Mommy's toys
  • twinmommy2004
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    yeah, so last night, one of my sons stumbled on one of my vibrators (he's 8). 'What's this mommy?' 
    It's mine
    "I want to know what it is"
    It is my toy.  It is for grown-ups.

    "Not fair!".

    What do you tell them?
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  • Mommyliciousx4Mommyliciousx4
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    Kiddos learned the hard way what was in my nightstand. Ty dd3!
    I told em t was mommys private adult toys.
  • MorganD
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    When my kids(all boys) mess with any of my things, I tell them that it's only for grown up girls. Luckily, I don't have any toys, so that's not a problem, but since they have an older sister (their dad's daughter), they know what stuff is 'girls' and what stuff is 'boys'. So if I tell my boys it's only for a girl, they immediately hate
  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    My son found mine and I told him it was my neck massager. He asked to use it because his neck hurt. :\">
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  • Bubandsis
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    My daughter found one of my toys one day i was morified at first trying not to laugh i kept telling her it was nothing than i finally told her daddy sucks his boogers out of his nose with it. soo embrassing
  • twinmommy2004
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    He was so insistent that I tell him exactly what it is!  And how unfair it is that I won't :)

    the secret to happiness is not getting what you want, it's wanting what you get
  • KiinuKiinu
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    Mine climbed my dresser and came out into the livingroom with a ball-gag... and then threw a huge fit when I told him it was my ball and he couldn't be playing with it. Good god.

    Tell him it's a shoe horn? lol. if he wants one for his shoes tell him it's only for lady shoes like high-heels.
  • shadylaneshadylane
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    Mine got a vibrating cock ring out of my nightstand and was wearing it as a bracelet, and took apart a mini vibrator. I just let her play with them lol it amused her for about 5 minutes. Bf saw her and was like u are twisted I just laughed. Oh well what's the harm its not like she knew what they were for, I just let her think they were toys. But if it was something that actually resembled a penis no I wouldn't have done that. Just tell him its none of his business and take it away, he doesn't have to know everything
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  • twinmommy2004
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    It sort of looks like a closed up tulip and stem.  It is metal and doesn't look like anything anatomical. 
    the secret to happiness is not getting what you want, it's wanting what you get
  • eappleeapple
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    @shadylane that's kinds gross if they're used... Even if they're washed. IMHO

    I think I would probably be really flustered and come up with the lamest lie. I like the back massager suggestion, until they want a massage. ugh I'm hiding anything like that REALLY well. I do NOT want to have this conversation lol.

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  • undercoverbanana
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    i got a little bitty one and can't even use it..................i forgot....asshole kitty is even scared of my electric toothbrush. she starts running around the house all puffed up like a halloween cat and screaming. then freaks out the puppy, and she starts baying like a hound. very distracting.
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  • GPAMomGPAMom
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    I may or may not have found our 3 year old singing into something as if it were a microphone. It most definitely was NOT a microphone.
  • 123
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    hahaha my DS found mine a few months ago, i had intended on using it but then he woke up so i forgot about it on the bed.. he was only about 8 months old so I didn't have to answer any questions.. he loved it soo much I felt bad for taking it away, honestly
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  • Mama07Of10Three11Mama07Of10Three11
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    My DD found mine a few years ago. Brought it to me and said, "Darn pen is broke".  Apparently, she thought it was like her Aunt's vibrating ink pen.
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  • mamaofboysmamaofboys
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    DH thought he'd be "cute" and leave a toy in the bathroom for me as a surprise. He sure surprised me as DS went in there before me and brought it out asking what it was. I was mortified, grabbed it away from him and told him it must be his dad's. Never want to have that conversation again.
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