Any Overachieving Potty-Trainers?
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    As some of you know, I'm going to be a surrogate next year. I've had a lot of time to think about the fact that I'm going to be pregnant almost all of next year and it occured to me that maybe I should be getting a jumpstart on potty-training. I don't know if I want to be pregnant with twins and changing diapers. But I don't know where to start.

    When DD5 was about 2.5 I was working two jobs and my babysitter got fed up and potty-trained her. So I really have zero experience, and I've heard boys are harder?

    I've looked up ideas but everyone says that the potty-training age is closer to 3 and I'm like, in 3rd world countries they have their kids potty-trained by 18 months so why can't I? DS just turned 18 months today. He was showing some interest in the potty a month or two ago so one day DH took his diaper off and sat him on the toilet. DS completely freaked out and is terrified of being naked or without a diaper now. So that threw a monkey wrench in my plans a little. Any help? I'm really starting from the beginning here.

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    It really does vary kid to kid. While I myself was apparently toilet trained at 18 months, I have 5 siblings (both older and younger), who were all trained at different ages.

    My DS8 was toilet trained between 3 and 4.

    My sister has 6 kids under 7, 5 of them boys. Here's where it gets complicating lol Her 2 eldest, currently 6 and 7, have been trained for a few years. But her next 2, aged 3 and 4 & a 1/2, are only reluctantly starting now. Her next boy, 20 months, is already showing signs.

    It's just sooo different. I was single when DS needed potty trained so I really had no idea how too teach him. But it all worked out. 

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    My mom used fruit loops in the toilet as targets, apparently my brothers and I liked to piss on them and make them move, so try that?
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    You can have kids trained at 18 months....and you can have kids trained at 4. You really can't push it. When they're ready, they're ready. And earlier training doesn't mean reliable. It just means that when it's convenient for them, they'll go on the potty. All the rest of the times, they'll just piss in their bed or carseat or where ever you can't pull over fast enough. :/
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    Yeah, what they said. Keep the lines of communication open with them about it.

    But you know my first thought? That it would be easier to have them in nappies and waddling around than to have to literally jump up every 2 seconds to bring a kid to the toilet and bend over and wipe their arse and coax and bribe and talk about shit and piss all the time.
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    I tried potty training ds while pregnant with dd it was a nightmare, he potty trained when he was good and ready. Dd was potty trained by 2.5 only after she after I heard her stopping to pee in her pull up. When they are ready, they're ready. Try not to stress about it, its not a battle worth having
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    i didnt start til 2 bc my ds5 didnt learn to walk til like 18 months,, if they can communicate with you that theyve done like poop or pee in whatever words they use you can start trying.. a gooD Way to get started is give them something to drnk and like 20min later throw them on the potty,, then rinse and repeat until they either get it or you have to commit yourself,.. i hate potty training GOOD LUCK ! 
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    I started my oldest at 9months.
    Mostly I just gushed her reaction, she was happy and smiley on the potty, so I kept up with it, made it fun with songs and books, pat-a-cake... And I made a huge cheering ordeal whenever she used it.

