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    HOLY POO GUYS!!! I just found this recipe. I wish I didn't care about continuing to get healthy and eating right. I would go to the store RIGHT NOW in the middle of the day and GO HOME and MAKE THESE bad boys.

    This is not my recipe. It is directly from the above blog...gut oh good lord....sweet baby jesus


    What you’ll need for 4 large Rice Krispie Pancakes (double accordingly for more)..
    1 Cup of “Just add Water” Pancake Mix
    3/4 Cup Water
    1 1/2 Cups Rice Krispies Cereal
    1 Cup Marshmallow Fluff
    1 tbsp. Butter


    In a medium bowl mix the Pancake Batter and gently stir in the Rice Krispies, it will be thick…
    Griddle up those Pancakes like normal…
    Set them aside to relax, and gaze at how cool they look, all stuffed with Rice Krispies and stuff…
    Now..whip up what I like to call “The best part”, the Marshmallow Butter..Ohh yeahhh!
    In a microwave safe boil, or double boiler, melt the Fluff and the Butter together..stir until smooth!
    Drizzle those Pancake Treats like crazy…

    Serve them up…

    Find a comfy, quiet spot where you and that gorgeous, sticky stack can be alone…

    Dig into the BEST Pancakes EVER!  ~Enjoy!



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    o...m.....g...........  I may be eating healthy but I will gladly go a few days of strict health food if I could just get a TASTE of this!  This looks amazing and devine!  omgggg I wannnnttttttt! You are so cruel for posting this on only the 9th day of eating healthily into the new year...   ~X(  going. crazy. now.
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    I volunteer.......yep.....will make some for saturday morning and report back.....yep, some one has to take one for the team. Who am I kidding, my fat ass isn't sticking to shit!!!!
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    your one suave bitch you are @SchweddyBalls ... Oh if only I had your commitment :P
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    Nom nom nom
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    @dragonbabyX3 I want them, too. SO MUCH! I posted them on FB, Twitter, and here. But...they are WAY OUT of reach for me right now. I just got into a size 14 pants this morning...I don't want to jump back up. 

    @schweddyballs you are so sweet to offer to take one for the team : )


    Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. -- Helen Keller
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    @LesboMom woohoo congrats!!! Keep it up!!
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    I just had a heart attack reading the title... I'd be in a coma if I ate it.
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    Good grief. Someone found a way to cram even more carbs in a pancake.

    Congrats @LesboMom!! =D> Good job!
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    Oh my oh my there goes my pre diabetic diet , just a small taste
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    made these tonight for dinner; everyone liked them. the butter gets a little too sweet, but it was a nice change from regular pancakes.
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    And Rice Krispy Treats........?


    SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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