inexpensive birthday ideas
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    My ds 6 turns 7 in a little over a month. i have gotten some help by some wonderful people with smn (thank you all) but im trying to figure out his special day on little to no money. he wanys to go to chuck e cheese which im sure if he asks his auntie she will set it up. What all can we do at home. my ds13 has a sping birthday so i have had more options for party ideas. his previous birthdays he spends his birthday weekend with dad but his dad cant this year. his birthday falls on presidents day this year so its a 3 day weekend. so what i am asking for is help for ideas to make him feel special. he has to miss valentines day party cause of a doctors appointment so hes not happy with me. what can i do?
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    If you're going to be making or buying him a cake, would you consider letting him decorate the cake himself? I started that with my son 3 years ago on his 6th birthday and he loves it. It makes him feel important, and it's fun, and it's messy...perfect for a little boy! It doesn't cost anything extra provided a cake was something you were planning on doing anyway.
    Are you wanting ideas for a party at home or just thinking of ideas to make the day special?
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    Late time i threw him a party his guests were both nanas a papa and my sister. no kids showed up and he was bored. i wanna make his day special. dss gets me and his dad to himself and his birthday is august during fair. my ds is at his dads then.

    last year i ended up taking him to coldstone for my birthday a week later and got him the birthday deal. but thats to much this year.
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
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    Streamers from the dollar store. Decorate while he is asleep. My kids love when they wake up and there are steamers hanging from their doors. Special pancakes, I add food coloring to make them different colors. Let him decide what to have for dinner. Bake him a cake.
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    I did cupcake decorating for his 3rd birthday. Ill give him the choice closer to his birthday. maybe cake balls?
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    Are you getting him any presents?
    I saw something on fb about a scavenger hunt to find the presents.
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    I used scarymommy nation and i hve that idk if ill be able to afford anything else. Plus dss is a little more advanced and gets that stuff quicker and im afriad that he will find it first. though i have a hide the monkey game that they love i can use.
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    What is your birthday budget? $5? $10?

    Does he have any friends you can invite over? He can decorate the cake and you can make them a frozen pizza.

    I guess what I'm asking is, what do you have to work with?

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    Maybe $20.. i make cakes from scratch... and i think i have everything.. except oil...
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    He could have a couple of friends over for a movie night! You could pop a pizza in the oven, make some popcorn and rent a movie! Very cheap and I always loved those nights when I was a kid!!! (along with some chocolate too...or whatever his favorite snack is!)

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    does he like pirates?

    You could get some big cardboard boxes ( most retail stores will give them away for free- the boxes their shipments came in, anyways). You could make him his very own pirate ship that he gets to decorate!
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    You could have a pizza party, make the bases and have each kid decorate their own. Have pepperoni slices in different shapes and stuff like that. Then you could do a theme and organise games around the theme. We never had money growing up and my birthday parties were just at home, they were awesome.

    ETA: my birthday is in December so we couldn't do anything outside either. Party games make the day go by fast and having a definite pick up time for the other parents.
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    For my daughter's 6th or 7th birthday, we blew up a bunch of balloons after she went to sleep, and scattered them all over her bedroom floor for when she woke up. The floor was covered in wall to wall balloons and she loved it.
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    We filled DS3's room with balloons while he slept on his 3rd birthday too @GPAMom--he loved it!
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    Invite some of his friends over. Play some games, play music to release some energy like dancing.
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    Can make a Birthday Cake or Cupcakes and have him help you decorate them.
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    Can have punch or juice, chips, and bake some pizzas.
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    Get some balloons to decorate and a Happy birthday Banner.

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    The Dollar Store is a great place to go to find some things for a birthday.
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    Or make homemade decorations.
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    We do this every year.  We got to the dollar store and get 2 or 3 colors of streamers and a bag or two of balloons and hang them from the doorway or down the hallway.  Tons of impact not a ton of money.  Also the dollar tree is a great place to get "fancy balloons" just a buck and that's always fun no matter how old or young you are.
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    Balls bubbles go to Dollar Tree they have a ton of stuff ,
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    I love the balloon and streamer idea for the bedroom, what a great idea and so special for the kids. Birthdays are so hard, what is more important than all the hooplah is spending time with your kid, and telling them you love them.
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    My dad is taking the family to chuck e cheese.. im thinking of having a small party at home for cake and ice cream.. since hes getting chuck e cheese.
    let them eat cake! because id rather have pie!!!
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    @meanmy243 have a Midnight party? Decorate cheaply then let him have his cake n ice cream the minute its his birthday that way U get to tell him happy birthday 1st and he will dig getting outta bed?
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    I love the decorate your own stuff theme. You could start with cake, then do the pizza and then turn the cardboard boxes into something cool. Aluminum Foil is a great way to decorate cardboard-makes it into a knight outfit, car or robot or more! You could even make some really fun birthday hats. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. Also, lots of Home Depots and Lowes have diy workshops that are free on Saturdays-maybe you could take him to one of those? He's the perfect age for it. 

    Ok-just realized this happened several months ago-what did you end up doing?

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