Secretly TTC?
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    Sooo.. I'm brand new here :) my husband and I are currently ttc, but we haven't told a single living soul for the fact everyone will have their own negative thing to say about it. Except for maybe my MIL, she loves being a grandma and wants all her kids to have kids regardless of their living sitatution. We have been trying since October and it kills me we're still not pregnant since my husband acted like it'd be so easy and we'd get pregnant on our first try. But the part about it that stings the most are that two of my cousin, both of which cannot afford a child, are both pregnant. I'm hoping this month will be our month though. Does anybody have any helpful advice to help speed up the process of conciving?
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    I say only you two can make the desicion to have a baby. Why would everyone be against it?

    Have you tried anything to help out with conceiving? We were one of those odd couples that literally got pregnant first try but we "cheated" a little. I was told if have fertility issues and wanted to know if I ovulated even. So we used an ovulation kit and bada bing we were pregnant! We actually never realized it takes a few months most of the time like we see with our friends now. Good luck with getting pregnant very soon!
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    Lots of luck to you! First thing is to start charting there is an ovulation kit at Walmart by the brand answer it has a 20 day test strip pack and it's reasonably priced that way you can start tracking your cycles
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    Bless your efforts , surrounding you with lots of baby vibes , Hugs
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    Good luck and try charting. We are hoping this is our month as well.
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    To make a long story short we dealt with infertility for years, conceived twins (without help), dealt with infertility for almost 5 years, conceived again but it was ectopic, found out I had cervical cancer, got treatment for that and the month we were given the green light to have sex we conceived the little girl I am pregnant with right now. Okay fine it's still a pretty long story... Sorry.

    The *only* thing we changed was that I started taking a Vitex supplement. You can get it at places like GNC.

    Although 3 months is really not very long at all. Just charting, temping and using the ovulation tests should help you conceive faster. If you want cheap ovulation strips and pregnancy tests check out eBay. They are not the fanciest strips but they are dirt cheap and work the same as the expensive ones.

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    If you have a regular period, the online ovulation predictors can be helpful too.  It took us over 6 mo of trying before we conceived.  In fact, I had gone to the doctor and had a formal fertility test performed, and the day I got the call that I was fertile was most likely the day that I had conceived!

    But mostly - get in there an get it on! 

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    If you've been on hormone BC (pill, shot, etc) it can take at least 3 months to clear from your system. DH and i started 'trying' in Oct 09, and found out we were expecting in Feb 10. 
    I wouldn't worry yet, but a ovulation kit can't hurt either. Just make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins (with folic acid) now :) 
    Oh, and regardless of when you ovulate, having sex every 2 days should get you a good shot at conceiving. Enjoy trying :P