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    Ok, so there's not a category for theatre/musicals....

    But I am SO excited--I'm going to see Wicked for the very first time in ELEVEN days!! AND since we got our tickets ages ago, we snagged like 7th row center!!


    I have the original cast soundtrack (I need to start playing that 24/7). I've read the book (though I know they are VASTLY different....and it's been a while...I need to read the series)

    My sister in Texas took my mom to see it when she visited; it was one of the traveling casts--and she won a cast-autographed poster for me! I need to hang that up but I'm going to embellish the frame with little crystal balls and flying monkeys ;)

    I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! I haven't been to a musical for years....last one I saw was Lion King (which is like my favorite EVER). Last time I had great seats, gosh I don't even think DS was born....DH and I saw Les Mis (I so neeeeeeeed to go see the movie)

    I'm trying to plan my whole wardrobe, I even have Wicked-inspired Indie nail polish :D I collect charm bracelets so if they don't have one there I will have to find one!  I may try to get a few photos incognito from my phone to share ;) And maybe we will try to get behind the theatre to snag some of the cast for autographs!

    I feel like Cinderella going to the ball ;)
  • RosamundiRosamundi
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    I am SOOOO excited for you! I've never seen it either, and it looks wonderful! I'm glad you have something awesome to look forward to and to be excited about! <3
  • WabiSabiLife
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    YAAAAAAY!!! I saw it a few years ago (in NYC, but not original cast), and it was fantastic! I was actually moved to tears durring "Defying Gravity" Yup, sitting in theater with friend, tears streaming down my face at the magnitude of the scene and the lyrics of the song. Freaking. Fan. Tastic.
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @Wabisabilife that was me at Lion King.....the music alone can make me sob. I was pregnant with DD when the movie Lion King came out. So it has always been very special to me. I even had music on in the hospital and I'm pretty sure Circle of Life was playing as she came into this world :)
  • OpheliaOphelia
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    I'm sooo excited for you.. and kinda like that lucky wench, I wanna go too! I just might be Elphaba's shade right now. Hope you have a great time, you deserve it!
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  • LilyByTheSeaLilyByTheSea
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    I love Wicked - I've seen it three times! Tried to get hubs to take me again for my birthday, but tickets are sold out. :(. Enjoy the show - I'm sure you'll love it!
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    I am so happy you get to go see Wicked !!! That is well , wicked !! Lol. I want to see it one day !!!
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    I went to see my first musical yesterday(Shrek).
    We loved it now were planning on seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when it opens in the summer.
    Hope you enjoy Wicked. Some friends of mine went, they said it was amazing.
  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    I saw it in the fall in Maryland - AMAZING!!!

    You are going to LOVE it!
    Mary :-)

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    @essgirl Awesome! I didn't think I'd want to see it until I heard some music from it....now it's on my list ;)

    DH and I were looking for someplace to eat before the show and I was geeking over our seats--yep, 6th row CENTER. And we found my Cast CD so I'll be listening to that later :D

    Going to be picking out my wardrobe, jewelry, polish and makeup this weekend LOL
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Jealous , dd has seen it twice , Wicked good she says,
  • wonderwomanx3
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    It is so awesome! The best way I can describe it is ... I wanted more. Whatever was going on - if 1 of the characters was singing I wanted more of that. If 2 characters were interacting I wanted more of that. You are going to LOVE it! I'm excited for you!
  • KiinuKiinu
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    I'm so excited for you!! and Jealous! I've wanted to see Wicked since High School. I love Defying Gravity and What is this Feeling. My sister and I used to sing that one together lol.
  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    That's awesome!!  I saw it a few years ago we got the money for the tickets from my parents as an anniversary gift.  It was fantastic!  We weren't very close to the stage but I still enjoyed every minute of it and I am sure you will too.
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  • Manders15Manders15
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    I love Wicked!!! I saw it in NYC w the original Broadway cast, 21st birthday present from my parents. Absolutely amazing, you and your DH are going to have a fabulous time. :D
  • skooshkaskooshka
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    OMG!  I just saw Wicked this past Saturday!  I took my dad for Christmas.  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it!  I had great seats too.  Well worth it.  I love love love loved it!  you are going to have a blast.
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    How to describe this AMAZING night.....

    I had goosebumps after the opening number, and bawled like a baby after Defying Gravity and For Good. I mean, whole body shaking, sobbing. Yes I am a crier lol.

    You all were with me during For Good. The lyrics of that song pretty much sum up how I feel about Scary Mommy and all of you.

    I'll post some pix asap. Oh yeah and they change the stage/seating depending on what type of event is going on (opera, musical, orchestra, etc). So we didn't have 6th row center.

    WE HAD THIRD ROW DEAD CENTER!!!!!! I can't even describe the thrill of being THAT CLOSE. The whole world, for the most part, went away. I only vaguely remember holding DH's hand a few times--I know that sounds awful but in a way it was nice to just detatch from everything and just BE in Oz.

    More later....
  • LesboMomLesboMom
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    So glad you had a great night!!!


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  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    @Theheadacheslayer, I'm so glad you ha an awesome night and wow, third row?  That must have been mind blowing amazing! I knew you would have a great night/  it is such a great show.  If I had the money, I'd go see it again.
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  • Manders15Manders15
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    So glad you had a wonderful time!!
  • CanadianMamaCanadianMama
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    Yay!!!!! So glad you had a great time!!! I love Wicked! It's a really great show. 


  • catzfan
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    Glad to hear good things about wicked! Going to see it on broadway in Feb! Sounds like it should be a blast!
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Oh I am so very happy , I sent u vibes of goodness today and have been thinking of u. Hugs to Noah on his B day from Grams.love/hugs to you xxoo Wicked comes to Cincinnati inMatch , sigh no xtra for me. Daughter will go her 4th time she loves it
  • Quilting_grandmaQuilting_grandma
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    Loved wicked, the first time I saw cats had seats like you described @headacheslayer it was awesome because the cast dance in the isles like ten inches from me it was so cool.... Wicked omg the music is just awesome... I have defying gravity on my iPhone ... Love that song....
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    I so love "Defying Gravity". 
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    Pix of a little of our evening ;) More later when DH uploads them from the camera.....these are from my phone (sorry not best quality!)

    We ate near the river, so nice out!

    Our "ahem" Cheese Platter with "gourmet crackers" *smh*

    You can see HOW CLOSE we are! *SQUEE*


    Zoom in on "curtain"....a map of OZ


    A HUGE mechanical dragon at the top of the stage...his eyes would glow red at times...so cool


    They were getting strict about no more photos and I wasn't brave enough to try and sneak a photo during the show (I have no flash anyway). 

    OHHHHHH but get this!! So a few years ago, my sister flew my mom out to TX to visit and took her to see Wicked. My sister entered a drawing and won a cast-autographed poster and gave it to me for my Bday. I was SO excited!

    Well I got it out (I need to get it framed) and HOLY CATS!!! OUR Elphaba and Fiyero were in the cast of their production, so I have their autographs on my poster!!! I literally SHRIEKED with glee!!! How cool is that???? *HAPPY HAPPY WICKED DANCE*

    @GramaLibby Grammy, if I could I would send you to see Wicked!!! :x

    @Catzfan you will LOVE it! I keep seeing ads for it and I want to go see it again now! I sang to some of my favorite songs from it yesterday and made myself cry again singing For Good lol.
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    No sweetie I live through you andf so happy for you , you deserve it. Just keep the pics coming. I hope you are doing well . I must call soon . I have not cause you had a lot going on . Much love
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @gramalibby Aww Grammy you can call anytime, really. And I have free long distance so if you need me to call you, just let me know. xoxo