Does pregnancy weight gain equal big baby?
  • RagingRachRagingRach
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    Aahh I feel horrible! I'm 27 weeks and have gained 30 pounds. The doctors scales always show higher than mine at home, so I'm sure tomorrow at my appointment I'll feel even worse. I didn't even gain this much during my entire first pregnancy.

    Does gaining a lot of weight mean I'll have a big baby, or is is it unrelated?

    I've been over indulging on the junk food, especially with all the holiday treats! I took my GD test on Friday, still waiting results.
    I really want a natural birth, and am scared of this guy being huge!
  • missmama5missmama5
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    I've gained about 50 lbs and I'm 32 Weeks. My daughter isn't overweight (from what the doc has estimated). She's about 4 lbs probably.
  • squishsquish
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    I had gd so I was on a diet with DS but even before that diagnosis, I gained weight slowly. I gained 26 lbs and DS was 8lbs 3oz and a week early so I don't know of there is a correlation between weight gain and baby size.

    I know you could have a big baby if you do have gd and don't keep it in check.
  • DreamerDreamer
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    I dont think so. I gained about the same weight with each kids.  One was 7.8lbs  The other 10 11oz.. Didnt do anything different.
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  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    I gained 70 and had a 4lb baby..
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  • missmama5missmama5
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    Oh, and do remember your weight gain will likely slow down soon. I stuffed myself stupid on crap over the holidays and only gained 3 lbs.
  • MegsueMegsue
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    I wish it worked that way...but it doesn't. The weight you gain is almost all yours momma. I always used my little man as my excuse though! He was only 7lbs 4oz of my 39lbs I gained, but nobody else needed to know that! So play it up that way ;)
  • MorganD
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    I gained 40lbs with DS4...and he was only 7lbs 16oz. Sorry, chicky, but I only wish it worked like that! *hugs*
  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    I gained 60lbs with my first. 50lbs with #2 &3. They were 9lbs 9Oz, 8lbs 4oz, 9lbs 5oz
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    I gained 40lbs with my twins and they were 5lb2oz and 5lb11oz so about 11lbs of baby. But I also had a lot of water weight apparently because I was down about 30lbs when I left the hospital 2 days later and lost the other 10 plus more by my 6 week check up.

    I am currently 34w with a singleton and have only gained 4lbs. My baby girl already weighs more than that.
  • scotiamama
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    I gained 50-55lbs with my first, 12 with my second. They were 6lb 10oz and 6lb 12oz.
  • cheesehead4ever
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    Nope. Gained 40 with my first, she was 7 lb 15 oz. gained 25 with my second and she was 7 lb. 2 oz.
  • RagingRachRagingRach
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    It's definitely time to cut back the sweets! I've gained 8 pounds in the last month, I've been too afraid to step on the scale.
    My daughter was 5 lb 5 oz, and I gained almost 30 pounds total. I wouldn't be surprised if he is a little bigger, which is fine! I am afraid of a 9-10 pounder!
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    Trust me I know the fear of a big baby. They are estimating my baby girl will be between 10 and 11 pounds if I go full term! Ouch!
  • AAA08
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    I agree. I've never seen a correlation either with myself or other people I know. I gained 30 with my first, 35 with my second. This time, I've only gained about 18 lbs at just over 35 weeks, and he seems to be bigger than the other two. I don't even know what I'm doing differently this time. I started all at a healthy weight, so that's not it. I also thought I'd gain more since I am 7 years older than my first. Pregnancy is just weird.

  • Mommyliciousx4Mommyliciousx4
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    If weight gain matched up to the size of a baby, wed all be screwed I'm sure.
    I haven't gained much w this one, but I gained w his siblings.
  • Redheadedstepmom
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    I don't think there is a correlation either.  I gained 30 lbs (my DH was a pregnancy nazi and would not let me binge on junk, or chinese food.) and my DD was 8lbs 10.5 oz born by c-section at 39 weeks (low fluid frank breech baby.)  My SIL gained 72lbs and had a 7lb baby at 40 weeks.  My friend was pregnant with twins, delivered at 34 weeks, 5lbs each, and she only gained 20lbs total.
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  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    Unrelated, totally.
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    If weight gain matched up to the size of a baby, wed all be screwed I'm sure.

    Right? My SIL gained 80lbs with her first and 75 with her 2nd!!! Needless to say there were more hohos and reeses making up to that weight than baby. Lol She had 2 babies under 7lbs.
  • DiscoDeb
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    I was adamant not to gain "too much" weight with my DS. I exercised 4
    times a week, ate really healthy stuff (quinoa, salmon, spinach, the
    occasional ice cream), but then I'd gain more weight then I was supposed
    to. I went to my doc and bemoaned my situation, and he shrugged and
    said, "eh, you're growing a person." I stopped caring after that. I
    gained 45lbs, my son was 7lbs, 11oz.
  • 456Imamom
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    I gained 39lbs with my first and he was 7lbs, 8oz at 40wks and 4 days. This time I'm 35 weeks, and I've gained 39lbs already. I'm REALLY hoping it stops going up now!

    If you are 27 weeks, you are right in the middle of the time when you gain weight the fastest. You will probably slow down in rate of weight gain over the next 3 months, strangely as your baby starts to pack on the pounds. 
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    Oh hell no! I gained like 50 pounds and had a 5 pound baby!
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