My baby is safe when she naps (Pic)
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    I posted this pic on my birth board on babycenter and got like 30 comments bashing me for leaving LO alone on a COUCH with a DANGEROUS DOG! Nobody bothered to ask me if she was alone or not....obviously not since I took the pic and my 8 year old was on the other end of the couch (she's home sick today) Damn it I just thought it was a cute picture. I'm beginning to seriously hate the judgemental women on babycenter. (Today must be I hate babycenter day. I've seen a bunch of posts about babycenter.)

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    Great pic! (And that sleeper is adorable!)  And I didn't think twice about her being on the couch OR with the dog. You obviously wouldn't leave her there to go get a camera if she was in danger lol
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    That pic is ADORABLE!!!! 
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    Step away from Babycenter for a couple of weeks, then go back and say, "Oh, sorry, I just saw these comments. I couldn't respond before this because I was waiting for the cloud of stupid to dissipate."
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    Step away from Babycenter for a couple of weeks, then go back and say, "Oh, sorry, I just saw these comments. I couldn't respond before this because I was waiting for the cloud of stupid to dissipate."

    This!!!!! Hahahahhahahahahaha
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    I've never been to babycenter...I'm really glad I found SM first! (This picture is TOO CUTE!!)
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    I'm wondering if I took the same pic only with my cocker spaniel instead of my amstaff if people would have reacted better? I trust my amstaff more than some people. If he was going to eat any of my kids it would be the toddler who uses him as a piece of furniture. Every time I ask her to sit down she plops right on top of him.
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    @SAHM1020 that sleeper is from my toddler's first halloween. It's so cute I kept it. It used to glow in the dark but since being washed so many times it doesn't any more.
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    @2callmemommy My DS21mos likes to grab the dogs tail. Thank God Max is a patient
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    Judgey Mcjudgers I can't stand those types of websites. Besides how can anyone be that perfect. And why on earth would you let a dog next to your baby if you were concerned about it?
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    Great pic!
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    So sweet and she looks just fine to me.....such a good doggie , such a good mommy Blessing you all
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    Shes cute! its not like you left her on the edge.. i have a pic of my ds at a week old laying on the couch people like to give me crap about. but my week old baby couldnt even reach the ends of the cushions or lift his head i wasnt worried about him.. he was 16 inches long.. as for the dog he lokks happy to have her and more likely one to bark of she was moving to alarm you than eat her... lol
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    What makes the dog dangerous?
    Yeah its a dog, but like you said, you were there taking the pic. Ffs
    Did they judge it by its color? The racist asshats.
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    Lol are you serious? If she was alone then who took the picture? Bunch of dingy dongs is what they are.
    And it's like baby law that every infant roll off of the couch at least once before reaching 12 months of age. So...


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    It's a cute picture !!
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    Awww how cute!
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    That's so cute!

    I used to feel the same way about the What To Expect boards.  Been a looong time since I bothered going back there.

    I must be a horrendous mom then, because when DD was a newborn and before she learned to roll over, I WOULD leave the room with her laying on the couch, I'd wedge a couple extra rolled up receiving blankets to make a "wall" next to her.  I never had a problem, but I wouldn't recommend it lol

    Clearly you are standing right the fuck there, so those judgmental bitches need to relax.  SM boards embrace you, babycenter and WTE is where the "perfect" moms go.
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    I must be the most horrible mother in the world then. I let the Great Dane and both German Shepherds lick and cuddle with the twins unsupervised
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    Such a cute picture!
    Mary :-)

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    I'm so stupid it took me a minute to realise by the title this was a rant. I thought it was just a statement about the dog looking after the baby.

    Seriously my first thought: I soooo want a sleep suit like that! My second thought: Awww what a good doggy making sure baby stays safe on the couch.

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    Technically I did leave the room with her like that but for like 30 seconds then I took this pic. She had fallen asleep on me and I had to pee so I laid her down on the couch and told my 8 year old to keep an eye on her but Kita my amstaff jumped up there and laid down and looked at me like "go, I got this" lol 
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    He has a thing about always knowing where the kids are. We don't let him sleep in our room at night mainly because he's huge and takes up most of the bed so he sleeps in the girls room with my 8 year old and the toddler. He's even gotten on the top bunk of the bunk bed to lay with them and watch tv. The bunk bed has stairs tho if it was a ladder I don't think he would have made it lol
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    I showed the picture to my mom and told her about what the moms on the other board said. She asked where is the " dangerous dog , behind the cute puppy ?" lol she did say now if you messed with the sleeping baby the dog might be dangerous , to whoever tried to hurt the kid ! So not dangerous to the kid , but a body guard to her.
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    " I'm a leafe on the how I soar ." Wash :((
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    It's a great picture my dog is a total watchdog over my kid
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    I wonder if the ignorant cuntbubbles thought your mastiff was a pit bull? It doesn't make a difference, honestly, but with the whole Pit Bulls are evil movement I wouldn't be surprised the band wagoners over at BabyCenter went off on one of their nasty tangents.

    It's an adorable photo. Just ignore the peanut gallery over there. :-)
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    @2callmemommy, That picture is so close up, you obviously are within arms reach.  The women on the babycenter site sound like a bunch of fuckmonkeys.  I can't believe how much they overreacted with this.  It is just a very cute picture and I also adore the sleeper.
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  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    And you wouldn't even have to get up and get a camera if you took the picture on your phone, which is what most people I know do these days.
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    I love the pic!! I love to see doggies guarding babies, its so sweet :) and wise up, I left b on the sofa all the time before he could roll over!
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    When we first moved into this trailer park two years ago a neighbor chased me down while I was pushing a stroller (my toddler was.a few months old then) and walking him. She so very nicely advised me that my dog will evenfually eat my baby and that I was asking for it by owning him. I looked at her in complete shock and said "I know because he ate her twin, thank god I had a spare." People can be so ignorant. The woman still avoids me if I'm walking him outside but if I'm out with our cocker spaniel (who is psychotic) she'll come over and try to pet her and talk to me. Grrr
  • 2callmemommy2callmemommy
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    And cocker spaniels are high up there on the more likely to bite a person list. Not pits or amstaffs.
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    @2callmemommy Awwww I love that picture! Dogs are so sweet and protective! I can't believe people are so rude and insensitive! Good for you telling her about the twin....I would've paid to see her expression! =))
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    I took a picture yesterday of my baby and German shepherd laying on his bed together. Makes me want to post it on baby center if I knew how. And I also love love the sleeper!
  • MegsueMegsue
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    Squeeeee I LOVE IT! I was all grumpy McGrumperson until I saw this. This is the first thing that has made me smile in 24 hours! Baby Center is the devil. Stay away from those pearl clutching, panty wadded bitches. All the cool kids hang in here
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    Doesn't matter the breed of the dog these type of women are like dogs with a bone.  They smell a weak point and attack.  Vicious bitches.  If you're not a perfect stepford wife and mother, what you do will never be enough or good enough.  Sigh 
    Btw cute picture and both baby and fur baby are gorgeous! :X