SAHM and maids
  • momma2A
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    Do any of you SAHM have someone come in and clean your house on a regular basis?

    I just found out we have a friend who has a lady come in every other week. I guess I just thought it was weird a SAHM who is fully capable of cleaning her own house would have someone do it. She has 2 kids at home everyday but the maid doesn't even clean the clutter, just does some dusting and the bathroom. She doesn't have a big house and only 1 bathroom and pays for 3 hrs. I just thinks that's a lot of time for no house and considering she complains about money all the time.

    Guess I see it as a waste of money? I dunno she's pretty clean and struck on cleaning up at night so I dunno. I'm rambling but wondered how many SAHM get cleaners in.
  • kittykisses80kittykisses80
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    Not I. Too costly imo and i don't like people going through my stuff! Can't be that hard to clean your own toilet. Waste of money for me.
  • KellynnKellynn
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    I do. I used to work full time, and dh does, too. After I got hurt and stopped working, I still have her come in every other week. Now it's because I can't do a lot of the deep cleaning. But, even if I was able to do it, and wasn't home, I'd still have her come. I don't think many people actually like to clean, and if it frees up time to do other fun stuff, then hell, yeah.
  • CanadianMamaCanadianMama
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    Currently, I'm not a SAHM, but I was and we still used a service. It's more for the big things like windows, really scrubbing the bathroom and getting to the places I just can't get to so I can better manage the day to day stuff. 


  • CrashCrash
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    I'd do it if I had the money. Someone to deep clean all the cracks? Hell yeah! Lol. Sure I'm capable, but a professional can do a ton in 3 hours.
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  • BeachyBeachy
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    Curious said:

    I'd do it if I had the money. Someone to deep clean all the cracks? Hell yeah! Lol. Sure I'm capable, but a professional can do a ton in 3 hours.


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  • SammieSammie
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    Yep. Echoing @curious and @canadianmama here. I'm a SAHM and would hire a maid in a hot second if it was in our budget. Not to do the daily chores, but the deep cleaning, more time consuming projects that easily get pushed to the back burner when you're tied up with other things and running around after little kiddos. I harbor no judgement, just jealousy. ;)

    Now if we fell on hard times, or needed to tighten the budget, then I'd obviously have to reconsider paying a maid/cleaning service.


  • undercoverbanana
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    There are moms with disabilities and health problems. And moms that are busy rushing kids around to wherever they need to go,and there are moms with kids who have some pretty serious disabilities.... etc..... My kids moved out earlier this month....if I could get a maid for 3 hours,one time, I could keep shit clean for the next six months I am about to start a new job,, and baseboards, etc suck! ....but....while my kids were here....if I had had someone to take care of floors and put away clean laundry, and nothing life would have been different!
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  • momma2A
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    I guess if we had the extra money I might consider it but maybe it's because I don't mind to clean. I'd love someone to just do laundry!

    I have a harder time after surgery but it gets done eventually. I'd rather use the $60 on a massage though :D
  • ChickieChickie
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    I don't have a scheduled cleaner but will have someone in once a yearish to deep clean. I clean beforehand so they can concentrate on the stuff that I really hate doing.
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  • forkinthehead
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    That would be so awesome to have someone clean for me. I don't mind helping a friend clean around their house. Here's where it gets weird. I don't like doing dishes at home. It's just the two of us and most of it goes in the dishwasher. I love doing dishes at someone elses house. Can't stand doing them at home...I have no problem doing them in someone elses home. I think my mother dropped me on my head...that is the only explination.
  • gramalibbygramalibby
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    Hardwood floors creaky knees I could use the help , the rest I can squeak by
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    If we could afford it hell yeah I'd hire a maid! Not for the general everyday cleaning but for the big stuff? Yup, I'd be all over that!
  • AAA08
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    I like to clean but maybe, if I had money. I'd rather hire a personal chef. I hate cooking. 
  • sidsmommy3sidsmommy3
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    It would be lovely...but as of now, I am the maid...chief cook and bottle washer.   ;)
    Mary :-)

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  • momofeveryonemomofeveryone
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    im sah right now but thinking about going back to work in the next few months. i will be working overngihts and i will probably look inot a cleaning person. mostly because i will have to sleepand i cant sleepand clean at the same time. a 4 year old and a 1 year old are not good cleaning helpers when it comes to big cleaning projects :)

    i want a nap. and some chocolate. who's with me?!
  • mommyof2_76
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    @sidsmommy3 bottle washer?? Are you telling us something? Grandbaby maybe?
  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    I wouldn't hire a maid if I were still a SAHM (mostly because DH would say no. lol). But it sure would be nice to have someone come in and clean the windows, baseboards, etc. The crap that I hate doing. I kinda enjoy cleaning, but I haven't touched the windows in
  • babablacksheepbabablacksheep
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    If we could afford it I would soooo have someone come clean maybe every two weeks. Would give me more time to spend with my kids!
  • onetimeonetime
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    Shit, I'm trying to figure out how to get dh house cleaning training. He's no housekeeper!! LOL. I would totally have someone do it if it was in the budget, whether I worked or not.

