my poor asshole kitty
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    Our poor cat is sick. I noticed last week that he was holding up his back leg & sort of limping. I thought he stepped on something so I thought I'd watch him for a day or two. Everybody in my house has been sick so i got a little distracted. Last night I noticed his back legs couldn't support him. They were like jelly. Took him to the vet today. Dr said he wanted to test him for feline leukemia. I didn't think that was it but ok. I was actually worried he'd had a stroke. Test came back Dr said it was a faint positive. That led the Dr to believe that our cat has kitty cat aids. He's going to run more labs on mon. He gave tom (our cat) fluids & an antibiotic shot. He said if that helps him terrific but if he gets worse I may need to make a decision mon (euthanize him). He said he could even die this weekend. Dr just wasn't sure. Ugh. I don't want to do this. Our asshole kitty is a sweetie. He feels rotten but I don't think he's in pain. I'm tired of being the one to make that decision. I don't wanna. He's such a sweetie & the boys love him. I kinda like him too. Please keep our asshole kitty in your thoughts.
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    I'm so sorry. It's so hard when they're sick like that. I really, really hope the shots help.
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    ((((Hugs))) and hoping for the best
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    So so sorry , asshole kitty is in my heart and prayers . We just adopted our girl from a no kill shelter and I know the joy and pain of kitties and pets .....
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    I'm so sorry. >:D<  Best kitty thoughts headed your way!
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    :( Thats so sad! I am sorry :( here there are mandatory vaccinations for leukemia and kitty aids!
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    Awww. Poor kitty. Sending cat-friendly feline smojo.
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    Posts: 12,609Member so sorry. My kitty suddenly lost the use of his back legs....just so you know, I gave my kitty bear fluids twice a day at home. Have the vet techs show you how. You will save more money to spend it on his treatments, meds, vet bills and other stuff. Stroke would be different. And he would sleep a LOT. And be disoriented, not afraid. My 13 YO kitty had a stroke last summer. And he's fine. Different, but fine. He became a total snuggly lap kitty after that.
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    Hugs and smojo to your asshole kitty !!!
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    I have to take him to his litter box because he can't seem to make it on his own. I put him on the box, he goes, I offer him food/water, & then I put him back in 'his' chair. I feel bad because every time he sees me he purrs so loud. I can tell he feels crappy though.
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    Awww! Poor asshole kitty! Hope he feels better soon!!! He's in our thoughts!!
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    I'm so sorry! I hated deciding what was best for my son's cats. That was always my mom's job for our cats when we were kids and I was crying and telling DH that I didn't want to be in charge :-(
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    Any updates?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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    Yes & no. he seems to be feeling better. Dr wants to retest because he got such a faint positive. I asked the vet how often you get a false positive on the test. He said not often. Talked to dh about it. We figured that we would watch him, love on him, etc. he could love like this for a day or two or he could live like this for a couple of years. Either way he has a disease that will ultimately kill him. If he goes downhill again we will probably have him put down. If he's in pain or he has no quality of life (can't get to his litterbox, has trouble eating) then I don't want him to live like that. Its unfair to him & I like him way too much to see him suffer. What kind of decision did you make on your cat?
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    @JenInHeels - never mind. I read the update on your thread. Glad your big guy is feeling better!