Kid with a cough
  • MsAsdy
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    DD is 4 and has a nasty cough that's part of the flu/cold that's been going around like crazy here. I gave her honey but it really didn't do much good. What do you use when a natural standby doesn't cut it in an age like that?
  • mamaofboysmamaofboys
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    I give both my DS Mucinex mini melts. It says for children 4 and up. I notice such a big difference almost instantly and I usually only use it at night when their coughs are really bad. There are also some more natural based medications that can be used for kids that age. Hope she feels better quickly!! It seems as though we get rid of one sickness only to start a new one. No fun at all :(
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  • MsAsdy
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    Amen!!! We've been going through random illness after random illness for nearly two months now. It's getting old. And the flu revisited us because she's such a thoughtful bitch. Lol. I'm having her tested for allergies next week just to make sure that nothing in the house like mold is making her sick or she doesn't have allergies. Thanks for the idea on the mucinex though! I had no idea they made that!
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    Have her tested for mono just in case. Alli had it when she was 6 and apparently it's pretty common. She had strep twice and then every 6 or 7 days would spike a fever.

    Hope she feels better soon.
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    J's pediatrician gave us the ok to give him the big kid stuff (Triaminic cough and cold), half a dose at bed time, but I wouldn't do that w/out checking with your doc first!  Not sure if it really helped, we used the Zarbee's cough stuff (mostly honey) that is all natural or whatever and it seemed to help the best.
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  • GritsGrits
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    Hyland's makes an all natural cough med, too. It's safe for ages 2 and up. I discovered it when DD4 was coughing her brains out. It doesn't last a really long time, but you can give it every 4 hours. It worked really well for us, and it's fairly inexpensive, too.
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    This sounds crazy, but it works: smear the soles of her feet with Vicks Vaporub and put an old pair of socks over it. For some reason it helps with the coughing, especially when you do it before bed.
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  • MsAsdy
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    Thanks ladies! So far the cough has subsided but I've always wondered now that she's older what I could do. We've all got it, unfortunately. She's got a chiro appt next week to get adjusted so she can handle stuff better and also an allergy test because she's got a few indicators of allergies. I use Highland teething tablets for LO so I'm all for using it for something else as well! Thanks again guys!