    This said, your friend complaining about $ would annoy me too... but alas, we all have our own ideas of necessities, kwim?
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  • tothemoonandbacktothemoonandback
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    I'm a SAHM 4 days a week, work 3.  We have people come and deep clean our house every other week, I don't have *too* much to do in between that other than the day to day stuff (kitchen, bathrooms, counters, floors).  Helps tremendously!
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  • episcopal
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    We have a lady who comes in on Wednesdays.  With DW and I both working and the amount of time I'm out of town, she's a lifesaver.  We take care of the general picking up and keep the kitchen clean.  She vacuums, mops the kitchen floor and takes care of the bathrooms.  I'm giggling and thinking of @shweddyballs and the short buses right now!
  • eappleeapple
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    I am a cleaner and I don't do clutter or a lot of typical things people seem to think a cleaner would do. I just go in to deep clean a tidy home. I personally wouldn't hire a service unless both dan and I were working just because cleaners don't come cheap.

    I have worked for sahms and they use the extra time to play with their kids. I also work for people who seem to be in the same financial situation as dan and I, that's kind of weird. Not exactly sure why but it is.
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  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    I work so my comment may not be applicable here... but I love having someone come and do the deep cleaning every two weeks. 

    Not having a maid was one of the reasons I left my first husband.  I was working out of town all week, and then was expected to spend all day Saturday scrubbing bathrooms, doing laundry, floors, etc. I begged him to let me hire someone.  But bc of his traditional views on what a wife should be doing, he was flat out against it.  I never got over that resentment.

    If it is in someone's budget, I say do it.  It is such a small thing that really goes a long way. 

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  • katz_meowkatz_meow
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    Im a working mom and I'd LOVE it if we could budget for a cleaner!  I'm pretty sure i'd feel the same way if I were a is NOT my favorite thing to
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  • DinoDangerDinoDanger
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    @AAA08  I see a trade here... I'll cook for you, you can clean for me ;)

    To be honest, I'm not a SAHM, but we have one.  DH works odd hours, I have a full time job, I coach premier soccer (premier basically means it's year round) and have a fledgling cupcake business.  Plus three pups put off A LOT of fur.  It's actually been good for us as we're forced to keep the house picked up and that's something we've always had difficulties doing.  Not to say we don't have the time to do it, we just would rather do other projects than cleaning (I have big 'ole garden plans this year!).  I agree with everyone above... If it's in the budget, do it.  We made room in the budget to do it, and there have been weeks where I've had to say nope, can't afford it (luckily we know ours personally, and I can do that), but for the most part, it's been WAY worth the cost.
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  • organicbabyorganicbaby
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    I have a part time job but even if I was just a SAHM full time I would love to have someone to come and deep clean once a week. That would free at least 6 hours of my time to teach my kid or play with her and would help lower my stress level tremendously. 
    Where does it say that all the house work has to rest on my shoulders anyway? I am not kidding when I say that housework, excluding cooking, takes easily 20 hours of my week. It is ridiculous.
    Sumarizing, if she has the money, what is wrong with it? Some other people wax or get their nails done by someone else even though technically they could do it all by themselves at home. Her money, her time, her choice.
  • pinksockspinksocks
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    I'm a sahm and have a maid. There are so so so many other things I enjoy doing with my time and cleaning is definitely not one of them. I like to get up, out, and moving. I'm definitely not a homebody! 
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  • monstamomonstamo
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    Baseboards, ceiling fans, fireplace...heck yeah, I want help. Work FT but would appreciate the help regardless. There's always something else to do!
  • SchweddyBallsSchweddyBalls
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    I would sell a kidney to have some one else come in and do the "dirty" work.......I can't tell you how many times a week I threaten to get rid of things hanging on the walls or the nic nacs....I HATE DUSTING SHIT!!!!! Oh and cleaning animal cages......loveloveLOVE the snakes.....but those fuckers shit stinks.....blech
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  • Katescrazymom
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    I have a home daycare.  I would (and will as soon as the line of credit is paid off) pay someone to come in and clean walls, baseboard, dust, deep clean the bathrooms etc. every week or two.  Kids are sticky.
  • NorthernMommyNorthernMommy
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    I work FT, as does DH.  We have a cleaner come in every 2nd week to do all the deep cleaning (floors, bathrooms, etc).  It has saved our relationship.  After DS2 was born, trying to keep up with all of the cleaning while DH was out of town for 2 weeks at a time was really frustrating, and he was really frustrated coming back to a messy house.  Getting a cleaner was the best decision we have ever made.

