Expecting too much?
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    So im 19 weeks pregnant with my first, and im at that lovely bit where I can just start to feel him/her moving around. I find out the sex next wednesday, and am starting to enjoy pregnancy and look forward to being a mummy.
    My boyfriend is ecstatic - hes crying at One Born Every Min these days ffs. All in all were having a gay old time of it (finally) at the moment.

    Ive decided to breastfeed (not least because it burns 800cals a day and gives u awesome tits - thanks for the heads up SM!) but to be honest every account of it sounds painful exhausting and stressful.
    It seems to me that for the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy everybody could not tell me enough how awesome it was meant to be even though I felt and looked like utter shit.
    Now I finally start feeling good and getting my bounce back, and all I hear is 'that wont last, youll be huge soon' and horror stories about the billowing wizards sleeve that will soon replace my vagina.

    I mean really.
    How fucked up beyond fixing is my body going to be?!
    Wont breastfeeding make my boobs look like wornout saddlebags after? And is it really that difficult?
    Is it really all downhill from here?

    shit, man.
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  • momma2A
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    Lol I remember thinking all the same things you are! Hang in there sweetie it gets better(well kind of).

    My experience- I breastfed for 5months it's tough and not always fun. It does hurt in the beginning but once you get into a groove it's not so bad. I wished I was more comfortable with it cause I always felt like I had to hide and therefor didn't do it as long as I would have liked. I cried and cried when I quit but DD didn't care cause she was on the go already.

    As far as the aftermath, my boobs are the same size and shape. They were pretty firm before and now I like that they're a little squishy actually. They aren't like worn out saggy bags though so I'm glad. And my nether parts all looked and felt normal in time. I don't suggest looking down there too soon lol I scared myself and felt bad for SO! It's all good though. I am small framed and had a baby over 10lbs naturally and it's all back to good.

    Don't be too worried. You'll change for a bit but you can get it all back! But that's just my 2cents :)
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    My body seems ok after my first. Vag doesn't seem any different. I normally have A cups, they still looked pretty good after 6 months if breastfeeding. I also don't have the involuntary pee issue that I hear about. Keep up with the kegals!

    The 2nd is worse... I'm 30 weeks and about as big as I was when I had my first, and in more pain.

    There's hope for you!!
  • BettyboBettybo
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    Ive gone up two sizes, im freaking out ive never been this big!! haha.
    thanks for the reassurance. :D
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    sounds awesome @raginrach - defo can wait a couple years!
    I had D cup before, I think ive gone up about a cup and a half so far. if they get any bigger i find it hard to imagine they wont graze my belly button forever lol xx

    ps. what are kegals?? x
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  • OrchidsAndTulipsOrchidsAndTulips
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    Nope it's not all down hill. Our twins are almost 7 months old and I'm 18 pounds off my pre pregnancy weight; but I also work my buns off when DD7 is at school. My boobs went of a C to D and still have perk to them. Breast feeding might seem like a hassle but once you have a feeding schedule becomes so much easier. I won't lie my boobs hurt really bad at first but everything worked its self out. I do pee sometimes if I cough roughly or have an unexpected sneeze and I can't brace for it. Yes your body changes but its not all bad. And lotion that baby bump!
  • BettyboBettybo
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    hanmering the tummy butter right now!
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  • BlessieBlessie
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    Lol billowing wizard sleeve... anyway. I have vaginally given birth to 3 kids so far. It's... different. But it's not batwings, or bad. Lol I even had sex with my high school sweetheart (that I actually lost my virginity to) just to ask him if there was a difference after my son was born. I may have had a few "issues" (hell, I even told him that why I was sleeping with him, so he would pay attention lol). He said it was different, buuut no complaints! ;)
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    hahaha!! to be honest
    im dead worried about tearing, im that little ive torn literally every time ive had sex and not noticed until after.
    God knows what a baby will do!!
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  • OrchidsAndTulipsOrchidsAndTulips
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    Kegels are an exercise for vaginal muscles. And they help a lllllloooooottttt getting things back to shape. It's hard to describe but it's like when your peeing and you stop the flow. Those are the muscles you want to target and you can do them anywhere any time. I do them while driving and standing in queue at the store
  • BettyboBettybo
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    oh yeah, pelvic floor exercises - I get you. I am alllll over that already!! haha x
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  • CrashCrash
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    It may be easy breezy for you....and it might be a nightmare. There's really no way of telling. For me, pregnancy was a breeze (worked up until the day of) and breastfeeding...well. It was rough the first two weeks, but never to the point of "Fuck this shit". It was more a matter of "well there's no bottles, bubs, so we gotta work this out." Getting that latch right is the most important.

