What are your plans?
  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    I know that lots and lots of people hate this highly commercialized holiday, and I get it.. BUT it's also my birthday..so I'm partial I guess :)

    Anyone want to share the sweet things you've done or plan to do for your love to celebrate Valentine's day, full of sappy Hallmark cards and boxed chocolate?

    We will obviously celebrate both my birthday and V-day, DH doesn't get a 2 for 1 deal on this.. We usually go out to dinner somewhere fancy and talk about the past year and how far we've come blah blah.. my birthday will likely consist of the same, or something flower related.  

    I SUCK at coming up with gifts for DH on every single occasion, so the dinner to me is half cop out/half real deal (I much prefer the time w/ him and a nice meal to a gift myself).

    Happy Valentine's Day!  Even to you Vday grumps! ;)

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    Pre-kids we would go out to a nice dinner and do the card/flowers/candy deal.

    Now I usually just cook a nice dinner at home for us and the kids and make something valentiney for dessert. Last year I made chocolate covered strawberries and OMG they were Sooo good!

    This year it will really depend on when the baby comes and whether I need a cesarean or not. She is due on February 17th but more than likely will be here by the end of January. Either way I probably won't be in any condition to be cooking a fancy meal or making a fancy dessert.
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    Found out tonight we are heading down to San Diego to see Jeffe's brothers band play.......some "Anti-Valentines Day" rock fest......should be fun......I don't have to cook, booze, sweaty long haired med on guitars......should be lots of fun!!!!!!!
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    If I am remembering right ( with me it's a toss up ! 8-} ) my brother got married on St Valentines day !
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    Valentine's Day is my DH's birthday also.

    We tend to skip Valentine's Day and just celebrate his birthday. We are not big on the mushy romance stuff but DH insists on working a 9 day fortnight so we can spend time together while the kiddies are at kindy.
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  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    We do nothing. i get to drag ds to an endocrinology appointment and he has to work. ds birthday is that weekend and the following weekend its my birthday in which we will do nothing as well.. oh well i did nothing for dfs birthday other than make him his favorite dinner. i may get a happy birthday and a happy valentines day.. days are marked on the calander so i hope he sees them... but i doubt it..
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  • realtormomrealtormom
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    We don't usually do much other than home made cards. Last year DH brought me and each of our DDs flowers. I've made photo cards with lists of how I love him bordering the photos.
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  • WickedDunkieJunkieWickedDunkieJunkie
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    For the sappy part... no clue.
    So far, I just know that I may or may not be taking my son for his license test again.
    I'm kinda hoping I'm not taking him.

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  • PurpleFlowersPurpleFlowers
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    Ummmm, nothing :(
    Stay away from my chocolate and nobody gets hurt!

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  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    If we do anything it is usually the day before or the day after when all candy is on sale and the food cheaper usually and lunch also cheaper get the idea do something that's yep cheap
  • SalllyWingo
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    My SO & I made a pact when we started dating that we would not celebrate anything.  No gifts for bdays, xmas, anniversaries or vday. Why? Because of the pressure to find the "perfect" gift! 
  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    @gramalibby that's a good point, we do that too.. out to dinner the week after, candy after, flowers after.

    Aw, @soupermom, I totally get the point.  My parents have always done that and it's always made me a little sad that they don't acknowledge/gift each other on holidays.  And yes, I know.. gifts have nothing to do with love etc.. but it's a sweet gesture!  I hate shopping for DH, so the idea certainly appeals to me on that end of it!

