Toddlers eating diet foods?
  • Twobuggysmommy
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    I want a 100% honest opinion!!! Ok I really don't like the idea of my kids eating alot of junk food(don't get me wrong I allow some but bearly). Instead I find other snack foods mainly fruits, unbuttered popcorn, ECT. We were out and I gave my boys a couple small bags of Quaker's flavored rice cakes(the cheddar, and BBQ ones). A lady COMPLETELY chewed me out! Saying I need to let them be kids and stop pushing MY diet foods on babies! Even said it was child abuse and need to be reported. My boys are 3.5 years old and 21 months they weigh 34lbs and 22lbs. Am I in the wrong? I want honest opinions!
  • AAA08
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    I think that lady was a nut. Those aren't diet foods; they are healthy choices. Child abuse? Lmao. Right...
  • KrabbyKay
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    WTF is wrong with rice cakes??? That woman should maybe check into her meds, I think she got them wrong, or forgot them. 
  • AAA08
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    Maybe she'd be happy if you gave them baby bottles full of pepsi and donuts. Some people are just freaks.
  • BeachyBeachy
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    She was a nutjob. But your kids are at the low end of the weight scale for their ages. So she made an assumption . Fuck her.
    You, and your ped, know what is best for your kids and what is right.
    Omg, did you tell her to fuck off? I hope you did.
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    She was a nutter !!
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    Nope.  I think you are fine!

    Mary :-)

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    Meh. My 2 year old weighs 23 lbs because both my husband and I am are tiny. He has had every test under the sun and is healthy as a horse. We get shit from strangers all the time, and some weirdos at the gym called me anorexic because I was working out at 8 months pregnant. people need to stfu and mind their own business.
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    @tabby don't listen to her - you're doing ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong 
    I'd understand the bullshit she was giving you if (a) you were telling your child NOT to eat too much because it would make them fat (b) you were slipping them diet pills (c) they were dieting product/weightwatchers bars (marked on pkg)

    Would she have said it if you gave them carrots? salad? that's "diet" foods too....

    I have been known in the past to give my beanpole of a child "diet" foods. Why? Because that's what I was snacking on and she wanted it. For the record : I had a weightwatcher bar I had to give her once 'cos she was being a fussyass and that's all I had in my purse.

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    I personally wouldn't feed my children diet foods or drinks but I'd hardly consider rice cakes coated with BBQ or cheese flavoring a diet food.

    Diet foods to me are the chemical laced crap labeled. "Diet " or "sugar free"
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    What the hell? Rice cakes aren't diet food. They are just another source of carbs, they just don't have gluten. It's not like you were giving them a "slim fast bar' or protein shake. Yesh!

    My DS is 27mth, and at his 2yr check-up, he was 25lbs. He's healthy as can be, and despite the comments and looks I got when he was a baby, he ate a ton of healthy food, and just had a fast metabolism! All those nosy people  can stuff it!
  • 456Imamom
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    @AAAo8 Lol,  went through the same thing with DS! And as for the people at the gym, WTF? It's good for you and baby for you to exercise (as long as the doc didn't tell you otherwise).... Ugh, my patience with people is rapidly disappearing!
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    @456lmamom, lol! I was just going to write that! Mine is 27 months also. He eats all the time. :) People really frustrate me too. The gym ladies were off their rockers.
  • Twobuggysmommy
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    Thank you so much! But no I did not tell her off I was kinda in shock to say anything, I kinda wish I had thou! It kinda made me question myself in my head, I always make sure the boys get the right number of calories, just not through junk foods(which I believe are fine on rare occasions)
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    Dude it's cool, and you will reach the point when you don't even answer shit like this. My kids are tiny, and I don't fight fight people's reactions (anymore, I used to explain the shit outta it) now I just nod and flip them off behind their backs.,
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    Rice cakes aren't diet food! My kids like them. I don't believe in giving kids too much junk food and mine often pick fruit when given the choice I would have told her to mind her own business.
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    Humm.. my 6 yr old is 34lbs... hes got dwarfism but hey... he skinny i feed him anything he will eat.. 90% healthy foods and he gets a nutirtional shake too.. ive been called many things over what i feed him... specially since hes allergic to coconut oil..
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    Omg....what a terrible mom....cheddar rice cakes. He should be eating real cheetos, not cheddar rice cakes.
    Fuck that bitch! there is nothing wrong with that! Next time you see her, pop her in her ugly snoot! what a moron. Give her the finger and tell her to get over herself. Cheddar rice cakes are not diet food. They just arent complete and total garbage. Just healthier junk. You are not the Victoria fucking spice whatever mom, making your five year olds eat salads and diet soda. pop the bitch in her snoot, and tell her to go away. Better, yet, call security. I bet she has pissed off a ton of people.
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  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    I'm with @Llb, I personally wouldn't give my kids diet foods, but rice cakes aren't.
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    The biggest syrupy sweet smile w a reply of "aww, fuck you very much!"
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    Ummm they aren't diet food they are perfectly fine and no different then the toddler cheese proofs Gerber makes tell her to fuck off!!
  • GingersnapGingersnap
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    She was a nutter!

    When I radically changed my son's diet to a very restricted diet (specific carbohydrate diet & casein-free) because he alternated diarrhea/constipation my brother said I need to let my kid be a kid and he thought it was overly-controlling (he did not use the word abuse). It turned out that my son has celiac's disease and I was doing what he needed to heal his guts. 

    I don't think that making *healthy choices* for our kids or encouraging *healthy choices* is abusive. 
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    I love rice cakes.  Esp the caramel ones.  And I am fucking huge. 

    Nope.  Not a diet food.

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    Yep. Squirrel bait.
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  • Eema
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    Wow, that lady is an idiot. Flavored rice cakes are perfectly ok snacks. I bet that lady had a few failed diet days living off of rice cakes and is now traumatized by them for ever.
  • Marionettevie
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    LMFAO! what world does that bitch live in???? bbq rice cakes is diet food....would she rather you have 200lbs 5 year olds?  i think i would have stood there without a word to say too if i was told rice cakes is a diet food. kinda like WTF?  i dont purchase any of that diet/lowfat/nonfat/ whatever. stuff because i personally believe its not that good for you no matter how big you are, or how much weight you need to lose. so i would never eat it much less feed it to my child, but puffed rice, with artificial flavoring powder is NOT diet food... and "rabbit food" (fresh veggies and such) arent diet food either... they are REAL food.
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    I can't believe what people will say to complete strangers (ok not on social mediums, you tube or blogs) but out and about....

    Reminds me of my SO's aunt (she never had any kids) who started in on us about giving dd babyfood (from a jar) on vacation, talking about how bad the preservatives are for babies... but there were none in these jars (not in baby food here at least) but so adamant was she that we had to shove the jar in front of her face and she was still huffy about it. This same aunt sent candy at xmas which was not at all age appropriate - small hard sucking candy (not like chocolate) and dd has never even eaten candy (trying to delay that as much as possible). So I did the admirable thing and ate it myself ;). Then she wanted to send us more candy (with a beautiful dress she made for dd) but said she didn't because there was some color additive in it. It just made be chuckle because dd is still doesn't eat candy and to spend so much energy and "deep concern" for what is in the food she won't even be eating... I'd be happy if she sent rice cakes! Ha!

    I also saw a woman in the ER with baby under 2 and she was letting her drink a coke - a bit shocking to see but hell maybe the kid had an upset stomach or needed the sugar (low blood sugar) but as long as it doesn't affect me personally and no one is in imminent danger it is none of my business.
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