To bring her...or not to bring her...what would you do?
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    My oldest daughter will be 9 on Feb. 10th. Her birthday party has been booked at a local hotel indoor water park. There are huge water slides, a wave pool and a splash area for smaller kids.There is a limit of 10 kids and that's including the birthday girl. I had planned on leaving my toddler (almost 2) at my mom's for the day for 2 reasons. One if she goes she fills up one of the spaces because since she over a year old then technically she's counted as a party guest and two we're at a pool. There will be life gauards and my 15 year old neice is coming to help out but I don't feel comfortable with my toddler at a pool when 100% of my attention can't be on her. I'm going to be dealing with party stuff and interacting with other parents and keeping an eye on the kids whose parents have left. Well I was talking this over with my mom when my oldest heard and had a fit because she really wants her little sister there. She's exteremly proud of having a little sister and loves showing her off. She's been begging me non stop now to let Whynter go. She even wanted to start a petition (I have no clue who'd sign it lol). Would you bring your almost 2 year old to a pool party? Leave her at home? I was thinking about letting her go for the cake and presents part then have my mom take her home but once LO sees the pool and the other kids getting ready to swim she'll have a fit (we swim at the Y sometimes so she knows what a pool is for and usually has a blast but when she's there I'm always right next to her). Plus it doesn't seem fair for LO to take up a spot on the guest list and only be there for 30 minutes to eat. Ugh
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    100% leave her.

    Safety has to come first, that and keeping track of a toddler at a water park would drive anyone into a padded room. :)
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    Can you hire a sitter for her specifically?
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    Can your mum take the toddler seperately so she doesn't count as a guess and your mum can look after her all day.

    Otherwise no I wouldn't take her. I agree with not having a toddler there if your attention is devided.

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    I wouldn't take her. Birthday parties are busy and stressful enough. Unless you can bring sooner one to specifically watch her I would let her spend the day with grandma
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    Can your mum take the toddler seperately so she doesn't count as a guess and your mum can look after her all day.

    This is exactly what I was thinking. If your mom can't maybe another family member?

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    ^^^ wonky quote, sorry about that.
    There is nothing to be gained from treating others poorly.

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    I would bring her with a life jacket and maybe shrink the kiddie guest list cuz 9 or 10 9 or 10 yr olds would make me 10 times more nervous cuz they ain't mine and holy crap the what ifs would kill me
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    more power to you for being able to not stress and be able to have pool party! pools freak me out with my 3 kiddos. i don't know how i would have other peoples kids. (even with life guards) but as far as your youngest dd i would have her gram go and watch just her the whole time. 

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    I would bring her along with grandma also. Your girls won't have that special bond necessarily for forever, so if the birthday girl wants her to come to the extent of having a petition (!!), then the little one should come. 
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    Since it's your dd birthday and she specifically wants your toddler there then if it were me I'd bring her.
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    Could youbhave grandma stop by with her when it's time for presents and cake? Then she is there for the "important" stuff for ODD but you will be toddler free for the more high stress times.
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    as a former life guard, here is my 2 cents.

     you know your 2 year old best. does she listen? will she stay with grandma or will she want to be with you? if she will flip everytime you walk away then dont bring her. if she listens welll and stops doing whatever it is when you ask, you might be ok. the 2 times i went in w/ kiddos were kids 2 or 3 whos mom turned her back for 1 minute and the kid just walked away. soooo...

    aslo if your 9 year old understands the danger, she mgiht feel better doing a girls day later in the week knowing her isster is safer that way. 9 year olds are freaky smart somedays :)

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    I'd leave her for all of the reasons you said you wanted to leave her and just explain to your older daughter, especially the safety issue. If she doesn't understand and insists, it's not the end of the world. She'll instantly get over it at her awesome sounding party!
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    I agree with what momofeveryone said maybe a second small party for just sisters would be best then she gets to celebrate with sis and still have worry free pool party with you under extra stress. Emphasize sisters party and let her know its to keep little sis safe due to pool with everyone around.
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    Everyone covered what I would've said but I just want to add that I think it's adorable your 9 year old loves her little sister like that :) I'm freaking out that my dd will be too old by the time I'm able to give her a sibling because I want them to be close but it's inspiring hearing about your kids!
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    I would only take her if you had someone specifically there to look after just her. There's no way I would take my 2yr DD if there wasnt someone with her at all times.
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    Safety first.
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    I wasn't going to add to this one but. here is my two cents. It only takes two seconds. Trust me I know.
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    I wouldn't bring my 2-year-old. I think your older daughter won't even think about it once she is at her party. Even with someone watching her, it will be stressful. Just have a family party another time.
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    100% leave her.. all youll be doing is chasing her, wondering where she is , if shes okay, itll be hard for everyone to relax ( including yourself) when theres a small toddler... your older daughter will have other opportunities to show her off i wouldnt do it 
  • GritsGrits
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    I agree with the others who said no. I wouldn't do it. My DD8 is head over heels for her little brother, but I won't have him at her pool party in March. It's too risky. Without someone designated to watch him and only him, I'd be a nervous wreck. And really, you'll have plenty to do anyway. Having her there will just end up being more on the pile. There will be other opportunities for big sis and little sis to hang out. A big water park/pool type environment is not ideal for a toddler.
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    When our daughter turned 6 we had a pool party and our son was 2, we brought him and it was great. Other parents were in the pool too and I went in with my son, everyone helped out so all the kids were safe and had fun. My daughter would have been devastated if he wasn't there. Whatever works for you is the right choice but it can be done :)
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Leave her at Granmas , then later in ghe week have a sister time at a special resturant. A tired cranky 2 yr old will kabosh the party
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I would also vote to leave her. I have a 2 year old and I can't imagine throwing a pool party and entertaining guests while also trying to keep up with him! It would be much be enjoyable for all if a 2 year old wasn't there. Your older dd will understand (especially once she is there with all of her friends). You can always tell her that you all will have a special celebration as a family at a different time!
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    I would leave her too! Just bc even if gramma does go, what if you end up needing your mom for something else? Then who will be watching Whynter? And if she is anything like my kid, she'll probably jump in the pool without life jacket or anything else except the clothes she's wearing! Trust urself and that gut instinct, it's there for a reason! Give urself some time with bday girl and friends without the worry of something horrible happening
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    @2callmemommy Did you have the party? How did I go? Did you take your dd2? I bet that was a blast for everyone!
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    Are you doing anything (I don't even know if this happens anymore; forgive me if it's an antiquated practice) anything for DD10's class? Like cupcakes or anything? If so, maybe you should bring little sister to THAT, since she's wanting to show off the baby. 

    I would NOT bring the toddler to the pool unless there's someone there DEDICATED to watching her.  Sorry to be blunt, but as much as older sister loves her baby sister, imagine the devastation if something happened to the baby at big sister's party.  She'll get over the baby not being at the pool.  The worst case scenario, she won't.