DD13 spending money for upcoming cruise
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    My DD13 is going on a Carnival Cruise in 2 weeks with her BFF and family to the Bahamas. Her trip is paid for and she just needs spending cash. Having never been on a cruise myself :(( I am not sure how much she may need.  Anyone have an idea or suggestions?? 

     It is for 5 days, they are driving to Florida and leaving from Jacksonville.  One port is Key West the other is Nassau.  I don't want to send too much nor too little. $200-$300? 
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    I have no idea....but I am wicked jealous of your dd having such an awesome BFF!!!

    I want a BFF to take me to the Bahamas....
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    I have no idea. Why don't you ask her bffs parents what they think. I don't think she needs to pay for stuff on the cruise but will need spending money for when they go ashore.
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    Cruises have meals included right?
    Id think $200ish. Also explain to her to have fun but be wise w her money.
    My guess is that bffs parents may be buying her stuff too.

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    No fair...I want to go on a cruise.
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    I would say about $300. Food is included but if she wants a coke or something other than water or juice she will have to buy it by the glass or get a drink card. I suggest a drink card because it is unlimited. Other than that she should really only need money for souvenirs.
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    Her BFF's mom said she will only need money for souvenirs but I have no clue how much stuff costs in the Bahamas. And she better flippin' bring me something NICE! haha  

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    Dang. I think I need a new BFF...

    She is going to have a blast! I'm extremely jealous!

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    Prices aren't that high. The best souvenirs. are usually sold out by locals and they will negotiate with you.
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    I was in Nassau on Monday :)

    We cruised on Carnival Imagination. Our only port was Nassau. I bought two t-shirts there for $10 each, some little bracelets for $2 each and my daughter collects thimbles so I bought 2 of those for $2 each as well. Honestly, they have from cheap little trinkets all the way up to hoodies (that are nice but I couldn't justify another hoodie lol) for $40. They had sundresses, jewelry, scarves, etc. I didn't see anything more than $50 but I wasn't looking really hard either. In the straw market there, the people operating the booths are very pushy. Make sure your DD knows not to take all of her money off the ship with her and also to take small bills. (You don't want $19 bahamian money in change for a $1 item). I assume the adults will be with them anyway and will know these things. I would not for any reason let them go unsupervised in any part of Nassau. I was nervous and my husband was with me.

    On which ship will they cruise? Our ship had a waterpark on one deck, miniature golf on the top deck and a club specifically for kids your daughter's age that had lots of organized crafts, activities and one party that lasted until 3am. I saw all that on the schedule, I'm not sure how fun it actually was. 

    I have a few other tips about packing, etc. that I can share if you want them.

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    the sodas are pricey. 25-50 a day for the drink cup and I'm pretty sure on some lines you have to buy the cup.

    If they go off ship during the day (and probably will) that food is not included. so, food and drink while off ship. Bahamas prices are similar to standard US prices on things.


    what about excursions? are they covered too? because they can be hundreds of dollars to go on...

    some shipboard activities cost money, like the rock wall and the wave rider on royal carribean.

    If not for excursions, I'd say definitely 300.
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    The Bottomless Bubbles plan is $4.50 per day for children. You don't have to buy the cup, you can send a mug/cup if you want or she can just drink sodas in the plastic cups provided by the bar or in the glasses provided at dinner. If you want to buy the mug, I think it was $8, I'd have to ask my husband because everything went on his sail and sign card. That's another thing, she won't be able to use cash for anything on the ship. She will get a sail and sign card when they board that will have her name, table number if they are doing an assigned dining time, and if they get the Bottomless Bubbles plan, a sticker will be put on the card too. You have to show the card with the sticker to the bartender/waiter/waitress each time you order a soda, except for at dinner. Once you show it the first night, the waitstaff will remember and automatically bring you soda the next night.

