*New* SMN tees for our kiddos! All proceeds benefit SMN!
  • SammieSammie
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    That's right, Scaries! 

    Petite Lemon has partnered with Scary Mommy Nation to bring you these adorable tees! They come in boy and girl versions and you can personalize them with your child's name!

    The best part? All the profits from the sale of these exclusive tees will benefit Scary Mommy Nation! 

    How much do you love these?! 



    If you'd like more information, or to order, go here. :)


  • sarabellsarabell
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    Aww! Do you also have onesies?
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    Can you get them in black and red?
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  • SammieSammie
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    @sarabell, Yes! There is a onesie option under the "style" selector. There's also onesies in the Scary Mommy Zazzle store. http://www.zazzle.com/scarymommy/gifts/

    @meandmy243, The options are just pink and blue for these tees. :)


  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    How bout a Scary Granma ? Heehee
  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    Omg I love that!!


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  • Dragonbabyx3Dragonbabyx3
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    I love this! but my boys wouldnt touch those!  If they were black and red oh yeah!  Going to get DD the pink one as soon as I have the money!!!
  • GingerLynn
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    Love this!!

  • BunnyBunny
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    I think my munchkin needs a onesie!!
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  • SalllyWingo
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    omg those greeting cards are priceless!
  • GritsGrits
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    Love love love these...I know the middle DD would wear it, but I think oldest DD thinks I'm a little touched because all my friends live in my computer. :D

    The onesie would be AWESOME!!
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  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @Gramalibby OOOOH I would totally get a "I have a Scary Granma" shirt JUST FOR YOU!!! *SMOOCH*

    AWWW they only go up to size 8 :( Shoot, my son wanted one!

    Well, I'll go thru Zazzle and get him one...I dunno about DD, she already thinks I'm crazy too @Grits

    I just wanted to do this since it was a great fundraiser for SMN. Any chance that Zazzle would participate @Sammy?
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @Dragonbabyx3 if you go to the page for Boys, they have it in blue and I think you can get it long sleeved in black.
  • SammieSammie
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    This is just a promotion through Petite Lemon. They are an awesome company doing an awesome thing for us and SMN. I don't think we've reached out to Zazzle, maybe in the future, but for now we are focused on this awesome offer from Petite Lemon. :) Thanks for the inquiry though @theheadacheslayer :)


  • missy545missy545
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    These are great!! My babies are 16 and 19 though lol don't think they would wear them.
  • BankMom
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    I swear DS19 was 16 before he could tie his shoes. I fought with him all the time but he would just tuck the laces into his shoes. DH was just saying he didn't think he could tie his shoes yet but we asked and it turns out he can lol
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  • undercoverbanana
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    my 18 YO dd would definately wear one!
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  • angrymama
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    Hey, if someone orders a shirt can you send some of the other gals the proceeds so they can buy a shirt.  Some of your most  devoted memebers are broke and would kill to wear your shirt with more pride than you could imagine.  While you are sending out the proceeds save @undercoverbanana a step and mail her a T-shirt.  That woman is a complete %100 devoted SM, goes out of her way to help others on here and makes SM her full time job...  I can't say she is not a pain in the ass sometimes but, We all still love the crazy cunt bubble. Hehe.