Book Most Left Behind in Hotel Rooms
  • KateGirl
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    Fifty Shades Of Grey, E.I.James ..probably knew this already.

  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    Nope didn't know that. Don't think I've been in a hotel in yrs. Don't get out much. Good books!
  • ChibikoChibiko
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    How interesting! I would've guessed the Bible or something like that.
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  • DemandaDemanda
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    Because no one wants that crap on their own bookshelf?
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  • JuliaJ
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    not to change the subject love toys are the third-most common thing people leave behind in hotel rooms. i found a vibrator once...ewwwww. I slept in my cloths that night.

  • deviltwinsmommadeviltwinsmomma
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    @Chibiko i thought the same thing "the bible"
    and ewwww @JuliaJ
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  • LittleTalksLittleTalks
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    My first thought was the Kama Sutra *guttermind*
  • SchweddyBallsSchweddyBalls
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    Bible wouldn't count cuz no one ever brings one......but could totally see that 50 shades of lame getting left it's cursed and the only way to break it is for some one else to touch the book......

    Just re-read that.......putting my pipe away.....I'm thinking too hard about shit.....  o.O
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  • fulgurous2003fulgurous2003
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    I am so glad to hear that i am not the only one that thought that book(s) sucked I for one couldn't decide what was worse the fact that it was supposed to be RISKA when even the "bondage" was boring to me or the fact that i heard George in my head with every single dang "O MY" drove me nuts!!
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  • JustAConfusedMamaJustAConfusedMama
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    @JuliaJ- yeah my mom worked as a housekeeper at a Super 8 motel and was cleaning the tubs in one of the rooms.  There was a wet towel in the tub, didn't seem unusual, she picks it up and a dildo rolled out.
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