Gender disappointment
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    I saw this and automatically thought of what it was like when I found out my second child was a boy.  I broke out like I was in high school all over again, got really sick the first 3 months that lasted pretty much all day and all the other usual things people say are good indicators you're having a girl.  Low and behold it was a boy.  The disappointment I felt lasted for months.  I didn't really get over it until after he was born and I really started to bond with him.  I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world now but I can totally understand how this could be devastating to some.
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    When I was pregnant with my first, I wanted a girl...but mostly because I had NO idea what to do with a boy. However, I have 3 boys now, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. :)
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    I had the same damned thing happen when #2 was born!!!!!!! Damned those old wives tales!!!!!! I was convinced it was a girl.....
    I had rows and rows of dresses from NB to 3-t......ruffle butt panty bows....the whole 10 yards!!!! When it was announced "it's a boy" I cried, s creamed then cried some more.....actually "gave" my son to my female parental unit 3 times while still in the delivery room. The doc was a bit Once the shock wore off and I realized I really was kinda ok with more penis.....dealt with the fact he was part mon-chi-chi.....then came the "what the fuck do I dress him in to take him home"....poor kid had NOTHING to wear!!!!!!!
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    I was upset that ds6 was a boy.. my first words upon learning he was a boy was "fuck another boy" but a few days later i went into preterm and then it all came down to health..
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    I think deep down we all are hoping for one or the other so yeah when they come out the opposite of what you really wanted I could see being disappointed.

    With my first I honestly didnt care but thought I was maybe having a girl, then at the end maybe it was a boy. It was a girl but next time I will be hoping for a boy. If its not I might be a little disappointed but happy none the less. And maybe we'd just try again lol
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    I had no preference with my first really, I thought it would be funny to have a girl just because my DH was so adamant that we were having a boy. I wanted a girl the second time around and was nervous I would be disappointed if it had a penis...But I was actually fine didn't bother me a bit. Now I am trying again and I again worry that if we end up with another penis I will be sad, that being said one of my miscarriages was a girl and one was a boy, for some reason the boy one was much more devastating to me (I held him which probably didn't help) but there it is. We shall see...have to get knocked up first (crosses fingers)

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    I truly thought both the girls were boys when I was pg - and sadly I was truly disappointed (for about 2 minutes) when DD3 was born because she wasn't a boy.

    I'm so confused about this pregnancy now though, I keep thinking boy but remember that I've been thwarted twice before in that thinking... maybe 1 each? I just feel so sorry for DH if they're both girls - house with 5 girls in it? oiy
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    One of my friends , a girl , was supposed to have been a boy. You could tell her dad was not happy that she was a girl. Her name was Jonica try had already filled out her name on the birth cert an Jon but wham she wasn't a boy !
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    With my second one we were prepared for a girl...that is what the ultra sound technician said. During delivery when the dr said it's a boy, I told him to check again. Yep a boy! The poor kid went without a name for almost a week and I had a lot of clothes to return. And my 27 year old 6'2" boy is gay. My son and I get a giggle out of recounting his gender surprise :)
  • pinksockspinksocks
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    I've have three girls. I was never disappointed they were not boys. Most of my friends/families little boys are all so bratty so I consider myself lucky %%-
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  • squishsquish
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    My first pregnancy I really didn't care one way or another. This one, would I like a girl? Yeah, only because I have a name picked out. Would I be upset with a boy? Probably not. I like being a mom to a boy and girls kinds scare me.
  • cheesehead4ever
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    pinksocks said:

    I've have three girls. I was never disappointed they were not boys. Most of my friends/families little boys are all so bratty so I consider myself lucky %%-

    First baby I wanted a girl even though everyone who looked at me said it was a boy. I got my girl. Second baby I wanted another girl but was more open to a boy. DH desperately wanted another girl. Plus he was scared of boys because almost all the ones we knew were crazy. Fortunately we had another girl.
  • BlessieBlessie
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    DD1 and this one both wanted boys. DD1 u/s even said boy. Didn't find out til they layed her on my chest she was a girl. Had no name, only clothes for her were what was left that I hadn't given away from DD4 (then 3). Didn't even have a name! At least this time I know it's a girl coming! Lol I am glad now they were girls, but although I am pretty sure I am maybe done, I really did want another boy. (DS will be 7 in May)
  • undercoverbanana
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    After they are born, that's what counts. I was never around kids much as a child, even my sister. So everything was new and exciting and I had no clue what I was doing until they hit puberty. Then I had a better idea of how to handle shit. up until then, I was guessing.
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  • SassySassy
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    I would have been devastated to have a girl. The second baby? I'm okay with either the next time even though I'd rather have a boy than a girl. 
  • BellaBefanaBellaBefana
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    I always wanted a girl and I didn't want to know dd's gender because after all I went through to get her, I was afraid I'd spend the next 5 months disappointed, even though deep down I really didn't care.

    But, when the u/s tech told me the doc wanted to know, regardless of my wishes, they were going to find out I decided I didn't want anyone to know before me.  I tried to guess, but her umbilical cord was sticking up between her legs and I thought, well, you know what I thought.  The u/s tech  told me to look again.  

    I would very much like another one, and have it be a boy, but age and $$$ are likely to prevent that from happening.
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  • 456Imamom
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    With DS we didn't find out until he was born. I've always wanted a girl, but I was also happy with the idea of a boy too. I kept saying when people would ask that I was happy either way and that all that mattered was baby being healthy. I don't think I was really honest with myself... I was a little disappointed when I saw he was a boy (I saw the parts in the delivery room before DH did).... I thought for sure he was going to be a girl!
    This time, we decided to find out at 20 weeks. I will admit, I was very disappointed that the U/S said boy... but more because we aren't sure if we will have anymore babies. I'm glad I found out this time, because I have named him, I have all the boy stuff from his brother ready and I feel like I've bonded already with him..... I still want a daughter too!
  • missmama5missmama5
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    I've been very blessed. My son, I knew he was a boy right off the hop and was very pleased, I always wanted my boy first. Both of the babies we lost were boys.....but now this one is a girl and we couldn't be more happy to have one of each. I also just knew right away that she was a girl.
  • junglezoo
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    I didn't want to find out the sex of my kids until delivery. My first born was a boy and I was99% sure he was going to be a boy anyways because I thought I saw a penis during one of my ultrasounds. When I was pregnant with my second again I thought I saw a penis during one of my ultrasounds and I was SO disappointed. I really wanted a girl and it took me about a good two months to decide that having 2 boys close in age probably wouldn't be that bad. Flash forward to my delivery and when my dd came out you can say I was shocked! I'm very happy I had one of each :)
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    I'm happy to have one of each.  I would be happy with two boys, I don't think I could handle two girls.  I wish mine were a little closer in age (4 1/2 yrs apt) .  However I'm glad I get to experience all the things with a boy and a girl.