    The rest? It'll be fine. Your boobs won't deflate. Your vag will go back to something resembling normal. 
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  • BettyboBettybo
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    haha I love u dudettes sometimes. thanks for letting me know concerning ur well recovered vaginas, this has been invaluable. <3
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  • SchweddyBallsSchweddyBalls
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    My girls are a fairly decent example that bf doesn't ALWAYS ruin boobs.....
    I bf for a total of 90+ months (spread over 5 crotch fruit).......
    Started out with 38D when I was 18....... I'm sportin 38-40 DD now and the only difference physically are small stretch marks, nips are a bit bigger and they migrated about an inch south......other than that.....my boobs still pretty much rock.
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  • SchweddyBallsSchweddyBalls
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    As far as hanging roast beef curtains........I've pushed 4 of the 5 outta my lady flower and it's still resembles some thing close to it's original shape.......at least I haven't had any complaints......no issues with wandering lips poking out.
    I'm the nicest person you will ever meet, UNTIL you fuck with me or the betches I love.......
  • BettyboBettybo
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    as long as I dont age 60yrs overnight and grow to hate myself as Im told I will, im ok with the reality u lot are telling me about! lol
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  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I think after the first 17 weeks (when the sickness finally eneded) the rest of the pregnancy was awesome!!!!! I loved it. Really. I never had any major pain, much trouble sleeping, etc. I never felt huge either. Even the weekend before I was scheduled for my c-section I didn't feel huge, although looking back at pictures I looked much bigger than I felt. But after pregnancy, your body will not be damaged, it will more than likely change, but that's it. Nothing major. Again, I know of some people who complain of every little ache and pain during pregnancy and I think that mentality dampers the whole amazing process of actually carrying a little human being inside of you. If you have a positive outlook, you will feel so much better!!! Oh and I breastfed for 16 months and my boobs aren't sagging to my ankles or anything. Yes, they aren't are perky as they used to be, but again, only a slight change. And they are still sensitive to touch, so that's awesome ;) So yeah, congrats on your pregnancy and don't let those negative people damper your experience. Being pregnant is truly an amazing thing.
  • DemandaDemanda
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    I always thought NOT breast feeding was worse for your boobs? That's my excuse, anyway.
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    aww thanks Im enjoying it so far, just very self-coscious. I spotted the beginnings of stretch marks today - that tummy butter is getting melted down and POURED on lol. x
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  • BettyboBettybo
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    Yeah so did I @demanda, thats why im starting to think maybe its ALL bullshit and im fucked either way!!
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  • DinoDangerDinoDanger
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    @HoracesMum  You're scaring me! It's been too easy for me so far and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I'm 12 weeks Monday, and other than being tired, don't really feel any different.  

    I really need to set an alarm on my phone or something reminding me to do Kegels. Oooh, maybe on my Outlook Calendar at work.  I can only imagine that reminder popping up when the boss is looking over my shoulder...
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    Congrats on the baby !! Pregnancy is what makes you boobs sag , not breastfeeding ! The first few weeks in the hardest ... You won't know everything and that's ok , nobody does ...you'll learn as you go ... Babies grow fast & they're made to not break easily ! Don't listen to the scary stories about birth !! Enjoy your pregnancy its long but goes by very fast and just when you used to rubbing it , it'll be gone ! I felt so empty after having my daughter , you'll never be more connected to any human as you are when your pregnant .... Congrats again sugar :P
  • WabiSabiLife
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    Every single person has a different experience, so it's really impossible to say what you are going to go through, or what things will be like afterwards.  People love to say, "no one told me!" but it's because no two stories are the same. That's my opinion, anyway. Just read what calls to you and trust your mind and body.

