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    Eeeeeekkkkk! :)

  • ChibikoChibiko
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    YAY!  SO fucking excited!!!!!
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    Woo hoo!!! Wtg jill!
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    I love that! I can't wait!



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    Love it!! YAY!! So exciting :D


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    Whoo Hoo! Yay for you :D
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    YAY!!!  Congratulations and so proud of you!
    Mary :-)

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    YAY!!!!! you did it! 
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    Sooooo Yeeaahh..... totally pre-ordered already....
    :D @ScaryMommy
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  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    Sooooo Yeeaahh..... totally pre-ordered already....
    :D @ScaryMommy

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    Congrats @ScaryMommy!
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    Woooohoooooooo so happy!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
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    happy happy happy dance!!!! (wiggle wiggle jiggle shake!)
  • Yay!! fabulous!! :)
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    Ooh, the release date is my birthday! Wishlist, here I come!
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    Awesome!! Need to read the first. Hopefully a library has it! I can't afford books.
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    Go @ScaryMommy !! And feel free to you know, come to Australia on your book tour :D I have a spare room!
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    @Dovahkiin Australia? NOTED!!!
  • DovahkiinDovahkiin
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    Woohoo! :D
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    Congratulations, Mazel tov!
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    Impressed , you will go far with this one. Again , Columbus Ohio
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    WOOOO! Can't wait to read it!! Congrats Jill!!
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    On pins and needles here!
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    My beach is still Sandy....
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    Just pre-ordered mine on my Nook! Can't wait!!!
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  • Just preordered mine on my kindle.....thank you so much :) you are an awesome person!
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    @scarymommy are you going to do the audio book again? what will be the release date on that? I absolutely loved listening to the last one with your inflection and everything so I will probably get the audio book of this one too. CAN'T WAIT!
  • ScaryMommyScaryMommy
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    @theprincessmommy I'm not sure, but will keep you posted! And I'm really glad my voice didn't drive you crazy - I couldn't even listen!!
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    CONGRATULATIONS @ScaryMommy!!! Couldn't happen to a nicer person Jill :)  <:-P

    I just pre-ordered 3 copies :D
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    i'm nekkid.
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    YAY!!! I can't wait for it to come out!

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    <:-P =D> <:-P
  • BookMum
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    HOUSTON or Dallas Jill!!!
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    @scaryMommy Oh PLEASE come to Augusta GA this time!!!!

    (Also, there's a funny typo in the Category title. lol)
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  • ImWendyImWendy
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    Oh! And for the record, even one of the most popular news anchors here reads you. :)
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    @ImWendy Eeeek, that's all fucked up. No idea how to fix that. Yikes!

    And awesome about the anchor -- that would be fun to come!!