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    It's Girl Scout Cookie time!!!!

    At least in my area it is. I am a leader of a troop of 16 girls. Are there any other leaders or mamas out there that have some unique or unusual selling techniques. My girls are Brownies so age appropriate techniques. Being a leader I am able to have all the extra cookies on hand....lucky me!

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    oh, hubs always gets suckered. those little girls are like walk to the grocery store, and BAM!!!! they gotcha. i will buy one box, he will buy a box from every single one he sees.
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    drool.....looks like Im going girl scout hunting 
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    I thought it was Tool Time.

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    They were in saladworks selling them last year.. I thought I was being healthyish getting a salad and sonofabitchtheretheyare! I cannot pass up caramel delights no matter how hard I try.. oh and the lemon ones.. drool..
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    Curious said:

    I thought it was Tool Time.


    Bahahaha!! I heard Heidi when I read the title to the thread! Fully expected a Tool Time or Home Improvement thread lol
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  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    Lol! Tool Time!

    I always sing "its girl scout cookie time" to the peanut butter jell song! Lol! It's our Jingle.

  • SchweddyBallsSchweddyBalls
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    I was torn between "T-SHIIIIIIRT TIME" and SpongeBob SquarePants.......
    I need to get out more.......le sigh........
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    Girl Scouts too young to taco punch? Because I got some serious attitude last year when I said NO a couple of times
  • GingerLynn
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    I ordered 4 boxes yesturday.So much for my weight loss lol
  • Chocoholic
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    I hate this time of year. I get slammed with requests- my colleagues email out to the ENTIRE school asking us to buy from their kids, plus they are in front of the super market, AND at the park- how you gonna set up at the PARK in front of kiddos, and force every mom there to say no!?!?

    I do say no offense but I think the cookies suck.
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    You want sucky GS cookies? Come to NZ! They are horrid! Only 2 flavours (maybe 3, not sure) but they are GROSS! I refuse to buy any. Yuk, yuk, yuk
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  • Chocoholic
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    @aloneoverseas I will take pretty much ANY excuse to come to NZ, it's one of my top "places to visit". Even with sucky girl scout cookies ;)
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  • Thorne
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    I was gonna go with "its time for lunch" but I watch an obscene ammount of Bubble Guppies soooo..

    However many a lunch hour has been spent eating nothing but girl scout cookies so my answer stands :o) Thank God I am far removed from girl scout relatives this year lol
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    When I was growing up my troop used to set up a booth in the Train station, we had a decently busy one nearby with a Dunkies and a bathroom in it so we could be there ALL DAAAYYY lol. The leaders used to buy a box or two, break the cookies up and we'd offer samples.

    Also, our leaders bought extras of popular flavors and we'd fill a wagon after the other sales ended and sell them out of the wagon in neighborhoods to get people who didn't trust the "fill out a form, get cookies" method.
  • Zooy
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    I'm so glad that Canadian Girl Guides only have 2 seasons fall and spring. Mind you I still have a whole case in my freezer that I would love to eat but can't afford to pay for.

    Sometimes it sucks being a leader.
  • DemandaDemanda
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    I was shocked as shit when 2 little girls straight up came to the door last year...and to me, they looked Brownie age, I didn't think they were supposed to do that. I looked down the street for a lurking parent but didn't see one. Yikes!
    Regardless, I bought a couple boxes of those minty chocolate ones because I love those bad boys.
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  • LilbitLilbit
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    @aloneoverseas what flavors/types do they have there and which do you miss?
  • Luvlyssa
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    oh god.... GSC time. Thin mints *drool*
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    Thin Mints and Somoas!!!! It's weird that I physically have to hunt the girlscouts down this time of year. Why don't I know any girlscouts??? I need friends with little girls!
  • AloneOverseasAloneOverseas
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    @lilbit ... Check this out ... The options are the 'original' which is like eating cardboard or the 'choc' which is the cardboard 'half dipped' in choc (and yes, it tastes like chalk). Haha. Then you can also get a mini version of the 'choc'. That makes the third (so really only two flavors).