    My experience? One child, delivered vaginally. I normally weigh about 135-140 and I put on 60lbs durring his term (yeah, like another 45%. I did the math). All my tearing was internal, my outsides look totally the same. Which is to say, fine, normal, healthy, just not a porn star. My breasts were saggy b-cups to begin with. Nursed for almost 18 mo and they look Just. Like. they did before. I did lose all 60, and my body looks--more or less--as it did before. And I was 37, so I did not have youth on my side, lol. Slightly more saddlebaggy, but really, no radical changes. I don't pee when I laugh, cough, or sneeze (which, thank effing god, because I have allergies to EVERYTHING!) So most of the horror stories I hear, I don't relate to. At all.

  • SalllyWingo
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    Every pregnancy, birth & feeding experience is different.  I was super sick for the first 3 months of my pregnancy, the birth was AMAZING, and breast feeding? Not a muthafuckin chance in hell was I ever going to get used to that!  My vag went back to normal, my infant slept through the night at 2 months old and I ended up weighing less after giving birth than before I got pregnant.  I was 18 years old when I had her, and there is no fucking way I will ever do it again.

    But yeah, congratulations lol ;)
  • undercoverbanana
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    My body was great until 31. Then I had to work at it. After ds was born, I breast fed. Had to supplement with formula. But I was a size smaller than pre pregnancy when he was 6months old. My boobs got and stayed bigger. same with dd. the stretch marks fade. And I only got huge the last month.
    i'm nekkid.
  • VegantasticVegantastic
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    As far as hanging roast beef curtains........I've pushed 4 of the 5 outta my lady flower and it's still resembles some thing close to it's original shape.......at least I haven't had any complaints......no issues with wandering lips poking out.

    Roast beef curtains??!!! =)) =))
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  • BettyboBettybo
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    @RachelH19 honestly, my sickness was shit but now ave just got stretchy tummy pains - which are sore but honestly, so far, id say ur over the worst of it. u might just be a lucky one and breeze thru!
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  • BettyboBettybo
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    am so releived this isnt like a one way downhill thing...
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  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    IDK, my boobs are fine after 15 months of nursing...they could a cup size or 3 smaller, but I also need to lose 30 pounds! Not so easy at my age.

    I had a c-section so the nether regions are pretty much they they've always been.

    As for breast feeding, give it a go, if you don't like it, stop.
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  • Texas
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    I have breastfed for a total of 6+ years. My breasts were small to begin with, got big with pregnancy and are now small again. After two pregnancies, I have zero stretch marks. I weigh the same as I did before getting pregnant. My vagina looks the same as it did before. I've even slept with men who have never slept with a woman who has kids before and no complaints. I don't have any random urine issues. 
    I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate and would be happy to answer any questions for you that I can.
    As someone else mentioned, it's not breastfeeding that ruins your breasts, it's pregnancy. 
  • irishlassirishlass
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    I wouldn't say downhill, but everything changes. Like completely!
    You just gotta relax and go with it. My ds is 3.5 and my feet got smaller, my hair got thicker, my nails got a bit shit, my belly is in shreds, boobies are stretchmarky and ruined and vag is back to normal. I did my pelvic floors like there was no tomorro! I haven't pissed myself once! Lol
    And I ripped, from arsehole to breakfast. Midwife was stitching for 45mins. It was fine though, I hardly felt the rip. Its the least of your worries. There's so much going on with the baby coming out, that a rip is so minor! You're gonna ache afterwards anyway. A little extra 30stitches won't matter ;)
    But seriously, don't worry. We have all done it and lived! Relaxing is the key. Your body knows what to do.