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  • SalllyWingo
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    @tothemoonandback  Ohhhh don't get me wrong!  We "acknowledge" each other!   Your parents probably did too!  GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol   ;)
  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    @Soupermom, ACK!!!!! %-(
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  • GPAMomGPAMom
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    January and February are usually our poorest months because it's the quietest time in the world of construction. I usually make a slightly fancier dinner for DH and the kids here at the house- shrimp scampi or some such. My husband does buy me flowers some years. Other years I pay the electric bill instead- and we all celebrate having luxuries like lights and heat. ;-)

    When we were younger and had fewer children, we'd go out to eat. Then I realized I didn't really enjoy it. Every restaurant is crazy busy, so service and sometimes the food isn't as good as it might be on other nights. So, now- even if we are flush with cash, we don't eat out that night and will wait for some other evening.

    This year, I was thinking about asking him if he was willing to exchange love letters like another SM mentioned in another thread- I'm sorry, I forget who it was.
  • TheMomFactorTheMomFactor
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    I'm getting a baby sitter, ordering a pizza, possibly drinking a beer, and going to watch the new Die Hard movie with my SO. I'm not a Vday fan, so I'm celebrating it in a whole new way. Fatty foods, alcohol, and an action movie.
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  • junglezoo
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    Found out there is a band dh likes playing nearby the w/e before vday so I might see if he wants to go. Otherwise we don't do much. I make him a card from the kidlets and maybe a nice meal. I'm lucky if I get flowers or chocolates. I tried to get him do the letter thing a few years ago.....never panned out.
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  • DemandaDemanda
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    Oh I love Valentines Day, @tothemoonandback! We're pretty lovey dovey all year long, I think if I was in a relationship where I only got acknowledged on special days, I'd hate it (I'm thinking back to my marriage here, and I never USED to like it, and that was probably why)

    We don't usually make plans, we go on dates at least twice a month, it's our rule haha, so we tend to avoid an actual "date" on the actual day because nice restaurants jack their prices up, and we're like, fuck that, we'll wait a few days.

    So, we celebrate, but we don't necessarily do a big thing on the actual day, you know?

    I did find an idea on Pinterest that I'm totally doing... Love bombing the kids' bedroom doors! Basically, you make paper hearts and everyday starting Feb 1 you write on a heart something you love about them and stick it to their bedroom door. On Valentines Day, they'll have 14 little love notes. I think it's super sweet!
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  • WabiSabiLife
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    Two best things I've done for DH for Vday: got him a nice hemp tshirts but then used fabric paint to write something nice("go team! I love you") on the inside of the bottom hem. He could turn it up to read it but to everyone else it was a regular tshirt. And one year I made him a fleece hat out of scrap and then inside I painted how many days we'd been together. Inexpensive, practical, and a touch romantic. And I guess there's a 3rd thing though it wasn't a "gift" per se: I took my hpt on vday, lol!
  • Manders15Manders15
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    Last year I made SO an extra nice dinner and he bought me flowers which was perfect. This year I'm trying to do something bigger so I already told him it would be a combo Valentine's/ birthday gift ( his bday is exactly a month later) I want to take him to a jazz/blues club. This will be great BC he's so hard to shop for and since he loves jazz he'll really enjoy it. I don't know what he'll do but that's fine. I'd be thrilled w flowers and a card which I'll tell him.
  • kittenkitty00
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    Just found out my surgery wont be c section style only laproscopy so im gonna go out for dinner and dancing.
  • BeerWenchBeerWench
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    Cards and beers... I get the kids a little box of candy and a card
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  • Matt115
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    My daughter will turn 1 on Valentines day. So we are celebrating it differently with cake and presents this year.
  • Katescrazymom
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    We've never made a big deal out of Valentines Day (or any holiday)....we've gone out to dinner a few times, but if it's during the week, I'll just make a nicer dinner and some heart shaped treats or buy some chocoloate.  I have some fun dying food red and pink for the daycare kids, and we make cards.
  • MollyGrahamMollyGraham
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    Before our DS was born, we used to go all out. Little notes on the bathroom mirror, breakfast in bed, flowers, etc. Now we usually just call the local pizza place. They make a special heart shaped pizza that day.
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  • lilolmelilolme
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    I'm lucky if I even see my DH on V-day. If he isn't here he usually orders flowers to be delivered with a smushy card attached. I usually will get the kids the little candy heart thingys and a small stuffie. That's about all we do.
  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @tothemoonandback awww happy birthday (early)

    Sometimes we celebrate on V-day, sometimes the weekend before or after, depending on various factors.