    My youngest is 15m and was none-too-thrilled, so I gave it a shot monthly to see how she reacted. She now doesn't have a problem with being on, so I try to set her on daily now. So far she's both peed and pooped in the potty, but has no real consistency about it.
    It's a matter of gauging the kids' willingness. If they aren't willing, don't force it.
    It'll happen sooner or later. There's no shame in this. :)
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    I don't have any advice, dd is 2 and isn't trained yet. She doesn't want to go on her lil potty, wants the big one. So fine, I sit her up there, and nothing. I know I have to work harder at it but overall she doesn't seem like she's ready maybe! I hate the pressure fr family to train her, like I'm doing something wrong or I have to catch up to so and so's kid who is trained! She's only just 2!
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    It depends on the kid really.  We potty trained Jameson when he was 20 months-ish, he did great.  Then he ended up in the hospital for a respiratory illness and everything regressed, including the potty training. He was in diapers again for a good 3 or 4 months and we tried again.. I couldn't believe how much easier it was.  One, obviously he was familiar with the process, but more importantly I think, his development had skyrocketed and he just got it better, understood more, we could have conversations and he could understand better.  I sort of wish I would have just waited until he was more ready, it was really hit or miss (literally) the first time, the second time it just clicked pretty immediately.  We did the usual, sticker chart, M&Ms for each potty, he loved the reward system which we phased out pretty quickly.  We kept him naked (pullups totally confused him) for a solid few days, sitting him or helping him stand in front of the potty (standing on our feet was about the right height).  He has never used a little potty, now he just goes over and stands and can finally *just* reach over the rim and go on his own.  We still need to work on pooping, he flat out refuses that one.. he'll bring me a pullup when he has to go lol.
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    I just potty trained 2 weeks ago, she responded well to applause and little silly dances after she went. But in the beginning I let her play with the potty, meaning flushing it, climbing up and down on it as many times as she wanted, putting tons and tons of toilet paper in there, I made the bathroom a fun place to be. After two days she was going every hour, with an accident once day. Even when took her on the plane we put a diaper on her just case and she got off every flight with a dry diaper and asked to go potty afterwards.
    But she was ready she was showing signs at 18 months and it was slow build up to her potty training.
    I potty trained my niece at 3 and 1/2 she was showing signs and I just refused to put a diaper on her and she hated being dirty, so she was potty trained in 3 days.
    Each child is different and if he isn't ready, all it's going to do is make both of you miserable. Give it some time and try again.
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    My son was potty trained before 18 months. I must credit his daycare though, they did most of the work. They did train him sitting down, apparently that's easier than standing. I wish he still sat to pee, it was so much cleaner!
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    DD used the potty seat that goes over the toilet, I was really grossed out by the idea of a potty chair. But I'm wondering if I'd be better off using a chair this time? Am I supposed to teach him to pee sitting down? It seems like that's what everyone does but I feel like that will be messier. He was walking around without a diaper and peed on the carpet and thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I thought maybe having something to pee into would inspire him, per @FoulMouthedSailor
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    @Demanda daycare and playschool really do help a lot when it comes to potty training. I think that's why my daughter self-trained at 20 months; I had a dayhome with mostly 2 and 3 yos. I would just ask her occasionally in the mornings if she'd like a diaper or panties, and finally she said panties. It was pretty much a go after that. Bladder was still tiny though...there was a lot of dashing around with a hefty kid in my arms looking for bathrooms. :/
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    My sisters and I were all potty trained by 18 months - however, this was back when there were only cloth diapers and we closely spaced age wise. Mom refused to have 2 in diapers.

    I learned the hard way not to push it with my son. When he was ready, it was a breeze. I suppose you can push him into it early, but it will be so much easier to wait for him.

    FYI - My little man was trained to pee sitting down and now sits or stands depending on his mood. It is a lot cleaner if he sits - little boys think it is fun to pee everywhere.
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    I will reiterate that it depends on the child. If they are not ready, you will make two people bonkers. Fortunately for us, DS4 wanted to be like us when he was just over 2, and he trained pretty quickly. DH did most of the work, because he thought he'd be better at it (who am I to argue something like that, lol? Go crazy guys, I'm gonna go read a magazine!) DH spent several hours in the bathroom with DS on the toilet, drinking water and reading books.

    We kept him in night time diapers for about a month after that, until he pitched a fit about putting them on at all. I thought, "ok, if he wants to wet the bed, that's his choice" but he never did. He knew at 2yrs, 3 mo that he was DONE.

    We did get a toddler seat for the regular toilet, one that is a slow closer and is attatched to the regular seat. DS likes to feel he is just like the rest of us. He had seen both of us on a toilet and knew *we* didn't wear diapers, plus we all (parents and grandparents) spoke freely of how we get regular underwear and he could have them too, so that was an incentive as well.

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    My ds was 22months when he first showed interest however my dd8mths was a newborn then so I never fully committed to it...only at bath time but at daycare he saw the bigger kids going. Then we went on vacation at the end of august and I didn't bring the potty and by the time we got home he had lost interest plus all the bigger kids in daycare got moved to the preschool room. Long story short I thought I would try again about a month ago (ds is now 28months). I tried big boy underwear and treats and stickers reward system. He would sit on the potty for a while and then decide he was done and then proceed to pee on my carpet. I lost my shit on him twice for that same reason :blush: and feel bad for yelling at him bc he really didn't know better as he's only 2. Needless to say he has not wanted to use the potty since and I don't blame him. I ask him about a dozen times a week and his response is "not this time Momma". I figure he's not going to go to university in a diaper so it will happen eventually.

    My sister got her oldest boy trained fully just before he turned 4 and her youngest boy just turned 3 in may and was only fully trained by the end of October.
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