Trumpet for beginners?
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    So we will have a tiny bit of a tax return and I want to get dh some trumpet lessons.. First off have to find a free trumpet somewhere. Was wondering about trumpets, are cleaning and parts expensive? Do you have to have a mouthpiece, those expensive? Just some beginner type questions. I feel doing something like this will make him happy and he has no other hobbies. He's hinted at it, and I wanna do it to make him happy. So any trumpeteers out there lend me a fellow help with questions. Is there any good type beginner trumpets or does it not matter? Need to find him a super cheap or free one.

    Thanks wonderful ladies.

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    Craigslist is a great place to find cheap instruments. Free might be a little tricky, though. If you know of anyone whose kid tried trumpet for awhile, they might still have it sitting around. Maybe contact some of the local band directors in your area? They might have leads on the instrument and the lessons.

    And ear plugs. Lots of em.
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    Just want to say you  are a brave mama- have you ever heard a beginner trumpet player? Buy LOTS of earplugs!!!
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    they make beginners mouth pieces. cleaning kits are fairly cheap and last forever, one bottle of oil will last for years to grease up the valves. might wanna invest in a mute for it! save your ears! its a thingy that goes on the end to soften the sound. Good luck finding a trumpet for him! You might also check out rentals, that way if he hates it or gives up quick your not stuck with it
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    I used to play the trumpet. I'll ask the parents if they still have mine. If so, it's yours.

    Just in case they don't, go to a music store and rent one. It's about $20 per month and it usually comes with everything (mouth piece, valve oil, etc). I'll let you know later today.
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    Pawn shops often have relatively cheap used instruments.
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    I played trombone from fourth grade through college.  I agree with @newbi and @rosamundi.  I would try the rental route or any other suggestions from the music teacher or band director.

    If this lasts and your DS plays in the more intermediate and "concert" band in the school district, you'll probably need to invest in some mutes.  The two that are standard are the straight and cup.  Some players also get the Harmon which creates a very distinct sound you will instantly recognize from a lot of movie and TV soundtracks.

    In the meantime, ask about a "practice mute."  This mute truly deadens the sound yet still enables one to practice technique.  This is what enables someone to practice at home without disturbing others.  He won't want to use it all the time because part of learning an instrument at this early stage involves developing a tone.