbs of baby fat that seem to be hanging on for dear life.
    Keep my house spotless for at least a week
    Spend more time with my kids

    And the biggest most challenging one is showing more compassion toward my Ss8 and not holding him for the things he says and the way he says it when he's with his mother.  Might make me out to be this horrible step mother but if you heard half the shit this kids says and if you knew his mother you'd understand.  
    "I have a theory that placenta is brain matter I push out, so with each child I get dumber and dumber." ~ Unknown

  • Katescrazymom
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    Get in better shape so I'm not the fat flabby one in my sister's wedding, and so I can run and play with my kids better.

    Stick to the budget & schedule.  No point in lists and plans if you don't follow them. I'll have more money, less junk, and a somewhat organized house.

    Hopefully potty train the boy. He'll turn two next April, so no biggie if it doesn't happen, but here's hoping,

    Find a hobby that gets me out of the house one night a week.  I love my kids, but they need quality time with their dad, and I  need a break.  I actually go weeks were I'm not ever away from them, thank goodness for dd's sleepovers with my mom and sister once or twice a month.  In the spring, when it gets a bit warmer.

    Start making stuff.  DS is getting old enough to understand he has to stay out of craft supplies, and he's almost got a schedule.  I just want to make stuff that people will use, and I'm not very skilled, so I need to come up with something.

  • i_audit
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    1. Lose 20lbs. I'm 4 pounds away from pre pregnancy weight but i was overweight to begin with.
    2. Make a decision one way or another if i'm going back to work or not. I keep flip flopping.
    3. Be nicer to my DH. He's a great guy but sleep deprivation has turned me into a crazy bitch.
    4. Budget and stick with it. We're good for a couple of months and then it all goes to hell.
  • shate98shate98
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    1. get a writer's agent (in the works)
    2. begin the process to be published
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    keep your eye upon the doughnut, not upon the hole."
  • ghostcat
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    save up money for my breast augmentation
    start my non profit that provides tuition free sports/dance/martial/music lessons arts to at risk kids
    pass algebra ( third attempt)
    start learning spanish with the kids
    learn to become more assertive
    find better ways of coping  with anxiety other then compulsive eating

  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    I wanna lose 50lbs and not kill my dog for eating the crotches out of my underwear.. im down 5 pairs this week.. and get a part time job!
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
  • KacerpieKacerpie
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    I want to quit smoking and get in better shape.
    "Please don't talk mom... It makes my brain work..."
  • ruseriouschild
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    I want to be more active outdoors with DH & Kids. I want to work out an hour a day every day for me! I want more sex more often :) I want to have my very athletic figure back. I want to walk my dog more. I want to be a better example for my kids. I want to have more fun in general. I want a real vacation far away from where i live with just my husband! 

    This is just the top of my list lol i have more but these are super important to me!
  • lovemy3
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    Finish losing weight first and foremost! Then buy a new house and get away from my parents before I go absolutely insane from lack of privacy. Get my kids to be more active (once we have said house and back yard). Enjoy the little things I take for granted more often, especially when it deals with my kiddos. Start my clinicals and do well even though I know it is gonna be tough. Generally enjoy life more, get rid of/limit the negativity in my life (mostly some of my family) and be better for my kids by showing them healthy parent/child relationships can exist. Also, taking a real vacation without havng my parents last minute tag along and gripe the whole time.

  • TruthandjusticeTruthandjustice
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    I'm going to spend 2013 focusing on my health and NOT leaving doctors alone until they listen to me so I can control the symptoms of my dysautonomia better and start leading a somewhat normal life again. Amen!
  • eappleeapple
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    This year I will continue building my relationships. Lower my expectations of those around me so I am not always feeling disappointed and let down. I will continue having one on one time with izzy while lily is in playschool. I will make an effort to show dan one NEW act of love each day so he always knows he's on my mind. I will teach lily how to write her name before school starts in September and continue working on her colouring and drawing. I will also continue to teach her about long deep breathing to manage her stress.

    I want to spend at least 15 minutes each day meditating and at least a half hour doing yoga. I also want to work on my biofeedback and get better at that. On top of the yoga daily I am going to aim for 3-4 days of some other form of more intense work out weekly. So either 30 day shred, insanity, zumba, and when the weather gets nicer rollerblading.

    On my bucket list I want to quit pop for an entire year, this should be my year but I don't know if I'm ready. It would be ideal because I am struggling to lose 30lbs and have been for 2 years now. So clearly I'm on the fence about this one. I've been trying a lot of new recipes and I'd like to continue with that. At the end of each month I will make at least 2 meals per week for the next month that can be frozen and then thrown in the crock pot. Basically I want to change my relationship with food. Start using food for fuel rather than fun.

    As a family I would like us to get this house organized and renovated. There is a lot of work but it needs to be done before we can start looking for a new home. I need to focus on the organizing and dan the renovating. My business slogan is "a clean space makes a free mind" I need to stop preaching and start living by this.

    I have a lot of goals and ambitions, it's basically a lifestyle change. Time to grow up and start living like an adult. When and how in the hell did I become a grown up!?
    And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~Nietzsche
  • Zooy
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    Get the house cleaned up and organized.

    Lose the baby weight and get back to where I was before I had my son. I still had 50 lbs to lose at that point but I have truly gained back far too much.

    Be an amazing mom to my son.

    Take him to the Toronto Zoo for the first time.
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    I have a FREE app to recommend for reaching daily and weekly goals:

    "Goal Master"

    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ― Joseph Campbell
  • junglezoo
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    1) the obvious...lose weight. I'm about 10lbs heavier than my prebaby weight (dd9mths) but to be honest even if I don't lose weight I definitely need to tone up. I have cellulite now making its way down to my knees!
    2) in order to accomplish #1 that would mean working out regularly. I'm going to try to commit to minimum 3x a week
    3) make sure the dog gets at least 4 loooooong walks a week and not the el cheapos around the block
    4) have more sex with H
    5) cut down on my chocolate consumption
    6) try a new recipe once a month
    7) do something for me once a month
    8) enjoy my kids more....they are growing too quickly :(
    9) get ds2 potty trained
    10) motivate H to finish stuff around the house so we can sell it in the spring
    11) do something as a family once a month
    12) aim for minimum one act of kindness a week
    13) monitor my evening snacking.
    I'm going to the zoo zoo zoo. You can come too too too....
  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Lose 30lbs.


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    What sounds like thunder is a comforting voice
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    But you say it's finished"
  • RosamundiRosamundi
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    For 2013:

    Less sugar. More sex. Less snarky. More compassion. Less planning. More doing.

    I would like to go more than forty eight hours wondering if I might *actually* devour my young. >:)