• MsAsdy
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    So not only did I get stuck home taking care of a sick baby with something "viral", a 4 year old with the runs and myself with a huge ass cold...but my husband is home sick too claiming the world is spinning, he can't stand up without feeling like he's going to pass out...but oh could I please make him some toast with jam?! What a fucking crock. Get up and make it yourself you pussy.
  • undercoverbanana
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    oh, lord. he has a mild ear infection. some viruses going around have the ear thing going. put some warm oil on a cotton ball, tear it in half, and have him stick it in his ears. and if you have anything for motion sickness, or nausea, give him that with a cup of tea.     did he take any cold medicine? tylenol cold and flu does that to my hubs. he gets vertigo, queasy, and i have to drag him to bed like a wounded soldier.
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  • episcopal
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    I'm fortunate that I don't get sick all that often, but when I do, I just find myself wanting to be left alone.  Being sick doesn't make me high maintenance, but it can put me in a very pissy mood.  Being sick can literally piss me off; "how dare my body betray me."  If I become too much of a PIA, DW will more than let me know!
  • GritsGrits
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    I curse the manflu. DH being sick is so much worse than any (or any combination) of the kids will ever be. He is so whiny and irritable. I have definitely experienced some evil thoughts when the manflu strikes our house.
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    Whiney men with WWMS are the worst!
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  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    My husband is dying with every cold. I'be had passing thoughts that perhaps its tome to put him out of his misery :)
  • mamaofboysmamaofboys
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    DH is still recovering from a car accident with a broken bone in his neck and fractured ribs. As if that weren't bad enough, he caught a virus from the wonderful boys. I want to run away!!
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  • LiquidPeppermintLiquidPeppermint
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    Heaven help you, @mamaofboys!  My DH got the flu back in November.  He lost his voice for THREE WEEKS.  Now, you'd think that would have been a blessing.  I've never met ANYONE who can talk as much of him.  So a break for me, right? WRONG.  He just whispered as loud as he could everything he wanted to say.  Even if it was a drawn-out explanation of something.  Instead of typing it or just NOT SAYING IT BECAUSE IT USUALLY DOESN'T MATTER! 

    At the same time, I had walking pneumonia and was miserable.  But I was the one waiting on him, not the other way around.  That was a miserable few weeks!
  • BankMom
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    My DS19 seems to have his first manflu right now. Yesterday he whined to his dad at work (he's DS19s boss) that he might not make it in today (really? 24 hour advance notice?) and last night he had a giant iced white mocha and then McDonald's for dinner. Oh, you poor sick baby. NOT. I told him he had better get his a** up this morning because NOBODY cares that he has the sniffles lol
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  • kaurinc
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    DH just started a new job, he came home early one day sick (he had some congestion and the sniffles). He slept for about 3 hrs once he got home, then played computer games the rest of the weekend. The baby and I have been running fever sick for the past 3 days, (I was sweating and had the chills all at once most of the night last night) and I still managed to clean the house and make dinner every day. If I acted like he did when I got sick, the world would freaking end! Love my DH with all my heart and soul, just some days I want to tell him to put on his big girl panties and keep trucking!
  • monstamomonstamo
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    Pretty sure Mommies are immune to the Manflu. When the funk came to our home, I missed a day of work when little man was sick. My man? Happened to be on vacation with a big honeydo list. And he couldn't leave the safety of the couch due to his weakness. I feel heartless when the Manflu comes to town.