Hysterectomy--Hows the sex afterwards?
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    I had a hysterectomy (I still have my ovaries) in October. ..and I avoid sex like its the plague!  Has anyone else had a hysterectomy?  Whats sex like for ya? My husband will probably praise you if you give me some good hints!  ^:)^
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  • It is soooo much better afterwards. I was in a ton of pain every time we did the deed before I had it. They took everything from me though. You have well surpassed the healing time---go for it. Have some fun! :)
  • WillileeWillilee
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    I should have done it years ago. You should be good to go by now - there wasn't any difference as far as I could tell!
  • Quilting_grandmaQuilting_grandma
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    I agree easy to get back to it after 6 weeks, think its better esp since no more men's trial cycle to interrupt :-)
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    For those of you who had ovaries removed too...how bad was the hormone crash? I am just so fucking done having periods, cramps, ovulation for no reason (DH had the V years ago), mood swings, heebie jeebies, etc. My entire month feels like it's just one big fucking mess and I am really SO FUCKING TIRED of it. But I'm 42 and in perimenopause. My mom went a bit loopy (or a lot loopy) after her total hysterectomy and she was past menopause--or so she thought. She was really a bitch after. FWIW I do not plan on doing hormone replacement whatsoever, only natural supplements.
  • @TheHeadacheslayer They took it alllll from me. I was on hormones at first, but they gave me severe migraines. I really think how somebody reacts as far as mood swings etc are concerned, is just in their general personality. I don't and have never suffered the menopause monster bitchiness. I'm no more, or less of a bitch than I was when I had it done at 21. Just a lot happier than I was then since I'm no longer in that constant pain.
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    My best friend had a total hysterectomy..her dr also did some work to "tighten up her floor" .
    She said she feels like she is brushed at the opening of her vigina and it hurts every time she tries to have sex. She can have an orgasm with oral sex and masterbating but cannot insert anything...
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    It sucks for about six months while the nerves heal. The hard pärt is figuring out what feels good afterwards, because things äre different, and you may not like what you liked before. Hell, even having a full bladder feels different than it did before.
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    I only had my uterus removed...still have my ovaries and cervix.  I feel so much better now!  Without being in pain all of time I am usually in the mood.  Sex is a little different, but better since it doesn't hurt like before my surgery.  Orgasms I have now seem to be a lot more intense then before!  So I am going to say it is better now then it had been.  I know my DH loves how much I am always wanting it now!!!  Good Luck!
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    If they didn't remove your ovaries, then you still produce all the hormones, which is a good thing, especially as far as sex.  I say go for it!
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