have a question.
  • Cyny73730
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    Ok I have question my sd6 is with us for christnas but her mom and obviously my dh are fucking stupid like I mentioned she is 6 and still sucking on a damn bottle and cant talk good my dd is 3 and talks alot better then she does. Any ways my question is how do I make my dh relize that her throwinh fits in the store over toys and him giving in that it is not right when he tells the otherb kids no the main ones that I worry abbout are my three and fout year old when he buys her thibgs for throwing a fit my kids think they can do the same thing and he gets on to them what do I say tobhim?
  • undercoverbanana
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    that's going to be a tough thing.....you are really dealing with his guilt, and some denial. I would deal with the gift situation..unfair is unfair. period.the rest is going to be hard for him to deny If he sees them all together. but you have to let him see it for himself and bring it up to you. Been there.
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