    P.s. All these lovely ladies are in the us and canada nearly, and they prob don't know one born every min! But that's awesome that he is so into it!!
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  • missmama5missmama5
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    Everyone is different and your body will react differently than the next moms. I got a shit ton of stretch marks even though I used belly butter 2X a day my whole pregnancy. I didn't even gain an atrocious amount of weight, I just got them everywhere. My boobies aren't amazing but they aren't horrible, and a good bra will fix them anyhow. I've seen some women who turn into almost a new person after pregnancy & child birth, and others who look as if they never grew a tiny human inside them. It just depends I guess.
  • fancyspatulafancyspatula
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    I had to have a C-section with mine, so I can't attest to the "billowing wizard sleeves", but I like the imagery. I may have to steal that for my pregnant friends. 

    As for the BF, DD had a hard time getting the hang of it in the hospital. The lactation consultant was MILITANT and kept grabbing my breast and forcing it into the mouth of this tiny, helpless creature. I've always been blessed with ample boobage, so she looked like she was drowning in tits. When I gave up for a night due to the drugs/exhaustion/stress and put her in the nursery, this woman came into my room the next morning and stated, "THIS child will NOT have formula again." It took a completely different and compassionate night nurse to go get a breast shield and lo and behold, she clamped onto that sucker like she struck fing GOLD. And thanks to the shield, I didn't get the chapped/sore nipples that come with nursing in the early days. 

    My favorite part of nursing, aside from the beautiful moments spent staring lovingly at this amazing little creature you created out of love yadda yadda yadda, is that now that she's sleeping mostly through the night, I wake up with a porn star rack. These puppies are OBSCENE. I will fully admit that I stand in front of the mirror and bounce a little because they are just. That. Epic. and I know it's fleeting; once she's weaned, they'll be sad overripe bananas that like to hang out with my belly button for company. 
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  • SasafrasSasafras
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    My breasts are just like they did prior to pregnancy, I was c cup before and still a c cup, they still point in the right direction. @chibiko can attest to that :)
    Really never have much thought to my nether regions, if its a mess, I haven't noticed and not much I can change about it. I don't have any more stretch marks than what I started with. Didn't even lotion the belly, and you can't even tell I have stretch marks unless you look close.
  • ChibikoChibiko
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    Oh yeah @sasafras' tatas are fab!!!

    Mine arnt too shabby either. I breastfed for a total of 30 mos. Stretch marks on my belly I got. DH doesn't seem to even notice them. As for my vag it tightened right back up after a bit.
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  • Chocoholic
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    I lost all my pregnancy weight plus an additional 14 lbs and 2 sizes thanks to breastfeeding....I have nursed longer than most (2.5 years now), so I cannot say what my boobs will look like after, as we are still weaning, but no complaints from DH. 

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  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    As everyone says, every woman is different. This is my experience:
    I loved being pregnant. I actually miss having DD inside of me even though I was huge since 7 month due to water retention. I went from 110 to 163, down to 135 6 months after pregnancy. I am now 130 and I probably will never be less than 120 because my hips, the actual bones, got bigger and I could almost swear so did my ribs. I am curvier now which is great since I was lacking before. Not one single stretched mark.
    Giving birth was not fun, I teared, the vacuum bruised me up and I lost so much blood my lips were yellow for a week. I look pretty much the same as before down there now and I stopped having pee accidents when I started going to the gym. It took time and effort but I healed just fine.
    I adored breastfeeding and I also miss it. I breastfed for 2 years, the fist month it hurt a bit but the pain went away. I did leak milk the whole time so I used to wear cotton protectors inside the bra. Was a B went to the most awesome C tits ever and I am back to a nice B, not as perky but still nice.
    Belly butter is great but mainly drink a lot of water, stretch marks happen in the deep layers if the skin and the only way to keep them elastic is by being hydrated. Still, if your skin is not naturally elastic you will get stretch marks no matter what you do. Sorry, that is just how it is. Good luck :)
  • meandmy243meandmy243
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    With my first ds i went from a AA cup to a c then to a b.. firm and perky.. I got strech marks even though i religiously put cocoa butter on daily.. and even got them on my boobs one or two not bad. i was flat stomached til my 7th month and then bam i showed.. i had a six paxk and 2 year of weighy liftin and conditioning to thank for that.. with ds #2.. well i got huge fast showing by month three went to a DD breastfeed for 6 months and my hips never stettled back after my pelvis sperated (still that way 7 yrs later) my avs are still seperated but not to enough degree for sugery but i have horrible back pain cause my core is weak no matter how many crunches sit ups and obliques i do.. and the baby fat will not go away! im willing.it off now still not working! lol ive been dieting and.walking for a while.now.. i even gained some of.it back im going to talk to.my pcp about medfast.. my insurance hopefully will carry it if its perscribed!
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  • LovemylilcritterLovemylilcritter
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    I feel like my boobs shrunk a bit ... Not drastically but noticeable to me. I'm not as confident with myself as all of you!!
  • KrabbyKay
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    Aww shucks I don't want to say a horror story...but I was a skinny firm C cup betch before, and now I'm a fat saggy stretch marked DD betch. I had kids at 26 & 31 and now I'm 40, I'm ssure age & gravity has to do with some of that. The stretch marks are faded to silver, I'm trying to make the fat go away, and I buy spendy bras to keep up with the sag. *shrugs* Nobody seems to care. Spanx help me look good in clothes, corsets help my self esteem in the bedroom and DH doesn't care as long as the DD's fly in his face!
  • TerraTerra
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    I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy.  I guess I was lucky though, I had minimal morning sickness and didn't really start to show until about the 7 month mark.