    I'm off on mat leave at the end of March, but we still plan on having the cleaner come in; a baby and a toddler are not conducive to having a clean house, and I'd rather play with them anyway.

  • DemandaDemanda
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    We just hired a cleaning lady and she quit before she started!!  Apparently our house is too small to be worth her time.  
    I was already feeling weird about hiring one, because even though I'm not technically a SAHM, I'm home A LOT, and I know a lot of people equate what I do with being a housewife and it's really not.  I am working at home, well usually.  When we asked some of our friends about recommendations for cleaning ladies, we got some snide remarks along the lines of "Well, what does Amanda even do all day?"  and "Oh, must be nice to not have to go to work OR clean your house."  Hahahahaha oh I would love some people to live my life for just a week...I'm too damn busy to keep my house as clean as I want it to be.  So when the BF runs the idea by me of course I jump all over it.  He tells me he's tried of us spending our Saturdays on chores.  We can afford it, he says.  So I finally hire one, she comes over, and blam!  Our house is too small...and I swear she was looking at me like "Really, Lady?  You need help with a house this small?"   Like seriously?  Do only people in big houses hire cleaning ladies?  Apparently she could deep clean our entire house an hour and that's not worth it to her.  So, what's wrong with me that I can't deep clean my house in an hour?  She seriously made me feel so bad about myself!  Then the feminist kicked in and it was all good, but I felt like a real loser in front of her.   Anyway, we're interviewing a new one on Friday.
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  • domsmom
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    I did when I was a WAHM part time.  I have lots of things I am good at, cleaning is not one of them.  Not only do I not like it but I am just not a great cleaner/organizer.  I don't see "clean" the way most people do so it's easier for me to have someone come in and do the deep cleaning for me.  I don't get my nails done every two weeks and I don't go out drinking so I figure this is my one indulgence and it is so worth it!  I am going back to work full time in a couple weeks and I def plan on trying to bring someone in at least every 3 weeks. 
  • hipmama
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    I would love to have someone clean my house, if I worked or didn't.  I work full time and I'm a single mom , and my house is never really super clean.  It's tidy and semi-clean.  Some people (like me) just don't like to clean, or are not good at it.

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  • SasafrasSasafras
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    With both dh and I working full time I just came to the conclusion of why not? All you ladies make a great argument of how beneficial it is. We never have time to clean/grocery shop/ even have sex. Much less spend quality time together. I wonder if I could talk my husband into it. I really miss being able to have a clean house and a home cooked meal at the same time. One always has to suffer. I'm tired of it.
  • rescuemuttsrescuemutts
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    I am a SAHM and have a lady who comes in every Thursday. She cleans the house top to bottom. Changes all the sheets and does some laundry too
    In spring she does all the windows.
    My dh has some one do the yard work too

    I hate to clean, although I do straighten up everyday
    I still sweep the kitchen and swifter it every night too

    What I really wish I had was a personal chef.....
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  • SaraMommySaraMommy
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    @Demanda I can't imagine her being able to deep clean a house (even a small one) in an hour!!! But I guess it's possible since she wouldn't have any kids dangling from her legs or a husband that keeps asking her questions, etc. It's hard to clean a house with kids, so's, pets, etc. I don't remember what it's like to clean a house without interruptions...I miss it. Really. I've even gone home on my lunch before just so I can clean in peace and it's amazing what I can get done in such a short time at home by myself!! But anyway, I would still feel like an hour of her time would be worth it for are still paying her the same hourly rate as the other houses, right? Hopefully you find someone else to help you out!

