So frustrated!!! My child won't play with his toys!!!
  • brit86bratbrit86brat
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    My DS6 is frustrating the hell out of me!!! He has a room full of toys and refuses to just go play!! I've turned off the TV, set up toys in his bedroom, and he acts like I'm punishing him. He is currently laying on the couch, staring off into space, and refusing to play! I just don't get it!! I'm half tempted to start giving them to kids who will actually play with them...Anyone else have this problem and if so any suggestions on how to handle it???
  • AAA08
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    Keep strong. He will eventually go play. They get so used to being entertained, they don't know how to play at times. He will stop pouting when he realizes you won't turn the tv back on.
  • brit86bratbrit86brat
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    Thanks :) I just feel like perhaps this is one those "Mommy fail" moments...Idk how I let it get to the point where he thinks that playing in his bedroom is the worst thing I've ever asked from him.
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Like eating , put it down and walk away ignore ignore all the cajoling in the world won't work . It is the start of whose in charge you or the child. Blessings love hugs
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    Leave the tv off, eventually he will go play. You could offer to play with him. Or read a book together, puzzle, board game?
  • Peace
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    Ignore him. :D
    If you're doing it to have some time to get other things done, restrict tv time, etc., it's working.
    Nothing to fix here. You basically told him to entertain himself & he is. Not the way you expected, but he's fine. Don't get into a power struggle like was said. He'll end it sooner if you ignore it.
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    @Peace nailed it. Just leave the tv off and go on with your day. He'll eventually wander off to find something to play with when he realizes the tv isn't coming back on. My girls do that crap all the time. It is a little maddening, but he'll get there.
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    Thanks ladies!! The TV never was turned back on last night and he did spend the majority of his time just laying on the couch doing nothing, but after I went into his bedroom, set toys up for him, and gave him some ideas, I figured that I had done more than my part. We do play games and I often play with him, but I feel like he really needs to learn to entertain himself. Its obviously a work in progress and I will keep at it!
  • undercoverbanana
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    Just go on with your day. If he feels like he's being forced, he will never play them. Are those toys things he wanted, or things people decided he should want? or things he might have outgrown?
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    I always had a stash of toys put away in a rubbermaid tub for when mine got bored with the ones that they had been using. And I'd rotate the bins. They'd get bored with the ones that are out, so I'd pull out a 'new' bin and put one (or two) away. The new one would keep them busy for hours
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    Mine rarely plays with his gazillions of toys either, but if left to his own defenses and given suggestions, he will. I just make sure I've done a few one on one things with him so that when he complains, I've already done my part lol.
  • brit86bratbrit86brat
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    Thanks for all the input ladies! The toys are ones he's asked for, lots of superhero stuff which he loves...I recently cleaned out his room and put some toys away and bring them out only occassionally and a lot of the time he is at home is spent with me (he's an only child). Also, I have tried setting up the toys and giving him some suggestions, but so far I've been met with resistance. He's been at his dad's all weekend so we will give it another go this :)