My Children are a shamed of me !
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    I am the heaviest i have ever been ! Almost 300lbs. I am addicted to food. But I have no will power to stop eating ! And I have 3 kids 9 yr old twins & a 2 yr old, So I am so wore out and busy that i can't exercise. When I do have free time exercise is the last thing i want to do. And I think my twins are a shamed to of me, they go to a school were it seems all the mom's are super mom's, at 6 in the morning they are dropping their kids off, make up on, hair done, wth its 6 in the morning i am lucky if i get out of my pj's before taking them to school. i need help before i am so fat i can't get out of bed !
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    There is no way I would be out of bed and dressed at 6 am either ! I don't wear makeup at all. I need to exercise too but when ? Like you I don't want to do it with the little free time I get ! So I can't help you there. So I will just send hugs. A friend of mine said this " I am I'm shape , round is a shape ! " that's me too !
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    The twig figure its over rated... Be happy with yourself, nothing will ever change if you don't.
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    Are you on MFP? We could buddy up if you want an accountability partner.
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    There's no way I would be outta pjs with makeup either! And I agree exercise is the last thing you want to do but once you get started it feels great. It's just so darn hard to start.
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    What if you commit to getting up earlier than normal one day a week and did your hair and makeup? After awhile you could do two then three days. On the days you're doing your hair and makeup you could also pop in a work out video and do just 30 minutes a day. Definitely just a suggestion. I'm overweight too and I'm not sure I'd wanna get up early lol but if its the only time you have try it for a week and see how you feel.
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    I'm lucky if I'm out of my pj' by 6pm!
    Then it's so late already there's no point putting any "real" clothes on..
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    Oh, and no matter what you are like, kids will always be embarrassed by their parents. It's their duty I quess..

    If you want to lose weight, make small changes. Don't try to change everything at once.

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    I agree with @mamafin - small changes.

    I don't wear makeup when I drop off the kids at school. I don't dress like a professional, but I'm not in PJs. I found a space that feels comfortable for me, and that's where I'm at.

    Starting to exercise is the hard part, but a little bit of moderate exercise won't drain your energy levels, it will boost them. Please don't beat yourself up. And, you don't have to hate your body as it is now to make changes. I love my body for what it's done for me, and exercising a bit is good for my body and will help me move through my days with more ease.

    Like @Beachy mentioned, there are a number of scaries on my fitness pal. I think there's still a FB group related to weight loss support.
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    Nine years old? hon, everything at that age is embarrassing. If you were a super model, they would be embarrassed that you were so tall. I ended up in a ton of trouble when my son was nine and ten because he thought turning in absence notes was embarrassing. So he had a bunch of unexcused absences. Kids that age are so ridiculously self conscious over the weirdest damn things. They will grow out of it.....but really, no matter what you do for the next year and a half, it will be embarassing to them. kids that age are just weird. I promise.
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    I was thinking exactly what @Mamafin said. Make small changes and continuously push your boundaries. From now on make a pledge to yourself and to your twins, no more pj's at school. I'm being as honest and gentle as possible but pj's at school is not cool :( I can see why that would upset them. Even if it's just yoga pants at first that's a huge improvement! Some other small changes you can make that will add up...

    Drink a cold glass of water before you put anything in your body, ANYTHING!

    Walk anywhere that will take you 15 minutes or less to get there, corner store, the kids' school, the park, etc

    If you watch tv find a commercial work out. There are tons of workouts you can do on commercials instead of sitting there mindlessly being sucked into consumerism.

    Put on music. If you're anything like me music will make you dance, it just happens! Put it on while you do dishes or other chores, shake your booty while you fold laundry, wiggle your hips while you do dishes.

    Switch from dinner being your biggest meal to breakfast being your biggest meal. You don't have to change what you eat just how much. Eat what you wouldregularly eat for breakfast, a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, some toast or eggs, but add to it. Add a yogurt or some fruit, even a smoothie. Then eat off the small plates at dinner instead of a dinner plate.