    You can use a credit card in the shops on the ship but I'm assuming she doesn't have one at 13 :)
    So if she wanted to buy any snacks or souvenirs in the shop on the ship, or any of the pictures that the cruise photographers take of her and print, it would automatically be charged to her BFF's parents' account. There was also a small candy shop on our ship (yay! I didn't like the food but I love candy) and it wasn't too expensive. Oh, and a coffee bar and a milkshake place with snacks...those things were not free either.
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    I would send 200 with her and then give 100 to the parents as a back up fund in case she needs something and blew thru her funds (just don't tell her so she will be a little wiser with her money)
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    I like stinkers moms idea and the bottomless bubbles
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Wanna go wanna go wanna go
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    I wanna go too!!  Thank you all for the advice, opinions and info! I'm gonna send $300 with her, she is pretty tight with her money so not real worried about her blowing it on a bunch of shit. 
    Fascination is the ship they are sailing on. It's a 5 day cruise that I wish I was going on. 

    @regp   Yes I would welcome any and all tips. And thank you for the warning about nassau, I doubt bff's parents would allow the girls to go it alone, HOWEVER I will reiterate it with them. How was the weather Monday when you were there? Were you on a cruise?

    I heard about some soda cup/card but DD said she wouldn't want it, as far as the photos I will speak with the bff's mom, because I definitely want DD to have some. 

    Thanks again everyone! Please feel free to leave me any sailing/cruising tips!
  • Lulu
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    @kitty69 you might want to split the money...give some to her for pocket cash, and some to the parents to cover any incidentals that she might charge to the parents' account.
  • regpregp
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    The weather was really nice. It was very breezy, about 80 degrees and sunny. The water was chilly! 
    Yes, we cruised there from Miami, our friends got married on Paradise Island.

    I've got a few tips for teens that I gathered during my research about packing/cruising tips. Some are common sense but can't hurt to be reiterated. 
    - Don't go to the cabin of new friends. Don't tell them your cabin number or let them walk with you to your cabin.
    - If you put your drink down and take your eyes off of it, get another drink. Don't drink anything that you didn't see prepared (ie, don't let your new friends go get your lemonade for you)
    - If you want to keep in touch with new friends made on the cruise, print out a few blank business cards or slips of paper with your name and email address on them
    - Easily keep up with your sail and sign card (this is also your room key) on a lanyard, either the kind with the clear card holder attached or by punching a hole in the card itself (on the end opposite the room key strip)

    Packing tips - if you only do two of these, let it be the first two!
    1. power strip - Not a multi-outlet kind but an actual power strip. There is usually just one outlet in the cabin and one in the bathroom.
    2. A clear, over the door shoe pocket organizer like this one
    We were only cruising for 4 days and this came in super handy - not for shoes though! I used it to organize our toiletries and it was so much better than digging through bags to find the hairbrush, lotion, sunscreen, etc. 

    3. Some type of foldable bag or drawstring tote (the lightweight ones that you can wear as a backpack). This will serve two purposes. First, on the day they board the ship, the cabin may not be ready until a couple of hours after they board and it can take a couple more hours after that for the luggage to be delivered to their cabin. On that day, if she wants to swim/lay-out right when she boards then she can pack her swimsuit/sunscreen/lanyard/etc in the bag and keep it with her when she boards. (we boarded and then got lunch on the Lido deck and there were lots of people who were already catching some sun and swimming)
    Secondly, it will come in handy to take on excursions, carrying essentials and keeping her hands free.

    4. sundresses! They are lightweight, don't take up much room and can be dressed up (for dinner in the main dining room) or down.

    I had a huge huge list of things I packed. My husband thought I was going overboard but he was thankful when we were there. It's not like a vacation when you can run out to walmart and get what you want! lol
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    Make sure she has some motion sickness pills. We cruised to Ensenada in October and I was fine until they had the fun day at sea. Trolling slow through the water, you feel every.single.wave. And it didn't help that there was that earthquake that hit from Canada all the way down the west coast. Super rough waters. I hurled like 3 times.
  • missmama5missmama5
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    My ds 6 is going on a cruise with his grandparents in February. Spoiled little buggers eh. :) I hope your dd has fun!
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    @regp  Thanks for the great tips! Will definitely do the top 3, don't know if she will do dresses tho.  Power strips like t   image
  • regpregp
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    A power strip like that will be perfect. 
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