Potty training during sleep.
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    So dd is potty trained when awake, and her nap time. She does have problems during the night which is understandable, little bladder, very new to potty training, ect...
    My question is do I even try to train her right now for night time? Or wait till she is consistently waking up with dry diapers?
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    I don't think you can potty train at night. I don't see the harm in them wearing nappies at night til whatever age if they can't hold it. Just the same as regular potty training, it's a developmental thing and you can't rush them.
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    I didn't night time train either. I used overnight pull ups. Dd3 was dry right away so after the pack was empty I didn't buy anymore. When ds5 started washing up dry I started asking pull UPS or underwear it took about a week and he chose underpants
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    My DS heck all three of my kids did things backwards ! Nighttime wetting is rare ! ( I say with a sleeping boy in big boy pants next to me , praying he doesn't decide to
    Pee on me ! Lol) the daytime dry is harder for them. DS 5 is just now getting it ! But dry all night ! Last night I got him to pee before bed and we will get him to pee as soon as he wakes up. I know my kids are ODD ! Their cousin was still wearing a pull up at night when we visited them this summer and they are the same age. When I worked at a summer camp we had a set time to wake the younger campers to go potty. It was a camp for 6 -12. Some mature for their age 5 year olds and some immature for their age 13 year olds.
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    I haven't night trained yet, and I think I missed my window. I think my son is capable of being dry through the night, but he is used to the nappy at night now. He is 3.5, so I'm hoping that by the time he is 4 he might want to try being dry all night. I'm not pushing it though. Sooner or later it will come up in school and he will want to get rid of them I imagine. I hope lol
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  • SasafrasSasafras
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    So is it something you can train? Or something you restrict fluids and hope for the best?
  • RDunhamRDunham
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    I used overnight pullups, and after he had consistently woken up with that dry I did undies with a towel under him just in case lol.
  • AlbertaMomAlbertaMom
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    We restrict fluids after dinner time. She gets a small glass (like 3-4 oz) before her bedtime story and then we make her use the washroom.
    Without fail if she begs for a glass of milk and we give in she wets.
    She is 3.5.
    A while back she wet every night for a week and I finally got fed up and put her in a pullup for the night. She hated it and hasn't done it since.
  • LittleTalksLittleTalks
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    Just to add I have a plastic sheet on dds mattress under her regular sheet since she has no nappy on for naps. My sister didn't get one and her dds mattress is totally ruined (plus I think that's pretty gross).
  • pennypenny
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    For nighttime, you really just have to wait it out. When she starts waking up dry (or waking up on her own to pee), you can talk about transitioning. Just put her in a diaper or pull up for overnight and let her wear her big girl panties during the day.
  • BnG43BnG43
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    I only gave my kids a sip of water after brushing their teeth. Nothing else after their drink w/dinner. They never wet the bed at night. I know mine aren't the norm though. I have two or three friends w/older kids who wet the bed at 5+ yrs old.
  • ChibikoChibiko
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    Dd4 still used pullpus at night. She has am accident 2ish times a week. DS was suddenly potty traine at might when he was 5. I think all kiddos are different.
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  • TruthandjusticeTruthandjustice
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    Mind you, my kid is an older teen now and I am sure things have changed, but what I did for a couple of weeks was put him to bed at his regular time (about 8:30PM), then I would wake him up at 11:00PM to use the bathroom. Eventually, he woke up and went to the bathroom on his own around that time. He had occasional accidents, but not many. 
  • inthemomlight
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    How old is she?  If she is still 2, I would just keep her in diapers at night.  Once my son was close to 3 (just turned 3 yesterday!), it was like his bladder would magically hold it, and he even refuses diapers at night.  He does have an occasional accident about 5 in the am though, but he won't let me put a pull up or diaper on so I think I'm going to get some of those disposable bed mats.
  • ang171717
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    You can use a bell and pad system if she's a little bit older. It's a behavioral training system. A pad goes under the child and the bell goes off at the first indication of wetness. It trains the child to wake up from sleep when they need to urinate.

  • Policemans_wifePolicemans_wife
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    With my kids I would pick them up out of their beds when I was going to bed and carry them to the toilet, pull the undies and PJ's down and sit them on for a minute, More often then not they'd do a little wee, and I'd then fix up their clothes and carry them back to bed. When I was training No 1 I was pregnant with No 2 and so when I had to get up in the night to pee, I'd do the same thing, and when I was training no 2 I was pregnant with no 3 so I did the same again. 
    I never had them in night time nappies or pull up, just went straight to underwear. We also limited drinks before bed.
    My kids were 3, 2 1/2 and 2 1/4 when they were fully trained. You don't say how old your daughter is... they may have some bearing on it.
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    Ds day trained and nightrained all at once and has never wet the bed since then.

    Dd on the otherhand is 6 and still wets the bed several times a week! We tried restricting fluids, waking her several times a night, using the bed pads and sending her to bed in panties hoping the wetness would wake her. Nothing worked! I asked the pediatrician and was basically told there is no way to night train, she will get it when her body is ready. So yeah she wears pull-ups every night still.
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    I don't think it's something that can be 'trained'..but as they are learning about bladder control it just sort of happens? Definitely helps to cut out liquids an hour or two before bed time.  At first, J would wake up when he would need to potty and then eventually he just stopped. He's never had an accident, but I had him in pullups for a good month of dry nights before I took the underwear leap!  If he's had a lot to drink, he will still occasionally wake at night to potty (which is why I have been up since 4:30 am ..).
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    I tried waking my ds5 at night to train and it was frustrating for both of us. It was a toss up if he would wet the bed even when I woke him up. We restricted fluids, he goes before laying down and it was still random when he would wet the bed. Finally, I put him back in the pullups and I talk to him at night about listening to his body - I don't make a big deal if he is wet in the morning and slowly but surely - his body is catching on. A pack of 21 pullups can last me 2 months.
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