  • DebbiedeeDebbiedee
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    Sure if you have the money for it why not, Look at it this way, 'wouldn't you have more time to do the things you would like to do?
    Even if it is spending more time with your kids or the family. I say go for it if you can afford it.
  • LoveLove
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    When I used to have a lady come, she came every Wednesday, and this woman could do more in 3 hours than I could manage in 2 straight days.
    That's the difference in paying for a professional. They know what they're doing, and they do it right, and efficiently, and don't have to stop every 2.5 minutes to change a diaper, or get a sippy cup.
    It was more than worth it to me, to have the whole house clean and tidy.

    We moved away, though, and no one here can come close to her awesome rates (she was a friend of a friend), so we just can't afford it, but Lord, if we could!

    I wonder if maybe I could talk Eric into taking Spawn over to his mom's for a whole day one day, and paying ME to clean our house...then I might be totally interested in doing it LOL...


  • DemandaDemanda
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    @saramommy - yeah, I don't know though, I mean I can "surface clean" it in an hour, but deep clean I highly doubt it though. And my kids aren't little, they either are helping me or they get the hell outta dodge when they realize its cleaning time. But I suppose like any professional they have their tricks of the trade.
    The next lady were interviewing I made verrrry specific the size of the house, and she didn't say it, but I was getting a "so what?" vibe from her so maybe the other lady was just a quack? Here's hoping so!
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  • mama2boys
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    I'm a SAHM and we didn't hire a housekeeper to help us until I was super prego with my second child.  The baby is now 3 months old, and I also have a 2.5yr old.  Honestly, I never thought I would be the type to have someone help with housework (I like to do things my way and I like to be tidy... I still vacuum every week, clean my own bathrooms on the weeks when she doesn't come, and do all the daily kitchen cleaning), however, it has been a sanity saver for me.  She comes every other week and really she does a full cleaning of the whole house (...but it is the sweeping & mopping of the floors, the windows, & the detail work in the kitchen that I really appreciate because I find it hard to get to all of that when throughout the week).  I clean and do chores daily, AND having her help also allows me to spend more time with my toddler and newborn.  I honestly never thought that being a SAHM was going to be as difficult as it has been.
  • meowmix
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    yes, I'm a SAHM and I have a cleaner. Well, I have a nanny who cleans too and she cooks. But I am single, and I don't have a husband to take the slack-ever. So a few months ago I hit a brick wall and realized I really needed help, so I have her 4 days a week and it's heaven-esp. the cooking part. She will cook dinner, sometimes make breakfast. I need it! Heck yes, get a cleaner. It's worth it!
  • momma2A
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    @meowmix that sounds like a sweet deal!
  • HorridWenchHorridWench
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  • Quietmom
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    God, I need me a sugar daddy.

    I would love to not work AND not have to clean.

    Pure envy right here!
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  • beachmommybeachmommy
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    @demanda - I have the tiniest house in the world.  My maid is there a minimum of 4 hours. 

    Laundry alone takes a couple of hours to finish (45 min for washer, 50 min for dryer).

    If the girl you first interviewed was good, she would have found many things to keep her busy.  

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  • BlessieBlessie
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    I would do it on the super down low if I had the $. I wouldn't even tell DH and make her sign a confidentiality contract. =))
  • DemandaDemanda
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    Well, we weren't going to get her to do her laundry, @beachmommy, maybe that's why? I'm weird about laundry, I don't even like when my BF does it lol.
    We figured 2 or 3 hours... We basically wanted the dining room dusted, floors washed. Same in the living room. Floors includes baseboards and stuff. Kitchen we wanted a deep clean, same with bathroom - these 2 rooms are the smallest in the house. Kid's rooms floors mopped (we think they should still have to dust and sweep their own rooms) and bedding changed. Windows washed. We have no carpets, and BF didn't want her in the basement where our room is... So I guess someone who was super quick could do all that in an hour. I don't know. I sure cant. Not even pissed off when I can clean like a fiend. My BF said good riddance because he thinks she would've been doing a half-assed job working at that speed. We had at first said once a week, then when were told our house was too small, we were like "should we make it bi-weekly?" And she was like "you should just clean it yourself," basically. I don't know, like my BF said maybe we should just be grateful she was honest, who knows maybe someone else would've done an hours work and billed us for 3.
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  • DemandaDemanda
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    OMG @blessie, I had a woman in a couple of my classes a few years ago who was doing just that! He didn't know she was in university, either. 99% sure she was fixing to leave him.
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  • BlessieBlessie
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    @demanda Oh if I was in school too I would totally flaunt it. "I go to school, take care of the kids, AND KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN. I am going out. Tonight. And I need a new pair of shoes." >:)