Moms at what age did you stop taking your DS's in the womens bathroom?
  • CinnaCinna
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    My DS is 5 and I think he's starting to get uncomfortable going in the women's bathroom with me but I'm still uncomfortable with sending him alone to the male bathroom :(
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  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    My DS is the same way !! He is 5 and I just don't like sending homing alone. At church I feel ok with it , it's in the kids area so it's usally just kids. But at the park I made his dad take him. He was annoyed ( his dad ) that he had to take him. Groan , I mean really you never changed the kids diaper , now you don't want to take him so he can pee ! He wants to use the urinals , womans restrooms don't have them. DS 13 goes by himself , he was probably 7-8 when I started sending him on his own.
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  • fatchickonabikefatchickonabike
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    I don't have a son, but I read something once by a woman who said she solved this dilemma by sending her son into the men's washroom alone, but the deal was he had to sing loudly the entire time he was in there and if the singing stopped, she would go charging in there to make sure everything was okay. Of course, this only works if your kid isn't too shy to sing at the top of his lungs while taking care of business.

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  • BlessieBlessie
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    DS6 (almost 7) objected once or twice, but not because he was uncomfortable. He didn't want to break a rule. He was fine once I explained that he can go in if he's with me. But I have let him start going in the men's by himself if it is empty and he whistles or sings the whole time... nooo I'm not overprotective...
  • KrabbyKay
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    About 4 DS *insisted* on not going to the ladies', so I terribly anxiously waited outside the mens', sometimes calling to him if it was taking a while  :\"> Poor guy, what an embarrassing mom...He's 8 now and I wait a lot more relaxed.
  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    I really like @fatchickonabike's suggestion!
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  • CrashCrash
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    I think Jolon started using the men's when he was around 6. There was a lot of anxious loitering, mostly because he's a kid who can sit on the toilet and amuse himself for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Luckily school taught him to use urinals so he's much faster now. The only time where I really really worried was when we were at west edmonton mall and there was a stream of men in and out of the washroom because it was a crazy busy day. Less that I thought someone would molest him, and more about whether or not he would 'know' to wait in line, and act appropriately.
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    I still make ds6 go in the ladies room with me unless it is a single stall men's room or dh is with me to take him into the men's room.

    I'm not so much worried about the other men he may encounter in there as the things he may touch. All public restrooms are gross but men's rooms are disgusting!
  • SammieSammie
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    I had not even thought of this yet!! My son isn't even due until April...and now I'm already stressing about this. AHHH!


  • Lakegirl34
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    My son's not even 2 yet, so I don't have to deal with this yet, but he has learned to unlock the stall doors and expose me several times. Managing him in the stall is hard when I have to go!
  • ChibikoChibiko
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    With DS6 it really depends on where we are. We went to a play at the Civic Center and the woman's room line was much longer then the men's room line. I didnt want him to get done and left up to his own devices waiting for me so he went w me. Target or someplace in town I let him go on his own.

    Really though I have been wrestling w this myself
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  • shouldcleanshouldclean
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    My son is 5. If he is the only one who has to go I send him in the mens room by himself but make him talk to me the whole time. If its all of us, the for of us go into the restroom together, he is to little to wait outside by himself.
  • HestiaHestia
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    my son is 8 and if I have no choice he goes in the men's room but I stand the door the whole time talking to him . who uses family restrooms if there are any because those are usually singles or he uses the women's with me lol and he knows the bathroom rules and he is not shy about telling people who bother him what they are
  • jaydensmom09
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    My son is 3. I'm a single mom.I was actually just wondering this the other day. I don't think I'm going to send my DS to the men's bathroom till he's 7 or 8...
  • anonymommy
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    DS3 is already having a fit about going in the *girl one*  I send him with DH if he's with us, but otherwise he's going to be sucking it up for quite a while.
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    My boys are 6 i make them go in together or if we are at the park he has to talk really loud.. though last spring i didnt know that the city atturney wad in the bathroom with his kids... my kid has gone to daycare with his kids since they were babies.. my son came running out theres a man in there will 3 kids... lol his own..
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  • just_kimjust_kim
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    My sons were @ 6 when I started sending them in the boys room. I figured they were going to the bathroom by themselves at school, so they knew what to do.
    I'm not above talking to them, and they are so embarrassed that they learned to go quick. I'm always more worried about what they do while they are waiting for me to get done.
  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    If I have to go too DS5 comes in with me. If he just has to go I let him go in the mens room and I wait outside. If DS13 is with me they go in the mens together and I will go in the ladies. And it will continue this way until I am comfortable he is at an age where I think he is responsible enough to wait for me. I also feel it depends on where you are and the foot traffic through those bathrooms.
  • TragedyAnn
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    Don't your public places have 'Family' restrooms? Around here they have them in pretty much every place and the places they don't are usually smaller places that wouldn't be as scary to let them go in alone.
  • undercoverbanana
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    i used to send him to check to see if there was anyone in there, first, let me know, and then i stood outside the mens room door until he came out. and made a point to speak loudly enough that whoever was there knew i was right outside.
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  • SammieSammie
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    So I have been thinking about this and I think 13. That's appropriate, right? He shouldn't mind a bit ;)


  • PJSaregreatPJSaregreat
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    My ds6 has started asking why he always has to go to the 'girl one'. I guess I could send him with ds11 or ds12, but if he goes #2, he takes FOREVER! and the older 2 don't like to wait for him, lol.
  • Moomin
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    Sorry but I totally just read this as DSs (as in Nintendo!) And thought what a great idea! I haven't even started yet!! Hahaha. I have 2xDDs 4 and 1 and another due in 10 weeks so total mommy brain! Love the singing idea though!
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  • GrainneGrainne
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    Our ds5's have noticed the difference. I tell them little boys are allowed to go in the ladies if they are with their mom. If DH is there he takes them. Too paranoid here to let them go by themselves (former CPs worker so justified with the paranoia lol)
  • momofdbbmomofdbb
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    I ended up taking DS to the meat tonight ! Lol. He wanted to use the men's and someone was in the girls. It was a single so only one person at a time. I tried to stand at the door and get him to pee into the seat but no !! He wanted to use the urinal ! It was way to tall he couldn't aim that high ! So I ended up going in locking the door and holding him over it like a pinyata . Lol. ( I had to correct the autocorrect ! It had me licking the door ! Ewewww )
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  • cheesehead4ever
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    Don't your public places have 'Family' restrooms? Around here they have them in pretty much every place and the places they don't are usually smaller places that wouldn't be as scary to let them go in alone.

    Our malls have them, but that is pretty much it. One of the many reasons I was happy I had girls. I didn't want to deal with that issue.
    Although last year we went to a production of Lion King. Old huge theater in Minneapolis with not enough bathrooms. DD7 had to go at intermission and I swear there were 75 women inline ahead of us. Fortunately about five minutes before the second act, DH came looking for us (still in line, not even in the bathroom yet). He offered to just take her in the men's room where there wasn't any line at all. The other women in line practically applauded him.
  • irishlassirishlass
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    No such thing as 'family restrooms' here! Nope! My DS3 comes in with me, but has asked to go by himself a few times. I dont know when I will let him go by himself. Probably 13... @sammie's got the right idea ;) 
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