My cycle of abuse
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    ****please read: I am in no danger, writing is just an outlet for me****

    Remember when we first met
    Countless hours talking
    A permanent grin I cant forget
    Remember when we fell in love
    Any love song would trigger
    I could never get enough
    Remember when we were together
    We became best friends 
    Our own little family
    We vowed to stay forever
    Remember when you started yelling
    I cowered in the room
    To avoid the venom you're spraying
    Remember when you pushed me
    I built up a tolerance now
    I tried to stand up but you kept pushing me down
    Remember that night?
    Right before Christmas 
    We endured a long and tireless fight
    Brought on by bills and stress
    Remember when you reached for my hair
    Grabbed me violently and began to punch me
    I tried to get away, throwing my arms in the air 
    Remember when you wouldn't stop?
    Until I screamed and cried and started to call the cops
    Remember leaving your family
    Remember what you lost
    Remember the damage
    What's now broken is not gone
    Injuries heal but the scars always there
    I vacantly exist with no hope only despair
    Remember when we first met 
    Something I will never forget.
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    (((Hugs))) mama. One day at a time.
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    "Don't Panic"
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    big hugs. Sorry you had to go through that, but your writing is a road map of how it happens. So quick it seems, blind sided almost, to bad you cant heal as quick as you were hurt. A wise person once told me not to let the mental pain get to you because then "they" win. Makes sense but is easier said then done. Stay strong in your heart, dont let your mind play tricks on you. You know whats real. 
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    Hugs. Writing helps me get stuff OUT do I don't gave to dwell on it as much. I hope this is just as cathartic for you, too. So much better out than in!
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    ~many many hugs~ I'm glad your all safe. It's gonna hurt for awhile. But your doing awesome staying strong. Let the words out loud and strong. Punch a pillow scream at the top your lungs. Than go dance by yourself or with your lo's and giggle the night away.
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    I followed your story and though I live no where near you and could offer no advice or help, I'm so glad you made it out. You did the right thing and you are so brave. I left an ex before it ever got to be physically abusive thankfully but it was hard to leave the manipulation and control so I can only imagine how hard it would be with children. Kudos to you! Keep writing
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    Hugs. Glad you're safe now.
  • RinRin
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    I am a survivor, and you will be too!
    Stay strong mama!
    "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart.. .pursue those"
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    (((((((Giant hugs)))))))) I am so proud of you honey. Your writing always moves me to tears. I'm glad you have this kind of outlet. :x
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    >:D< >:D< >:D<