Using a Kindle Fire/Tablet
  • Lakegirl34
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    My husband got me a kindle fire for Christmas. I had the regular kindle before it and I was actually happier with it. I just find it easier to use my phone to check FB, read SM or search the Internet. The fire is pretty, but it's heavy and harder to keep out of toddler hands. I feel guilty I don't use it more. Anyone else struggle to make the adjustment from phone to tablet? Any success stories?
  • Mommyliciousx4Mommyliciousx4
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    Dh bought me a tablet for Christmas.
    I'm so use to using my phone right now I almost forget I have the tablet.
    I still do, but like you said, its so much bigger.
    I downloaded a bunch of games on it for the kiddos as a way to hush them of keep them busy when they are bored.
    It will be going w me n the kiddos to the last few drs appts I have.
  • StarsStars
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    I moved from an iPhone to a fire and now I have an iPad. I love the fire for a bigger screen because I can read without my glasses. :D but seriously there are advantages gaming is more fun and then of course watching Netflix or Hulu is much easier. Just a few things I like about the fire. Now I LOVE my iPad because its just a big iPhone :)

  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    I still love my kindle for reading but after a week of denial, I started using the fire a lot for the rest of the stuff, Netflix specially but also internet and games. Give it a chance and lower the brightness and use headphones to keep the toddler away from it.
    Now I like Nexus 7 better though.
  • Lakegirl34
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    @mommylicious4 I was thinking it would be good for entertaining him if we go out to eat or like you said dr appt's and at the hospital after lo gets here

    @stars the IPad makes me drool and I think it would be easier since I'm used the IPhone

    @organicbaby I will try those suggestions and keep an open mind!
  • Mommyliciousx4Mommyliciousx4
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    @Lakegirl34 It reall works here! I downloaded a coloring book app, angry birds, some food game where you choose a food and feed it to a smiley face, cake and cookie bake, and we have Toddler Lock on our phones.
    All free apps.
  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    One day I'll own one. Lol.
  • Luvlyssa
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    I adore my fire... I thought I wouldn't love it as much as I do but I LOVE it. I want to have kindle fire babies.

    except with sm. I have major fire/sm issues. and that annoys me but oh well. 
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  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I LOVE my kindle fire!! I don't have a fancy smartphone to compare it to, but I use my fire for everything!! I very rarely touch our new laptop because the fire is so much more convenient. I can lay in bed and play on the internet or read a book. When you read a book, you can adjust the lighting or even change the background color, so it's how you like it. My sister likes the black background with white words, but I can't stand it, so luckily there are other options! I think if you give it a chance and start playing around with it, you will start to really like it. Yes, it's slightly on the heavy side, but it doesn't bother me at all anymore. I have to keep it out of sight or else ds2 thinks it's his turn to play!
  • theprincessmommytheprincessmommy
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    My dad bought me a tablet for my birthday on Sunday. I haven't put this bitch down since I got it lol. You should try to personalize it make it more practical for every day use. I loaded up on of the screens with the fly lady app timers Calender organizer etc. Another is news, Reddit, weather. Another is kitchen stuff, it makes it mine and fun to use. Good luck.
  • Lakegirl34
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    I haven't picked it back up since I posted this; but after reading your all's post I am a little more excited to explore the apps and get familiar with it! Thanks, and I'll keep you posted!
  • mamaofboysmamaofboys
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    @lakegirl34 Amazon offers a free app each day to download. I've gotten some of the best kid ones that way. I think I have more apps for them then I do for myself! I did have to lock mine because DS5 reset the thing twice and I had to reload everything.
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  • Mommyliciousx4Mommyliciousx4
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    Fyi.........mine saved my ass today. Lol
    Non stress test today and I had ds4 n dd3 with me.
    Packed snacks helped too.
  • I love my Kindle is the best of both world's as far as e-reader and tablet. I watch movies and read books. I have tons of the kids apps on there too. It does take some getting use to with the size. I had  a Kobo reader before but it took time to get used to. Just explore whats on there and you will get the hang of it.
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    I love my Kindle fire too. Dh finally talked me into getting an andriod phone a few months ago and I've been on SM on it a few times but I honestly could not imagine watching Netflix on a screen that little. Then again I have bad eyesight so that has a lot to do with it as well. We got dd3 her own tablet so she would quit taking my Kindle.
  • RedTiger
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    Also my stepmom told me about an app called Kindle Buffet where you can get free books.

    @mamaofboys Kindle's child lock is a joke. Kids still have access to the setting and can still reset device as I learned the hard way (thank God for the Cloud). Now I use a child lock app called Kids Place and it works much better.