what can you do for a cut on a dogs paw?
  • CalliopemarieCalliopemarie
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    my dog cut her paw earlier. i don't think its deep but she wont hold still to get a good look at it. is there anything I can do to seal it like a bandaid or something?
  • kittenkitty00
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    Neosporin and bandage tape that only sticks to itself not skin. My dog was hit by car once nothing bad but vet recommended this for scrapes it was great till started to heal and itch then cone had to go on lol
  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    I was going to say Neosporin & Duct Tape
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  • CalliopemarieCalliopemarie
    Posts: 3,898Member
    @wickeddunkiejunkie lol I do have duct tape. I just figured shed chew it off.

    @kittenkitty00 thanks. ill have to go get some tomorrow