    Last year a good friend who is also a GS leader surprised me and sent a box with six or eight boxes of GS cookies to me! Cost her a small fortune to do it! They didn't last long! Haha. First time I'd had any in over a decade. My favorites are the Thin Mints (they seemed different than i remembered) and Do-SI-Do and there's another one, can't remember what it's called, but it's PB and chocolate.

    Come on over @chocoholic. :)
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  • LilbitLilbit
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    The peanut butter dipped in chocolate @aloneoverseas ? Those are my favorites too!
  • AloneOverseasAloneOverseas
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    Yes! Tagalongs (looking up the GS cookie site now!). Haha
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  • LilbitLilbit
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    That's what I thought I just didn't want to be wrong! Yes they are the best!
  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    I freaking hate girl scout cookies. Yuck. Is it me or did they used to be better? I remember loving them when I was a kid and in my teens, but the last time o bought them I ended up throwing most of them away.
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  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    @Kiinu I think I will order some extra cases and go door to do with some girls if they are interested. As far as booth sales we are kind of stuck with whatever council and our area decides. And we can't go outside our town beacause that isn't fair to the Girl Scouts there.

    There are 2 Bakers for Girl Scout Cookies. So depending on where you live is the kinds of cookies they have to offer.

    My girls are never rude to those that don't want cookies! More people say no than they say yes. If you don't like cookies you can donate a box? Our donated boxes are going to the food pantry this year.

  • KiinuKiinu
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    @babablacksheep that sucks, you can't be a go-between and ask the council to approve certain places?

  • angrymama
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    Oh, great!  I can hear my ass getting fatter just thinking of girl scout cookies!
  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    Mmm cookies. Too bad i don't buy them. I can't afford them. :-(
  • MorganD
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    Cookies. YUM. Really, though I don't need to get any fatter. So, please Lord, keep your friggin cookies. ;)
  • serenitynowserenitynow
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    Keebler makes knock-off versions of some of the most popular ones; cheaper and available year round
  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    @serenitynow I think just about EVERYONE knows this!

    Like any FUNDRAISER the price is a bit inflated. I still think $3.50 is a decent price. It is also a way to teach our girls goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

    Girls raise their own $ for their own troops to be able to do the events and activities that they choose. GS is girl lead with the guidance of a leader.

    @Kiinu Thank you for actually giving me some suggestions.

  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    God....I was cookie mom once.....ACCCCCCCCCCCCCK
    Mary :-)

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  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    Cookie mom's not too bad. I am just one of 2 leaders so I do half the work.

    This is my second year so I learned a lot from last year. I am much more organized.

  • KiinuKiinu
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    @babablacksheep no problem lady.

    you've got me thinking about cookies now though... my mum was so well known as a GS leader that when we were late to school once a year with a note saying "sorry, it was cookies day" my teachers laughed and accepted it. We'd have so many cookies being delivered and put in the front hall and front porch we couldn't get out of the house until it was organized.
  • etherieletheriel
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    Like any FUNDRAISER the price is a bit inflated. I still think $3.50 is a decent price. It is also a way to teach our girls goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

    Girls raise their own $ for their own troops to be able to do the events and activities that they choose. GS is girl lead with the guidance of a leader.

    Yours are still $3.50? In our council, they're now $4.00 per box. I'm a troop leader too (as well as service unit manager and registrar). My girls are 2nd year Cadettes and just at that age where they don't want to do cookie booths because their friends might *gasp!* see them in uniform. :/
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    @etheriel We are required to wear something girl scouty when doing booth sales. Even if it is just a pin. Your girls could make tshirts and have a GS on them. I think the price of cookies depends on your area and what baker makes your cookies. There are 2 different bakers. And they each have a few different kinds of cookies. I was at the store today and took a look at those keebler cookies, they are $3.49 and pakage when not on sale.
  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    i want some cookies!
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    We ordered cookies from So's nieces!!  I remember selling cookies back in the day.  Actually @demanda my mom hardly ever came with me, I'd walk around my neighborhood with my best friend.  Granted this was years ago and it was our enclosed neighborhood, but technically the GS council said "don't go to houses you don't know without a parent coming with you"  Just because the rules are in place though doesn't mean all scouts/parents will follow them, especially if they're competitive.
  • JuliaJ
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    Thin mint time!...Woohooo !