    I hope these help a bit. I'm really struggling to lose the last of my baby weight and I had iz over two years ago! It's tough work :c
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    Blessing love hugs
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    I completley understand. I am guilty of PJ's and running make up at drop off... and pick ukp on an accassion or two. My biggest success at weight loss was on weight watchers, but that was before I got preggers with my now 7 month old. Unwed to get healthier. Can you talk to your dh and see if at the end of the day u can get away for a walk? Hug honey. We are a community full of support, pm me and well be accountability partners if u want.
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    Thanks everyone for the support, I am going to try to do a little at a far as the mornings go, i don't get outta the car at the kids school lol .. i live where its very cold so the winter might be a little hard to walk but when its not -0 below outside i will try to at least walk a little. but i am going to cut soda and sweets outta my diet and go from there. i will keep everyone up dated on my struggle to weight loss
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    @Lucky4me_3 sometimes all it takes is a little love and encouragement. Hearing that you are worth the effort is the best kick in the ass. We'll be here to help every step of the way!
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    @undercoverbanana is right. If it wasn't your weight, they'd be embarassed about something else. Hell, when she was a tween, Billy Joel's daughter Alexa used to beg him not to sing when people asked because apparently that was the most embarrassing thing ever in the history of the world. So you could be the most perfect woman on earth and your kids would still be embarrassed. That's just what kids do.
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    @undercoverbanana is the mother of pure wisdom!
    She is right 9yrs old kids are embarrassed by everything you do say or wear.
    I should know I got one of those demons too.
    How about starting with some vitamins like b12 complex it gives yous little jump in your step.
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    and if they think you have to be all made up, and done up in the morning, maybe they should pay you extra......oh, wait.....they don't pay you at all, do they? tell them to suck it up or you will hug and kiss them in front of all their friends everyday.
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    @Lucky4me_3 Are you wearing colored contacts in your profile picture? Those are some green eyes.

    As far as the weight loss goes, don't sub diet soda for regular. Diet soda makes you hungry in my experience. What I've had the most luck with is low carb.
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    If all you do is cut out all calorie containing drinks (soda/juice/milk etc) with the obvious exception of will lose a great deal of weight. Drinking calories is a huge issue. 

    Also, I think you kick ass for taking the biggest step of admitting you have a problem, and facing it head on. That is awesome and amazing, and you've ALREADY succeeded in many ways. Becoming healthier is setting a great example for your kids!!!! 
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    It definitely takes courage to admit you have a problem and ask for help, so that's a BIG step in the right direction! In my experience, willpower is just like any other muscle... you have to have to work at it and build it up. The more you you say NO to unhealthy choices the easier it will be to stay away from it. One thing I'm doing around my house (with my girls AND with myself) is getting rid of the words "I can't" - you CAN and WILL do anything that you put your mind to!

    For me, I had to pretty much hit an emotional "rockbottom" before I started to focus on taking care of ME, and honestly - working out was like my therapy. I wrote a blog post about it here if you'd like to read. Whatever physical activity you decide to do will release endorphins and you'll just start feeling good!  Honestly, fitness is really more of a mental game... you have to psych yourself up to get started. Focus on where you want to go, how will you feel once you lose the extra pounds? How is that going to change your life, your kids lives? Think of all the activities you'll be able to do with them and how much fun you'll have!  Give yourself enough positive reasons to just go for it and do it!

    Is change going to happen overnight and are you going to see immediate results? Nooo.. BUT, you have power to DECIDE that you will make a change and start! If you happen to have negative people in your life that tell you that you can't do it, or that you don't "need" to - tune it out and surround yourself with those who will lift you higher! 

    I definitely agree with everyone's suggestions - start small. Make water your best friend! Squeeze some lime/lemon to make it interesting - not only that but it also helps in weight loss as it promotes digestion, cleanses the liver, and may also help you stabilize your blood sugar! ;)  When I first started my fitness journey, I focused on portion control. I would bust out the measuring cups and measured my rice, my pasta, etc... the more colorful you make your plate, the better! Also, look for healthier alternatives to food you already love so you don't feel like you're depriving yourself of anything. Ex: If you love french fries, I found an awesome recipe for baked french fries that I would make for us. Get into the mindset that this will be a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

    I made it through my fitness program with the help of my coach and support team, and now I do the same for other people! We start monthly fitness challenges where we not only focus on a physical transformation - but the MENTAL transformation as well.  Something that you do not want to skip is personal development. I know it may sound crazy at first, but the more your philosophy changes & the way that you talk to yourself changes the more you will accomplish!

    You deserve to be happy and believe me your kids are not ashamed because of your weight. I have a 13 year old who cringes when I start singing and dancing in our car rides and who is embarrassed if I even try public displays of affection, I think most kids do that! LOL.  Be confident with yourself and who you are and take those steps to a happier and healthier you!  This year is just beginning, make it the BEST year of your life! Think about the person you want to and will be this time next year!

    Feel free to message me if there's anything I could do for you or if you want more info on my fitness challenge groups, I have an awesome support group on FB - we're all about living a healthier lifestyle. My bad about the long comment, I kind of get carried away and a little passionate about this! LOL. :)
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    I crave sweets too and can't turn them down.  It does help if I don't buy them.  That way they won't be in the house calling my name.

    I do have various "dessert" snacks.. but I try to find one that the family likes, but I don't.

    That is not much in the way of tips.... just a little add on to the great posts so far.
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