    My little girl is 7 weeks old and thinks the boob is the best invention ever.  I went from a small C cup to a freaking F cup.  Yes you heard me right, I've got boob stretch marks from my boobs turning into sudden porn star tatas.  The hubby stares at them constantly and I can tell he wants to mess with them so I broke him of his groping habit by squirting him with milk a few times.  Seriously these things are great, They're like 2 firm supersoakers of dooooom!

    I also made the mistake of looking at my girly bits too soon.  Looked like the entrance to R'lyeh to me and I forced myself to look away quickly just in case Cthulhu was about to come out and force me to implode into my own vagina.

    I'm doing exercises and won't be looking again until a few weeks.  Hopefully that other dimensional portal will be closed by then!
  • skooshkaskooshka
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    Dude, I loved being pregnant!  My son is 9 months old now and he was my first.  I felt great my whole pregnancy. I was even two weeks overdue and still felt awesome.  I was 122 lbs before having a baby and I gained about 30 lbs when I was preggo.   I had back labor and an 8 lb baby.  Labor sucked before the epidural, but after the epidural it was smooth sailing.  I breastfed and just weaned him off the breast about a month ago (I would have done it longer if I could).  I weigh 127 now.  My vagina isn't the same, but it isn't so bad.  Sex is back to normal.  Don't know what it would be like after another baby though.  I used Mother's Friend stretch mark cream throughout my whole pregnancy.  I lathered it everywhere.  I have no stretch marks!! Breastfeeding was hard for the first couple months, but it got easier.  I hung in there like everyone said.  But it is really really hard the first couple months.  I'm not gonna lie. 
  • skooshkaskooshka
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    Oh, I must add that my boobs aren't the same.  they looked great while I was breastfeeding but they are like raisins now and I hate them.  Have a great day! lol
  • PurpleMommaPurpleMomma
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    I wish I were as witty as others, some of the comments crack me up!  I have 3 kiddos and breastfed each for a year.  My boobs are probably the same size, maybe a little more saggy, but I'm in my 40's now and my hubby still loves them!  I loved it, but to each their own and you do what is comfortable with you.  They have lactation consultants who can help with any concerns and make sure you are doing it the way you need to, so definitely work with one of those ladies if you need to.  Get support!

    As mentioned before, every story is different.  I don't want to scare you, but want you to know the reality and what to expect.  I tore twice.  The first time it was in the rear are and the second time it was the upper area, which was something I had never heard of.  Talk to your OB about concerns and they may be able to do something, but it happens.  Sorry!  It all heals with time and I guess go in thinking it will hurt and be very painful and you may be pleasantly surprised if it's not that bad.  My third was a breeze and I felt like dancing right away because I didn't tear!  Of course she had colic for a year, but that's another issue.

