Studying Spelling words was going to be the death of me!
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    I have to brag on my big kid, spellling has always been an issue for him, he just doesn't get it.  Getting him to study his spelling words was a battle every single night.  Then last weekend I had a random thought, he just got a cell phone and texting is the coolest thing ever right now, why not use that?  Starting Monday I had him text me his spelling words, each one 3x's.  Each day I had him type them in a different order (just in case),  and bofore anyone askes, his phone is not cool enough to have spell check, so that isn't an issue.  Today I got an email from his teacher, he only missed one word!  I am so proud of him.  In the past we have been lucky is he gets one or two word RIGHT!  To only miss one?  We are celebrating tonight!
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    Glad the idea worked so well! Way to get creative momma!
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    That's great!!!! Glad you thought of an alternative way to do spelling words that actually works for him!! Like they said (about everything) every kid is different!!! :) Celebrate!!! :O)
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    Awesome, if it works for you. :)
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    That is good ! Spelling has always been an issue with DS. He doesn't have a phone though. He has an iPod but it spell cheeks !
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    How cool is that! Wtg momma!
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    Smart mommy , adaption is so way cool
  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    That is awesome! What a great use of technology as a study aid

  • JD_and_Nates_mommyJD_and_Nates_mommy
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    Thanks everyone! I am just so proud of him!
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    Great idea! And yay for your DS!!!!
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    I have Alli spell hers out loud while writing them 5x. I love this idea and will have her use her iTouch ;-)
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    We do all kinds of fun stuff to keep ds7 interested:
    -he "writes" the words on my back & I have to guess.
    -I scramble the letters up & have him unscramble
    -he writes them with a qtip using bleach on construction paper
    -he taps his foot or hand with each letter
  • momofdbb said:

    That is good ! Spelling has always been an issue with DS. He doesn't have a phone though. He has an iPod but it spell cheeks !

    I think you can turn off auto correct, maybe in the settings?
  • Since we started studding this way he has gotten 100% on all but 1 test, where he missed 1 and he was very upset to have gotten that 1 wrong lol

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    I am having the same problem with my son, 5, in kindergarten. But with his sight words. They have sent home over 100 since beginning of school and my poor son can only read about 10-15. His teacher says he is going to need to be in kindergarten again next year. I feel like I failed as a mother.
  • All kids learn differently, just try a different way to study, eventually you will find one that works :) Good luck!
  • JD_and_Nates_mommyJD_and_Nates_mommy
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    I had a parent teacher conference last night.  His spelling grade last quarter was a D.  This quarter?  He has an A!!  I am so proud of him!!!  His teacher was so excited, his teacher from last year gave me a hug when she found out.  I am floating on cloud 9 today!