Tell I'm not the only one
  • ErispagettiErispagetti
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    I have two girls. My oldest is 3. I had to come up with things so she could best understand so I help her. Some she came up with. We use them all time. my dd ask the dr if he see the frog in her throat cause she coughing alot. Everyone thinks we are crazy especially my hubby.

    A cough- a frog in the throat
    Dirty ears- monsters in the ears
    tangle hair- spiders in the hair
    big hug- squeeze you like cockroach

    Tell me I'm not the only one or any to add
  • momsaidnomomsaidno
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    My mom used to say cookie monster made crumbs in my ears! That's why they were dirty.

  • momsaidnomomsaidno
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    Oh and worms under your fingernails... if you don't clean under there worms will grow!!!

  • ErispagettiErispagetti
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    momsaidno said:

    Oh and worms under your fingernails... if you don't clean under there worms will grow!!!

    I am going have to use this one
  • LilbitLilbit
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    My pediatrician use to tell me a family of bears lived in my ears and he would look in there to say hello to them and make sure they were ok
  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    To get my kids to brush their teeth I tell them we don't want the sugar bugs making homes in their teeth so we have to brush them away and down the drain.
  • deviantqueendeviantqueen
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    Idk why it posted twice.
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    My doctor said there was a zoo in our ears... lol with my kids we have sugar bugs for teeth brushing, for hair washing we have them scrub their heads till the bubbles fall off.. andvwe clip their hooves for fingernails but now thats gone into claws for ds..
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  • undercoverbanana
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    my dd will still occassionally call her elbows her "belbows".
    i'm nekkid.
  • mommaOf2RottenBoysmommaOf2RottenBoys
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    My boys grow potatoes on their ears
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  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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    Alli has Gookies in her ears
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  • Ladybug84
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    I say gookies for cleaning the ears too! And when I'm helping my 4 year old wash in the tub I call his armpits "pitsy poos". I have no clue how or when it started, but it stuck! For a hug I say "snuggle buggle" lol, I probably have more too, but it's become normal speak in my house so I never really thought about it. It's cute to see what everyone else has come up with :)
  • BettyboBettybo
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    I call my neice and nepew (connor and lily) conker and lilypad.

    we call squirrels squidgers...
    I miss them looooads. xx
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