Called DH's boss a fuckerbitch
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    OOPS! DH called his boss last night to find out what time he was wanted in today. He was off yesterday because the boss had to go to NC to pick up cars. Anyway his boss is a douchcanoe. He likes to bust hubby's balls. Told him oh your off tomorrow and all next week and i cant pay you froday. Well DH told me this and I thought he had hung up and I got loud and was like that damn fuckerbitch how are we soposed to pay bills if he has you off for a week and won't pay for time you worked. Well boss man heard me and about died laughing wanting to know exatly what a fuckerbitch was.

    Thank god the guy isn't a dick could have gotten hubby fired. Anyway hubby is working today and all next week and is getting his pay today. His boss just likes to make us all nervous and shit.
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    I wish I had a good definition for you!!!!!! Jordan just blurted it out one day when he was 3ish......Josh had offended him some how and Jordan, in his squeeky lil voice said "Dosh, you a fuckerbitch"....... I fell over laughing.....
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    glad it worked out well!
    i'm nekkid.
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    Glad his boss took it well...I would have been mortified!

    DD8 answered a call to my house from my boss one day, and in a voice dripping with sarcasm, she hands me the phone and says "It's your favorite person" this point I'm ready to crawl under the couch. I don't know if heard her or not. I really hope not.
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    Omg, I'm glad he took it okay and didn't fire your dh.  I would have gone and hid somewhere after that happened if it were me.  lol
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    Hopefully he was fully expecting your reaction some arseholes just love to get a rise outta people just tell him next time he decides to be a wise ass you will school him on some lovely language that would make a merchant marine blush (courtesy of SM of course)
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    Lol the day DH quit his 2nd job this boss strung him along for 2 hours telling him he was actually gonna have to let him go ect. He loves to bust on hubby because hubby gives it right back too him.