A moment of bragging!!
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    I am so proud of my DD20... I always have been since she is an amazing person, friendly, helpful, kind (sounds like the Girl Scout Law!), beautiful inside and out!  

    Today she declared her major at university. Molecular and Cellular Biology!! She never ceases to amaze me with her intellect AND her personality! 

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    Yay!!! And so cool !! That rocks !!! Really small stuff. SILs dad is in micro and macro biology. Not really sure if that's simular or not though. /:)
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    :) Yes.. She wants to ultimately be a geneticist I think. She's deciding if med school is what she wants to do (Forensics and cancer research are 2 other fields she has a lot of interest in). 

    I think cellular/molecular is more specified than micro/macro... but I am not sure. 
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    Oh my , how very awesome......best of the best
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    Congrats and best wishes!
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    That's awesome!
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    Wow! You must be incredibly proud! That is awesome!!!
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    @boring_name Congratulations!  I'm sure she will go far!
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    Wow! Awesome! Impressive!

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    Thanks everyone.
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    I'm super impressed!!
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    WOW!!  She's one smart cookie.  Must get it from her mom.  :D
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    @Katescrazymom I fully admit she got her intellect in math/science from DH.... now her common sense/intuition she gets from her mother!!