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    (267440): Found out H was screwing around. Took a friend's advice, started adding saltpeter to his dinners. Guess he can't fuck around if he can't fuck.

    OC, please reconsider your methods. Saltpeter has never been proven to work in that manner, and unregulated, frequent dosage can lead to serious health problems. It may be approved for use in food (e.g. corned beef) but it is still recognized as a health hazard when ingested in amounts exceeding the requirement for occasional meat curing. I'm sorry you're having issues with your DH.
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    Agreed. I just posted this too in the support confession section! Great minds think alike. 

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    I agree with this, you could be in serious trouble for deliberate poisoning. I hope you find some way to get out of there!!! 
  • MegsueMegsue
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    Bad idea OC. Unless you're looking to spend time in prison. Saltpeter does not cause impotence, that's and old ass myth. It will however cause kidney damage and raise his blood pressure to (possibly) deadly levels. STOP POISONING HIM NOW!!! Just kick him the fuck out instead.
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    Desperate Housewives....

    Didn't Rex die from potassium poisoning?
    The bf did it... but still...

    If he is cheating... & the relationship is not salvageable... leave... please...
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  • DemandaDemanda
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    You better hope to God the confessional really is anonymous.
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  • OpheliaOphelia
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    Wth is saltpeter? I must live under a rock.. what happened to I dunno, crying or confronting him? Kicking him out?
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  • mommydeliriousmommydelirious
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    If he dies suddenly...they'll prob do an autopsy, right?
    And Im not sure "I was just trying to wilt his dick" will get you off without some sorta of manslaughter charge.
    It sounds like you're not actually trying to kill him, but if you REALLY wanna kick him where it hurts kick him out, get alimony and child support, and live a fabulously happy life.

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    @Ophelia, saltpeter is potassium nitrate. It's used in VERY tiny amounts for curing some meats. Historically, it was used in the production of gunpowder....

    It's not a pretty thing, or something I'd want to be eating.
  • MorganD
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    Hun, you might want to resort to just kicking him out and divorcing him. Killing him will look very bad, and prison is no fun.
  • OpheliaOphelia
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    Thanks @rockmom I've never heard of it.
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  • Peace
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    I hope this is a joke...it's not that easy to run out & get it on a whim.

    Just in case:
    Saltpeter comes in dif forms, OC.
    Food grade & pharmaceutical grades are used for curing meats, etc. Small amounts are used.
    Another form is sold as fertilizer at garden centers.
    Supposedly online you can get lab grade, also NOT consumable.

    If you've given him this?
    Call poison control, block your number, read them the label, tell them how much you gave over what time period.

    @demanda, yep. From my understanding when Jill was improving the sites. Totally anonymous on the confessions wall. That site was set up differently & purposely to protect people & assure confidentiality.
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    Yeah, OC, this is a very, very bad idea. Potassium can give him a massive heart attack and it doesn't take very much and can happen very quickly.

    If you want to do something just mean and relatively harmless, bake him some ex-lax filled brownies.

    FYI, you cannot block your number from Poison Control...since it's an 800 number.  I've called multiple phone company providers about blocking 800 numbers the response is always the same:  they're paying for the call, they get to see who's calling.
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    Yep gonna have to agree with the other ladies here. This is not ok!

    I understand how much him cheating is hurting you but poisoning him is not going to help you!

    I wouldn't mess with anyone's food no matter how much they pissed me off! You are just asking for trouble and likely a jail cell by doing this!

    Get a divorce! Don't try to kill him!!!
  • unforgivenunforgiven
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    The confessional is 1000% anonymous.


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  • Peace
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    FYI, you cannot block your number from Poison Control...since it's an 800 number.  I've called multiple phone company providers about blocking 800 numbers the response is always the same:  they're paying for the call, they get to see who's calling.

    Thanks @BellaBefana for correcting that, I didn't know...
  • LadyKhanLadyKhan
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    Yikes. Detectable poisons are not a great idea. Documenting his cheating ass and tossing him out so hard he bounces, however...
  • WinginItWinginIt
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    Excessively processed foods supposedly contribute to erectile dysfunction.  Buy a buncha hungry mans, stop cooking.  ED without the manslaughter charges.  
  • momtomany74
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    My ex claimed they put it in the food while he was in boot camp to keep the guys from getting horny.

    Ummm-lemme tell ya, even if it were true, he was still fucking like a bunny rabbit the day he got home from bootcamp.

    And ditto what the others said about the poison aspect.
  • AAA08
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    Honestly, from my understanding, contaminating with anyones food is a felony. Even laxatives. Terrible idea.
  • kmetz44kmetz44
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    Bad Idea for sure...buuut not gonna lie...still kinda funny, only if it wilts his willie, not kills him
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    @Momtomany74 I thought you might find this interesting...maybe you need to pass it along to your ex too:
  • momtomany74
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    ^^Ha ha...thanks for sharing.