Pregnant or fat?
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    So our office does little birthday celebrations where everyone gathers around the bday person and sings happy bday and opens gifts and eats cake. I'm already the type of person that absolutely HATES the center of attention and get right after they sang my boss (owner and only male in office) asked if that was a baby bump I had!!

    Ok so I was pretty mortified and said, "no, and thanks that was rude".....

    After he left everyone was like omg I cant believe he said that. Well I can because he doesn't know how to be couth and keep his big mouth fucking shut.

    I get that I've gained 30 pounds in the last year or so, Ive always been the skinny one, so yeah it hurt my feelings. It doesn't help that this is the second time in a few weeks that another owner straight up asked by text, which was fine but I still felt bad about myself. I guess since I've just recently gotten married everyone expects it to happen, but damn, that was SO rude and none of his damn business. Or the whole office for that matter!
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    I hate that co-workers feel like just because they see you more than your own family does, that they can say and do whatever the hell they feel like.

    I think your response was perfect.  I probably wouldn't have been able to hold back a "So go FUCK YOURSELF" at the end of that retort. 

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    hugs. I've had just the opposite the past few years, I lost almost 90lbs, and I had customers asking me if I was sick. People are just rude. Your response was perfect. And Happy Birthday lady!
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    Oh, I'm sorry. That's SO rude and insensitive. My feelings are hurt for you. I know it won't change what he said, but I think you should let him know exactly how he makes you feel especially since this was the second freaking time. What an asshole!


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    *hugs* I've gained 30lbs in the last year myself, and my mom keeps asking if I'm SURE I'm not pregnant. I hate it. :(
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    I had a client come up and try to hug me because she thought I was pregnant.  DS was probably 10-12 months old at the time.  I wanted to punch her, but of course, had to play nice.  It really is a huge blow to the ego to have someone rude enough to say something like that.  Sorry, hun.  >:D<
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    When I told him it was rude, he was like really, I can't say that?! He is the biggest fucking dick alive. My job would be close to perfect if he wasn't the owner of the company. He makes me hate my job.

    I would have loved to say some more choice words including a fuck you, but yeah I had to open gifts from him which are generous but still, I totally wanted to say fuck this I'm done and walk away no gifts opened nothing. I don't even want a damn party....I'm freakin 32 years old and don't want it to be made out to be a big deal....

    You guys I am so fucking tired of hearing the "are you pregnant" questions. Am I not allowed to gain weight in fucking peace?!
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    I am 8 pregnant and coworkers are just now commenting on it.... wtf did they think I was before?!
  • BlessieBlessie
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    Also, what an asshole! Big huge hugs @bassmom!

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    I don't ever ask. EVER. Unless your water breaks or the baby crowns in my presence, I'm not saying anything. I leave it up to the woman to share pregnancy news. 
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    @gingersnap EXACTLY! unless there's a baby falling out of you into my arms I'm not saying shit!
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    Even if you think the woman's pregnant and she says she is, you can't even say something like, "Well, I thought you had a good baby bump going there, but I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure." Because then she might say something like, "I'm only 13 weeks along."


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    I never ask either @gingersnap its none of my damn business! If they want to tell me fine but I'm not going to possibly cause one or both of is embarrassment or anything.

    That douche of a boss just walked in and asked that since it was my bday (it was actually Friday but couldn't celebrate it that day) and I said well my bday was Friday, and no I already have plans, which I do. Even if I didn't have lunch plans there is no way in hell I'd go to lunch with him after what he said to me!
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    There was a guy I worked with that asked me on several occasions. It got to where it was a joke ! He wasn't what you would say being mean he just was goofy ! No common sence.
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    Whatta douche. Sorry sweetie I had the same shit happen to me a few yrs back, with some older patients of mine.. I would laugh it off in front of them and tell them nope just fat... I just wanted to taco punch those people, but knowing my luck I wouldve ended up in handcuffs and on the news for punching an eighty yr old dialysis patient.
    Hugs sweetie sending bad mojo to your dumbass boss.
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    Print this and leave it on his desk.  What an ass.

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  • forkinthehead
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    Your boss needs a smack upside his head, what a jerk. I'm so sorry you were made to feel bad. :(
  • junglezoo
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    Wow that royally sucks! It happened to me once when I was a teenager working as a cashier....guess the smock made me look fat? Felt like shit about myself afterwards.
    Next time he asks you ask him if he has a small dick. If he says it's inappropriate then you have your response that it's inappropriate to ask you if you are pregnant.

    PS Happy Birthday!!! :D
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    I admit to being the dick who was 5 months pregnant and had a coworker ask me and because it was so painfully obvious because I was a stick skinny girl who look like I swallowed a basketball I told her no I just got fat with atotally straight face . of course she was mortified and so I laughed and told her no really I was 5 months pregnant .
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    I'm not skinny not really fat anymore. But I am freaking 8months with my fourth kid. Belly ain't no joke!
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    Omg.....when a clueless guy tries to be sensitive....bad shit happens. Can't tell you how many times my hubs has fucked up, called ,me, and I said walk out. Now. Don't say anything. I will be there in an hour. (with cupcakes, flowers, tortillas, whatever). just shut up and walk away, or I can't fix it. Now he calls me before he opens his mouth. He claims all the credit, but the 200plus women he works with know that I save his stupid ass. And I have only met about 50 of them.
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  • undercoverbanana
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    One of his coworkers was having a bad day, and he said "you look like your dog died." she had just put down her 16year old Boston terrier. yes....i made strawberry rose cupcakes. walk out, dumbass. Say nothing. Walk out now.
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  • GrainneGrainne
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    I'm so sorry he said that to you. It hurts . happens to me too I have separated abdomen from carrying twins and my stomach bulges out. I hate it. Big hugs
  • undercoverbanana
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    Gotta tell you, your idiot boss has no idea what he did wrong. He is that clueless. Hopefully he is still married, and he will get an explanation of what he did wrong whether he likes it or not.
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  • BassmomBassmom
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    You would think after 20 years of mostly an office full of women, and having a wife, that he would learn what isnt ok to say to women. Hes a pathetic excise for a man and a fucking horrible boss.
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    Thankfully, I haven't had the not-pregnant but asked if pregnant scenario...
    But I had a regular customer at Starbucks tell me I need to lay off the frappuccinos because I was getting chunky.
    Bitch I'm due any day!
    Thanks for telling me I look like a heifer. Time for my hormones to kick either my or your ass.
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  • BassmomBassmom
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    If i was pregnant, I wouldnt put it past my boss to say something about me being fat. Either way it sucks. People have no damn business commenting on your size! Most of my life ive been the skinny one and it would piss me off if i got comments about that too. Who cares what our size is? What matters to me is whether you have a shitastic personality or not!
  • lilolmelilolme
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    I haven't had this happen recently but my mom is famous for tickling my tummy and pointing out that I am putting on weight. I am 5'2 and weigh about 132, so a lil over weight but to have it pointed out when I already feel icky about myself just sucks. I carry all my weight in my belly, so could pass for preggers if I didn't try to hide it.
  • SalllyWingo
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    *hugs* I've gained 30lbs in the last year myself, and my mom keeps asking if I'm SURE I'm not pregnant. I hate it. :(

    I have too - and I am just fat.