Still night time wetting
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    WTH!  my 10 yr old son can't (or won't) make it through the night without wetting his bed.  Not only am I tired of changing bedding at 2 am, and the laundry, and the smell (blek) but he doesn't feel comfortable staying the night out, because he doesn't want to embarrass himself. 

    We have talked to the Dr. who says that the medicine will help for a little bit,  but not for always.  We also wake him up (if he is actually freaking asleep-a whole different issue) before we go to sleep (around 11) and when one or the other of us wakes up for work.(between 4 and 6)  He NEVER makes from 11 to 6 without wetting.  HELP!  Any and all advice-

    We have looked into those wetting alarm systems, but holey hell they are expensive, and frankly if the alarm that sits next to his head doesn't wake him up, one attached to his undies probably won't either.  :(


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    You might's not his fault, it's hormonal. A specific hormone in the system that tells the kidneys to stop producing urine at night isn't reaching the target. The only thing I could suggest is that layer his bed with a waterproof sheet between an extra layer of sheets, so when he wets, you can just strip the top layer off with the waterproof, and go back to bed. I have a 7 yo who has this problem occasionally also. :/ 
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    That's what I do with dd: rubberized mattress pad, then a spare flat mattress pad to throw over the wet spot if she has an accident.

    Don't do the alarm if you can avoid it, but they do make big kids night time pull ups. Ask him if that would make him feel better and no, this isn't his fault.

    The other thing you could do is to set a regular alarm for him to get up himself to pee.
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    Good ideas.  We will get extra water proof pads and such this weekend.  He doesn't want "pullups" but we may look into cloth diaper inserts for a little extra wet protection.  I bet I can retro fit a few of his underwear for them-it just occurd to me. duh!
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    One of my friends drs set her up a schedule of drinking a set amount of water and holding it for a little bit to stretch out her bladder a bit. She had so much trouble with bed wetting they had even measured her bladder ! It was tiny.
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  • Im_not_AbbyIm_not_Abby
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    My nephew does this (8 yrs old). He sleeps so deep he doesn't wake up, and my SIL is losing her mind over it. I had the same problem. (I was a bed wetter and I fell out of the bed all the time. Lovely chid I was.) My mother put a trash bag between my mattress and fitted sheet. My problem was that I slept too deep also, and have a small bladder. I don't think there were too many options back then but that worked for her.
  • regpregp
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    My DD11 is just now growing out of this. We tried the meds when she was 9 and they didn't reduce the number of wet nights that much and we were at the max dose.
    Odds are, it's not his fault so don't be angry with him. He can wear Goodnites (they are for this exact issue), get him a mattress pad and have him sleep with only one easy to wash blanket. My DD's bladder was causing a lot of laundry because she was sleeping with a comforter, plus blankets, pillows and sheets. When she has a wet night, she tosses the whole thing into the washer herself and I make sure it's back on the bed for her that night.

    I have a standard disclaimer for this type of conversation that may or may not apply to you -
    It's not his fault. He's asleep when he's peeing, not standing on the bed wide awake peeing on it to spite you or him or someone else. Disciplinary action is inappropriate in this situation. 
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    My son is almost 11 and rarely has a dry night.  We have used pull-ups (good nights) for most of his life, so he doesn't feel embarassed by them....though he doesn't sleep out much unless it's at a relative's house.

    I also use the Goodnights mattress protector...they stick to the sheets so that if the child wets through a pull up (or whatever s/he sleeps in) there isn't as much "ick" to clean up. You remove the wet pad, place a new dry pad and child changes and gets back in bed.  It saves us from washing sheets every.single.night.

    That being said, it is usually a physical/hormonal issue that creates night wetting. Child's body doesn't create the natural diuretic to decrease urine flow, and s/he doesn't "hear" their own body's call to pee.... most children who are bedwetters grow out of it and from what I understand, most meds do NOT work.

    Wishing you the best, this is a tough road to travel....good luck to you and your family!
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    My ds14 (before he passed) was a constant bed wetter. Once he grows older and gets into his teen years it slows down. The hormones will help. Boys have more issues wirg that problem than girls. Takes patience. But dont make him feel horrible. Just have him learn to change his own bed. Trust me. Embarrassing them and threats do nothing they can't control it.
  • 3bluetulips3bluetulips
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    @taylorbiz thank you for bringing this up. And thank you ladies for what you have all said. We struggle with this with my DS7, and we have gotten angry with him. We so want him to get past this, but I see that it might take longer than we had hoped, and that we can't get angry. He too is a deep, deep sleeper, and never has a dry pull-up, ever. From reading these comments I have learned to have more patience and just give him the love he needs. So far he's not embarrassed by needing pull-ups, so let's hope that continues.
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    (((Hugs))))) mama! Some kids are just wired different.

    One thing--have you looked into allergy testing? Some adults who have to "go frequently" found if they changed their diets it helped. 

    My son used to have problems until he was 8--and now he's used to going twice before bed and even gets up in the middle of the night to go. My DH said he was the same way so sometimes it's genetic.

    I would say the smell may indicate food sensitivities or the start of puberty. Has he been checked for any abnormalities (my grandma had 3 kidneys!) or infections?

    Hang in long as you keep it low-key, not shaming him, he'll be ok. xoxo