Healthy brownbag lunch ideas?
  • nessamommynessamommy
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    I'm starting up my new semester in a week. I've finally decided I'm sick and tired of being unhealthy, so I've signed up for the gym use, yay! I've been trying to search online for healthy lunches/ snacks that I can take with me for after class, and before working out so that I can do it right and not do the no lunch thing I did last semester (which usually ended in binges as soon as I got home because I was starved!)
    Anyone have any good brownbag ideas? Remember, I'll be taking this with me to school, so no refrigerator, but they do have a microwave for student use.
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  • BeachyBeachy
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    Just to cart around is oatmeal, Starbucks makes a great oatmeal container, just put the oats and water in it and you are good to go later. Also string cheese is great after a few hours, slip one into your lunch and hours later it's yummy and warm.
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  • pennypenny
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    You can get a small insulated bag and a couple of those slim cold packs to carry around as well. That will allow you to take hummus and veggies, yogurt, etc. to snack on and keep you full and healthy.
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    You can get single serving (.25 cup) hummis at Sam's club, and hard boiled eggs are good too if u like them. Also almonds are a healthy high protien snack with no mess.
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    If you decide to do the insulated bag and cold packs, I'd try chicken salad! While not a traditionally healthy food, I read a while back to make it better for you by mixing it with guacamole instead of mayo. I tried this last week and it was totally yummy! I used premade guacamole from the grocery store and it stayed fresh (didn't turn all brown and yucky) by the time lunch rolled around. It's good on bread, wraps, or green salad (you don't even need dressing since it's so creamy!)


  • shate98shate98
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    avocado- preslice into halves but leave the pit in and put back together and then in a baggie. It won't turn.

    yogurt. I get the kind with granola to fill me up more.

    apples with peanut butter

    roasted vegetables- I roast a big batch of potatoes, onions, carrots and broccoli with a little bit of garlic and olive oil in the oven until they are soft.
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  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Google lettuce in mason jar , chop up romaine stuff the jar put on lid NOT SEALER yet use a Food Saver to take out air , put on screw lid . Stays fresh for 9 days just grab and go . add some cut up vegies in a ziplock and portion some dressing , grab n go