    Hope I wasn't too negative or scary.  Best of luck!
  • BettyboBettybo
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    @purplemomma that 'upper tearing?'


    that sounds horrendous!! probably because Ive never heard of it before, but yano what Id rather panic about it now than at the time so its cool.

    Some of this doesnt sound awesome but none of u guys sound miserable so I guess I can deal with it.
    Overall not so worried now, thanks ladies!!
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  • PurpleMommaPurpleMomma
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    Yeah, I had never heard or even thought of it, so better to be prepared.  Every time I went into labor with my kids I was nervous and shaky, but you can do it.  You will heal.  You will end up with a precious baby that will throw your world into a tail spin and cause you more joy (and pain at times) than you ever can imagine.  I have had some rough times and going through more now, but I will NEVER regret my kids and like I always heard, you kind of forget about the pain of the labor.  My kids hugs and thoughtfulness make up for all of it and more.  You will heal, but things will likely be different.  That's OK and maybe something to be expected.
  • WinginItWinginIt
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    When you're buttering up your belly, make sure you do your boobs too.  From what I gathered from various lactation consultants and such, it's not breastfeeding that destroys them, it's pregnancy.  If you keep them lotioned before they become and issue, they end up being less of an issue.  Basically you wanna keep them stretchable so the skin bounces back (more or less) where it should be once it's not huge.  
  • momofeveryonemomofeveryone
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    i have hsd 2 kiddos sofar. i creepsme out how much my body lookslike my moms did when i was young. lots of sagging in this gene line!
    i want a nap. and some chocolate. who's with me?!
  • squishsquish
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    I loved being pregnant because I didn't have any of the morning sickness stuff so that helped. My weight gathered all in the stomach and by then end, I looked like I swallowed a beach ball. I got stretch marks at the end of the pregnancy like late 8th month. I did the lotion thing but I got stretch marks during puberty so no matter how much lotion I put on or water I drank, I wasn't able to fight genetics.

    My boobs stayed the same during and after pregnancy. I didn't produce milk so no breastfeeding.

    I do miss my mind though. Pregnancy brain flows right into mommy brain. I hate drawing blanks on words or forget what I was just doing.
  • 456Imamom
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    My boobs have pretty well bounced back to their original shape post breastfeeding. I've herd that any changes to you boobs (i.e. sagging) result from the pregnancy, not nursing. So it doesn't matter if you BF or not. My tip for BF, make a list of resources (LaLeche league group, LC, public health nurse line, etc). If you run into troubles, its a lot easier if you have all that info in advance, and hopefully you won't need it.
    I  got no stretch marks in my first pregnancy, and i credit eating LOTS of vitamin C (oranges, berries, red peppers, tomatoes)... this time, not as much fruit and veggies... and lots of stretch marks. So I credit the vitamin C, because I barely put any skin cream on last time. 

    Oh! and like some ladies said above DO NOT look at your lady bits anytime during your recovery.... It's not pretty, but everything will heal in time.

    @RachelH19 A tip for remembering pelvic floor exercises that a physiotherapist told me was to pick something you do regularly in a day (touching water, or answering the phone) and every time you do that, do a set of 10 or 20 kegels. 

  • mycomamamycomama
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    I didn't much like being pregnant, weird I know. The only thing I did like was feeling the baby kick. In every other way I felt huge and fat and gross. I gained lots (50- 70lbs) with all 3 and lost it all within a year and I breast fed all 3 for a year. 
    That was the good part for me ;nursing them after. I think my very best 'mom moment' was right after my 2nd was born and immediately started to feed him. Pure heaven for me.
    I had my kids between 20 yrs to 28 yrs and I bounced back o.k. My boobs suffered the most though. I was a small B and got up to and H while BF. My nips look better (I think) now than before but I'm lacking a fullness that hopefully someday I can fix with a boob job.
    Stretch marks have more to do with your genes than slathering on the lotion, but hey, it can't hurt.

    Congrats on the baby bump! 
    That which does not kill us only makes us stronger......is there a 3rd option?