    My parents are planning on taking the kids to Disney the saturday after, so I think I know what DH and I will be doing ;) 
    >:) Some 50 shades of FUN bitches!!!

    Plus between the tax return and his bi-annual bonus, I'm hoping I will get a pair of amethyst earrings to match the necklace he got for me for our anniversary (yeah I'm big on matchy matchy lately). I have some other jewelry I need work on but it may have to wait, but I at least want an estimate (a charm bracelet and a watch that need links added).

    I do know I am sending him to Bonefish grill to pick up a Godiva chocolate creme brulee for me :D
  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    We bought tickets to go see Artie Lange's stand up, we will go to dinner first and if we can convince DS' Godmother to stay overnight, we will be heading to a cheap hotel!
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  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    Ahhh @theheadacheslayer, we went to Bonefish the other night and had one.. omg.

    We have reservations at a fancy shmancy restaurant downtown, we'll make a downtown day of it probably.
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  • TheHeadacheslayer
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    @tothemoonandback I know right? :D Add the Godiva martini and yowza!!!
  • DemandaDemanda
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    We went to our most romantical restaurant this past Saturday. I've been doing the love bombs, decided to do them for BF as well as the kids. They love them! He's got something up his sleeve... He wanted to go to Michaels of all places, and I couldn't go with him. Wtf? He must be making some sort of craft...he came home all exasperated and mumbling about "scrap booking housewives". I have no idea what he's up to... He's really not one to do crafts.
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  • MotherOfGizmo
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    It's my little sister's birthday too.  <:-P

    DH is always 400+ miles away, at work , for Vday. He sends flowers.

  • faith4realfaith4real
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    Most definitely something Chocolate.  Like Chocolate Cheesecake, or Chocolate Chess Pie.
    Or A box of Chocolates.  
  • Zooy
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    We'll order pizza and watch movies together. I got some tickets to go to the NHL alumni hockey game the next weekend so that's his gift.
  • just_mejust_me
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    My birthday is the 16th so I'm almost in the same boat as you! Its a fun time to have a birthday! We usually go out to eat or something like that and I usually get some chocolate...which I love!
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  • MomaFive
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    Day before is my ultrasound for the twins. So DH and I are going out for lunch post ultrasound to celebrate Vday. We don't usually do anything romantic. The first yr we were together the kids and I made <3 shaped pizza :)

    My dad always got me something on Vday - when I got home from school there was always something. One yr it was a teeny tiny troll doll holding hearts on my dresser. It's something I looked forward to 'cos my dad never said anything lovie.
    DH writes notes to the kids and I always get them something. Valentines isn't "romantic" per say in my eyes - it's a nice excuse to treat the girlies to something that shows them we love them.
  • 3bluetulips3bluetulips
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    This time of year is crazy for me.  My DS7 birthday is the 13, then my Mothers birthday is the 14, just like yours @tothemoonandback. She is flying out to celebrate them both. So, I have to make valentines for his class, yes I do this despite the stress cause I think it's fun, and I hate all the ones you can buy. Nothing to fancy, but something. Then we do brithday pancakes for his day, and a cake for hers. Then of course I'm planning his party, set for the 17th. I'm taking my Mother out for a night of painting and drinking wine, with a bunch of Moms from my group.
    I hate to say it, but I never even thought of doing something with the DH, he just gets lost in all of this. It's never been our best holiday. We've never gone out for it, we usually save that for our birthdays or anniversary.
    @Supermom, I wish we had made that pact. He is the hardest person to buy or do anything for, and I certainly don't need it. Good on you for breaking the tradition. Wonder if we could do that now?

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